This week’s highlights: Zhiffy Photography in Cosmopolitan Hong Kong, June Ann in VOLO Magazine, Mecca Madison in Esquire Latinoamerica, Gemma Kahlua in BIZSU Magazine and more… more »

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Model Mayhem’s March 2015 cover photo model is Ashley Salazar

Nothing is more unfortunate than a well-produced, expertly styled photo shoot ruined by a model who doesn’t connect with the story

This week’s highlights: Anita De Bauch’s new book, June Ann in Playboy Mexico, Kindly Myers in For Guys Magazine and a new cover for Penumbra Photography

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So, you fancy yourself as a little Will Shakespeare do you? Want to get a little more exposure for your MM profile or your business? Or you just got this really great technique that you just HAVE to get off your chest? Well, have no fear, that’s why the MM Library is here

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