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Feb 06, 2024
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Jan 15, 2007
5' 4"
105 lbs
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About Me

Availability: Currently available depending on distance. TF work only locally to Lansing, MI.

For more of my work, please visit

DO NOT REGISTER OR SIGN UP TO THIS WEBSITE WITHOUT TALKING TO ME FIRST PLEASE. It was created to have a larger port space AND for a separate venture from freelance modeling here.

COMMENTS WELCOME! HOWEVER I DO NOT TRADE COMMENTS OR TAGS. Please do not leave a comment just for the sake of leaving a comment, or as a means to solicit a comment or tag on a trade basis. I did not grow up in the generation of participation awards and everyone's a winner. If I like your work, I'll comment. I don't hand out false praise in trade. and I don't stroke egos with lies. I ask that you return the favor, and DO not comment with false praise, spam quality comments, ego stroking, or other such bullshitting. "Kissing my ass" will not earn your brownie points, it will simply put a different form of brown stain on our relationship.


Light of Some Kind Copyright David Birdsong Photography

Blue on Black Copyright 73 Toro, Dovetail Stormrider Modeling

Arch and Eye Copyright Matthew Dolinar

Emerald Elegante Copyright Matthew Dolinar

Matrimonial Privileges Copyright Simply Closed Up

Farmhouse Sunshine Copyright Al Fess

Vanilla Creme Caramel Queen Copyright David Birdsong Photography

Legs Legs Legs Copyright Lumigraphics

Dark Romance Shoot with EndersFolly Copyright Patrick Hadley

Hotel Hello Copyright Simply Closed Up

Satin Set Copyright Robert A. Blackburn

Soft Copyright Al Fess

Copyright J Rosa Photography

Copyright Kurt Brooks

Ankantha Shadow Copyright David Birdsong

Blow Me Away Copyright David Birdsong

Eve Copyright Collisi Photography

Dark Romance Shoot with Ender's Folly Copyright Patric Hadley

Pregnancy Copyright Joe Polimeni

Copyright Dovetail Stormrider Modeling


"If I am not able to continue I want you to know I am grateful to have photographed you!
Best wishes!"
- Brian - Visual Edge

"That was a blast working with you on Friday. 96 degrees but we ended up with some great images. Got to do it again! Thanks"
- Al Fess

"The question is, "Who wouldn't want to work with you?" Great port, would love to see more, keep up the great work!!!!"
- WS

"When you dream....dream in color.
It's not official until I've stamped it in Texas"
- Terry

"Thank you so much for working with me at legs, your imagination and zest for new and different things made the task of producing some great images so easy."
- Kool Koncepts

"I had an amazing time working with you!!! Thanks again!!"
- J Rosa Photography

"Thanks for making the trip to Grand Rapids for our shoot today. It was a pleasure working with you and your imagination allowed us to create a large number of great digital images."
- Whitson Photography

"Shooting with you was a real joy. Very professional in both pre-shoot communication as well as follow up. Very coachable and easy to work with. Look forward to seeing you in front of my lens again. Thanks for a great shoot."            - Chamberlin Photography

"You are absolutely top notch in my book. I hope to work with you again soon."
- Doug

"Thank you for the wonderful day out in the desert!!! Was a lot of fun for me and certainly worth the long wait to finally get the opportunity to spend a few hours together.....I just hope it's not that long 'til the next time!!!!"
- Nevada Fantasies (after waiting 6 years for me to get to his state.)


I've been modeling since mid-December of 2006. To my knowledge I've never had a bad review. Please feel free to contact any or all of the people listed in my Worked With section under credits. I am happy to provide contact information for references and reviews to anyone that I have worked with that I still have contact information for.

IF YOU WORK WITH ME, SIDE NOTE, please do not sugar coat. I have no penchant for suck ups.

For the first three years I built my portfolio, as all models do, on a large quantity of trade work - but unlike all models, there were times that I shot twelve to fourteen hours straight to build a career from this from the ground up. From the first shoot, this was my passion, but for me it was also more. I wanted more for it and from it, and I wanted to create what had not been created, do what had not been done, and without limitations.

Photographers have often commented that I am definitely different than anyone they've ever worked with, and a blast to be around.  I can't count the number of times I've heard "I've never met anyone like you in my life, and I mean that in the best of ways," -- both in my personal and professional life.  I am energetic, creative, driven, professional, and reliable.

