This week’s highlights: Barbara Desiree’s Prototype Magazine cover, Erin Wilson lands Tattoo Magazine cover, Monica Monroe’s Playboy Slovakia cover and Nedjetti Harvey hair styling featured in CosmoBiz Salon Magazine… more »

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Model Mayhem’s August 2015 cover model is Brennan

This week’s highlights: Kim & Misty Ormiston in The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2, IDiivil in Cosplay Culture Magazine, Jamie Tungul in Latino Bikini Life Magazine, Shelly D’Inferno’s Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine cover and a new swimwear feature for Michelle Colleen

You can still be stylish and appear effortlessly beautiful in a simple ensemble for every occasion

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We review hundreds of profiles daily and have noticed that many have one or more photos with GPS or geotagging information embedded within the file

This article is intended to address the most common questions and concerns Model Mayhem receives regarding the image rules