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About Me

I'm a professional freelance photographer based in Singapore. Find out more about me at

My clients ( engage my services mostly for portrait, event and interior shoots. For my bio here, I'll focus mainly on portrait shoots since MM is a modelling website.

The guy with the dachshund in my profile picture is me. It's a self-taken photograph, not the best, but enough to let you know whom you're going to talk to and/or work with. Please read my write-up below even though it's quite (actually, very) lengthy.

My main goal in ModelMayhem is to network with like-minded artists, such as models, makeup artists, hairstylists and wardrobe/fashion designers, and to exchange ideas with these talents. How about you?

► ► 01 ►      MY BACKGROUND

I've learned photography through the hard way - trial and error. Youtube is my teacher and I do have many consultants who can laugh with me and give me love. Fortunately and unfortunately, I learn from mistakes.

I'm pretty lucky not just because it's my dog's name but also because I have a very good commercial HMUA (hair and makeup artist) friend, Tricia Lee, who has guided (plus nagging and drilling) me on models' poses and grooming, and other things, even though I have been abusing (teasing) her, verbally. I also have friends who have started photography earlier and are willing to share their knowledge generously without having to bribe or point a knife at them.

I've never hired a model in my life.

I'm glad I've learned portrait shoot without getting compliments from guys in social media who think beauty is all about showing skin. I started doing portraiture shoot with both online and offline friends instead. They may not be as pretty and hot as FHM models or celebrities but they possess beautiful souls - how many "models" would collaborate with a photographer when he doesn't have a (solid) portfolio? Although, I do keep them entertained and safe throughout. Those were the days when most of my models shot with me without putting on any makeup. We also had major problems with outfits. However, I was glad that I was able to produce results with all the challenges.

I began with less professional equipment and thus I'm able to understand the constraints. I've been meeting kind and easygoing clients who have helped me to build up the fund to support my photography equipment and portfolio to showcase my talent. The models I've worked with trust my character and feel comfortable with me, and thus I'm able to create natural-looking photographs.

I'm running a small tuition agency and my skill includes web designing, programming and internet marketing (such as flirting with Google). Hence, my time is flexible but hectic. I prefer shooting during weekdays. Most clients book me for shoots during weekends, which means you have to book me in advance for a weekend photoshoot.

I don't drive because the prices of cars in Singapore are insane. I'd set up a makeshift studio at my place instead of getting a permanent one because I don't wish to kill my passion by having to take up more jobs (and probably at lower rates) just to pay the high rental in Singapore.


I love seeing beautiful things. I love preserving moments forever through photography. I also love making people feel good and building up their confidence. Hence I love people (portraiture and event) photography.

Photoshoot isn't restricted to only professional and aspiring models; anyone who wishes to keep some good memories of herself while she's young can do it as well. It's also for people who want to upload better-looking photos into their Facebook and Instagram profiles or simply to spread the love.

"Anyone can show body but not everyone can show expression."

I'd want to keep my shoots unique and tasteful regardless of the theme and amount of clothes the model wears.

"You don't need to be pretty to appear in photos; you just need to appear pretty in the photos. We will work on this together."

There're different angles that can flatter a person's looks. When elements such as hairstyle, makeup, outfit, expression and posture are properly done, an ordinary person can look fantastic in still pictures with the help of the photographer at the correct setting (eg. suitable background and props).

Note: The reality is you will also need help from a professional HMUA -

►► 03 ►      My SHOOTING STYLE

Clean | Natural | Soft light

I prefer doing outdoor shoots since the backgrounds are more interesting than plain backdrops. However, working at outdoor does have its own challenges, especially the weather and photobombs.

While anyone who owns a camera, including phone camera, is also a photographer, I outshine them with my professional lighting. With my lighting equipment, I'm able to keep the model properly lighted using soft light. I'm also able to control the mood.

I've to keep to the minimum equipment possible since I don't have a car. They, besides being bulky, usually weigh around 16kg or heavier in total. Moreover, I usually work without an assistant (unless the client has the budget) who can at least secure my lighting equipment from the ruthless wind and thus I believe in keeping things simple.

I keep my shoot more towards lifestyle so that even non-models can do it and look natural in the photographs.


I'm open, but extremely selective, to help talented newbies with great personality by collaborating and creating beautiful work together when I'm available. I've very limited time and my paid jobs (clients) will always be in the top priority.

I do post casting calls in ModelMayhem whenever I'm free to increase the chance of meeting new talents. Alternatively, you can look at the list of ideas - - I have in mind but don't have the time to do. I do have the option to post casting calls in Facebook groups to get immediate responses but I will definitely be flooded by many weird people. Therefore, I'm usually waiting for potential models who appreciate my work to approach me.

I cherish friendship and my skill in both photography and internet marketing will value-add to your portfolio and services.

If you're an easygoing and open-minded person who's interested in working with me, please read and follow the instructions stated.


Via web links exchange.

If you own a website/portfolio/blog like SquareSpace, Blogspot, Wordpress, Weebly or Wix, do read to find out more.


For any trade in every country, there will be some black sheep. Do not assume Singapore is completely safe just because the crime rate is low. Many "photographers" are trying hard to get in between the legs of models. Private photos between you and the photographer can also be sold at high rates with the excuse that the photographer's laptop is being hacked.


Therefore, before you agree to shoot with a photographer who may be paying you a large sum of money, look at his portfolio and judge, and Google about him!

If you are unsure, you can contact me directly and seek advice before you confirm any shoot with any photographer.