My shooting style varies widely, and I have no problem pushing myself to the limits or coming up with varying concepts for shoots. 

I am the model that will scale building walls - without a net, in heels and lingerie in broad daylight in the middle of a city park.

I've lain on frozen rivers in 7 degree weather nude.

I've inserted myself into bars to pose on Baby Grand pianos, in public, while the band was playing (with permission of course), to get a great shot. No, the band did not know ahead of time, no we did not know each other, and yes I did climb the stage to brazenly request that they let a strange woman climb onto their piano and be photographed if it did not interfere with their show. They did in fact allow me onto the stage, and onto the piano, and allowed the photos WHILE they were playing, until the rest of the patrons decided that they would find out if they could come up too. This, obviously, ended the shoot.

I do my best work outside of the studio. Not to say I can't do studio work, I just prefer a more adventurous, spontaneous shooting style. My limitations are within YOUR head, excluding illegal or extremely inappropriate content.

In the words of Ani Di Franco, "I am not a pretty girl."

I don't like boxes. I'm here to create something.  I'm not afraid of doing the unusual and I'm not afraid to risk it. If you come home and don't burn you didn't set a fire!

I DO currently have a release of liability contract, which I both wrote and drafted myself, which is perfectly legal to protect all parties in precarious situations so that I can stop being told NO. If I want to hang from shibari upside down and nude from the San Francisco bridge at 3 AM 150 off the ground in zoom, as long as no one get's arrested, I now have paperwork to protect me from the word NO.

I am, however, at times allowed to attempt some of my concepts, as seen in my No Hunting No Tresspassing album.

This is why I fell in love with this, this is why I stayed, and why I do it still. With that being said, as much as it is my passion, for me, it is also still business, and as such, there are things that need to be gotten out of the way.

Hopefully, by now, we have established at least a small amount of rapport and professionalism. So let's get down to business.

(517) 703-3971
[email protected]

What I Expect Out of You and What You Can Expect From Me.
I expect photographers to act professionally at all times. I expect what is agreed upon to be delivered in a timely fashion. On all shoots I expect images back that are EDITED, RETOUCHED AND/OR PHOTOSHOPED As NEEDED, AKA REAL PRO PICS NOT KID WITH EXPENSIVE CAMERA PICS, OR permission to have them done. Raw images are not suitable for portfolio usage.

I expect releases to include all specifics of what is AGREED upon, and I expect BOTH of us to have completed, signed copies of all contracts and releases. All releases and contracts should include who owns copyright, what the pictured can and can not be used for, both the model and photographer's rights, compensation, both present and future, liability measures, reproduction and use release agreements, and free will and consent.

I promise to be reasonable, but if we are going to do business together, we will do so with equal respect for each other. I will not sign a release unless I am compensated in a fair and reasonable way and I agree with it in full. Specifics in this regard are negotiable.

Please understand that these stipulations are not meant to be offensive. However, I will not be taken advantage of and I would like things to remain respectful, fair, and professional.

Bringing an Escort
I am not a fool, nor is my husband. I understand that some refuse to allow models escort. That is fine, and your adult decision. It is also my adult decision to not work without escort for my personal safety and securty. If you can't trust my judgement and professionalism, then don't ask me to trust yours.


Working for free is an oxymoron. I accept TF work on a very limited basis. I do not pay photographers to shoot me. I do not work with anyone for a financial loss. I don't charge booking fees.

Factors Considered In Rates

- Cost of travel (May increase rate)

- Shoot expenses (May increase rate)

- Portofilo quality and experience levels (may increase or decrease rate)

- Shoot content rating
$25.00 PG Rated
$50.00 Artistic Nude
$100.00 Erotic, Exotic, Fetish, Penthouse, Explicit.

- Personal and professional history. (May decrease rate)

Erotic, Exotic, Fetish, and Penthouse Style
For Erotic, Fetish, and Penthouse style work,  usages permissions, such as photos being used, reused, sold, resold, leased, subleased, or printed must protect my identity and reputation at all times. I also ask that if shots like this are taken, you do not release anything until appoved by me.

If I find my 18+ work on an adult entertainment web site, I am not going to be happy about it! Period! ALL 18+ WORK IS DONE WITH THE UNDERSTANDING THAT IMAGES MAY BE USED FOR ARTISTIC PURPOSES ONLY, and are not to be posted just anywhere.

I do not do bondage, erotica, exotica or artistic/implied nude without escort. Please see my LIST for examples of what I consider these genres to be. NO GWC 18+!

What is the difference between Art Nude and Explicit?

Art nude falls under bodyscapes, and genetalia hidden by shadow, form lines, or objects. Erotic Exotic Explicit is 18+ where care is not taken to hide exposure.

Art Nude


Hazardous Shoots
For dangerous, potentially harmful projects, please also download, fill out and return the "Release of Reliability Waiver Persons and Property Damage" at This is to protect both parties in the event that shit happens in a precarious project, and to protect DSM from the word NO. After all, not all of my work has been the most tame of taste. I wrote it up due to a shoot involving artistic nude bodyscape combined with shibari japanese art, which involved hanging upside down off of a city bridge over the water at night via the shibari and safety rigging. Of course, the concept was cancelled, considered too "dangerous and not particularly legal". However, some amazing images and shocking concepts come from pushing the envelope a little sometimes.

I am available for travel as long as my schedule permits, within the continental US.
I do not travel for unpaid work.

Factors determining travel availability:
- Current schedule
- If travel expense is paid, and if not my current financial situation. You had better have a damn good project / quality of production for this to happen. Not just a portfolio with a lot of good photoshop and no financial gain from your work.

Other Notes To Consider

Though business can be fun, at the end of the day it's still business. Please do not book me and then back out without a legitimate reason. My time is in fact valuable.

Booking is done on a first come, first serve basis and paid work takes priority. Please do not ask me to cancel on another project that is already established to fit you in, or cut another photographer's time to squeeze in time for you. I will not flake on an already established booking and client, even if you're paying and they are working TF, or "your work is better than theirs". It's simply not nice.

With almost 15 years of experience, I am by no means an amateur, so please do not attempt to treat or play me like one. 

Booking Delays

If I cannot currently get to your area, or fit you into my schedule, you will be added to the roster to schedule for a later date if you request this. If you are on my roster, this is a guarantee that you will be booked and scheduled as quickly as I am able to do so.




Schedule to date...

Current Projects and Interests

Body Paint

Portrait/Make up

Couples shoots

SELECT Erotica, Exotica, Implied, and Implied Couples (Please see my LIST for examples of what I would consider acceptable shooting for these genres.

Baby Grand Couples Project (Original DSM Project)

Kink Collection (Original DSM Project)

Booking For


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"It took years to finally get to spend the few hours with this lady.....she is driven, creative and just a lot of fun to spend time with. I can only hope that there is more time with her and that all her plans and schemes come to fruition.....definitely different and worth any effort to work with......I hope I get another chance." Read less

... Read more

"Tiffany (Dovetail Stormrider) was a pleasure to work with. I met and photographed Tiffany at a group shoot. Thank You" Read less

... Read more

"I had the honor and pleasure to work with Dovetail Stormrider. She communicated well before the shoot as we finalized the concepts and was punctual on the day of the shoot. She is a professional model and works with the photographer very well to execute the vision of the shoot. I highly recommend working with her if you are looking for a reliable, talented and highly experienced model." Read less

... Read more

Credit Notes

Worked With...


Matthew Dolinar    Mayhem #337255
Richard Beckermeyer    Mayhem #191522
Michael Masi FB    Detroit MI
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Classic Reflections
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Mushroom1717    Mayhem #1292894
Emma-Lee II    Mayhem #1045546
Taryn Marie    Mayhem #1252090
Justin Hayward    Mayhem #488581
EndersFolly    Mayhem #615184 (highly recommend)
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Giovanni Mondino    Mayhem #3453115


Flesh2Fantasy    Mayhem #283539
Suzanna Lea    Mayhem #1160832
Michelle Premer
Diaphanous Artistry    Mayhem #2773363

Other Portfolios:

Events Attended

L.E.G.S.  (Lansing Exposure Group Shoot) July 2009, 2011

Yazmine Jay Fashion Show November 7th 2010

Awards, Publications, Contest Winners, and Recognition

Light of Some Kind David Birdsong Photography selected for One Model Place Showcase Gallery.

Corporate Playtoy David Birdsong Photography selected for Model Insider Pic of the Day 3/31/2011

Whitson Shoot Entered in Worldwide Photography Competition

Bodyscapes - The Art of Sensual Light by A A Navarro II

Please, if you publish a photo of me, let me know where the publication is so that I can add it here. I understand that it is your image but I would like to know about these things. Publications for a model are a big deal.