If you wish to improve your profile, do spend some time to go through the tips at:


If you're a female model, whether a new or experienced one, you probably have many males singing praises on your photographs. After you float in the air for a while, thinking that you're going to become a famous international model soon, do calm down and make some comparison with other more experienced models' photographs. I've been seeing this daily in both ModelMayhem and Facebook - the model's face may not be in a flattering angle or the photograph is over-processed - guys are just fighting to be the first to give ridiculously positive feedback. I also have very potential model friends who have new work weekly but most of them seem to be taken by random photographers - there's insignificant or zero improvement.

The trick is that you should never get too complacent with your work no matter how guys are worshipping you like a goddess. Look at more work from others, accept critiques and never stop trying to learn more.

If you've read my writing from the top to bottom, you're likely to be a sincere and hardworking person. If you're interested, we can exchange ideas about your profile and photographs. You may follow the following steps if you wish to hear from me:

1. Go to my Facebook page at and Instagram at
2. LIKE the page
3. Send me a Facebook/Instagram message with your ModelMayhem profile URL and tell me what's your plan in the near future with the creating of your profile, and let me know you want some comments.

Do note that not all comments are positive and that I may reply your message late if I happen to be busy. After all, others won't get to see my feedback and thus it won't do you any harm even if I were to state anything negative.

You can also visit to find out more about interesting facts about photographers.

►► 09 ►      CONTACT ME

If you appreciate my work, tips, write-up or/and personality, please follow me at:



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"Skai is one of the most patient photographer I've known, we delayed our shoot for God knows how long due to both timing clashed whenever I visited Singapore. They say patient is a virtual, it pays off from all the waiting. Looking forward to our next arranged theme ;)" Read less

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"Skai is someone who is professional and takes his work very seriously. He also looks out a lot for his models. Since the first time I met him, his photography skills has improved by a lot. I definitely had a nice time collaborating with him! :)" Read less

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Credit Notes

Please refer to for more details.

Models (friends and clients):

Akira Uchida (Japan)
Sana (Japan)
Yeong Ara - Tantiara M. Rosli (Singapore)
Janice Sui (Singapore)
Company: Team Disinfect (Singapore)
Ratna Juita (Indonesia)
Couple: Alexander Stiegler (Austria) & Esther Pai Min Lin (Taiwan)
Iidiko Ko Kissimon (Hungary)
Rosy Mai Xuan (Vietnam)
Cho Mar (Myanmar)
Angela Arlene Quek (Singapore)
Organisation 2019: Singapore Fashion Runway (SFR)
Nicholas Chan Jun En (Singapore)
Audrey Chen (Singapore)
Ridhwan & Ashikin (Singapore)
Ivia Xiaohui (Singapore)
Couple: Wei Loong & Shujuan (Singapore)
Renu (Malaysia)
Delphine Seto & friends (Singapore)
Isabelle Raphaela Leong (Singapore)
Karen Ivy Diaz (Philippines)
Syriicyaniide (Thailand)
Melaine (Singapore)
Ayumi (Japan)
Angeline (Singapore)
Robyn Skye (Singapore)
Khin Thuzar Kyaw (Myanmar)
Rina (Singapore)
Siao Jo (Malaysia)
Debbie Tan (Singapore)
Jasmine Lim (Brunei)
Ashley Xuanxuan (Singapore)
Zuzana Novakova (Zuzi) (Czech Republic)
Skylar Tay Shixuan (Singapore)
Hilary Tay (Malaysia)
Hannah Tan Her Joo (Singapore)
Regina Umali (Philippines)
Valeria Gonzalez (Paraguay)
Amber Nguyen Trang (Vietnam)
Esther Pai (Taiwan)
Organization 2018: Team Infunde Development (Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand)
Organisation 2018: Singapore Fashion Runway (SFR) (Singapore)
Havanah Zandrea (Canada)
Teo Shu Ying (Singapore)
Priscilla Tang (Singapore)
Leila Barrick (Australia)
Company 2018: Team Craft by 3 (Singapore)
Camille Roux (France)
Ng Shinyi (Singapore)
Couple Kaidi & Ivy (Singapore)
Shirlene Chew (Singapore)
Nickolas Padgalskas (Netherlands?)
Ghislaine Nadaud (Netherlands)
Eva Loa (Singapore)
Gilbert Lew (Singapore)
Family: Vanessa, Vera, Vianne (Singapore)
Ivy Tan (Singapore)
Bai Jia Wang (Singapore)
Charis Tan (Singapore)
Wong Youer (Singapore)
Shermaine Koh (Singapore)
Svetlana Dabizha (Ukraine)
Phang Tsang Wing (Singapore)
Qiu Wanping (Singapore)
Couple: Kaiwei & Stella (Singapore)
Couple: Shengyang & Huiting (Singapore)
Karina Cognomen (Indonesia)
Hannah Lee (Singapore)
Sharon Ng En Hui (Singapore)
Cheryl Alicia Chua Dong Yi (Singapore)
Kyan Soo Wei Qian (Singapore)
Gay Teng Yong (Singapore)
Boon Hui (Singapore)
Couple: Leslie (Hong Kong | Singapore) & Sally (Taiwan)
Erica Chan Xuan Ni (Malaysia)
Sirachar Ong (Thailand | Singapore)
Martina Novotna (Czech Republic)
Kelly Lim (Singapore)
Tan Rouying (Singapore)
Jasmine Tan (Singapore)
Yoyo (Hong Kong)
Ao Xuan (Singapore)
Jolene Chui (Singapore)
Company: Mr Chew Chee Chiang & Ms Lee (Chew Plumbing & Construction) (Singapore)
Angie Mui (Framing Angie) (Singapore)
Low Kah Yoke (Singapore)
Marjorie Lining (Philippines)
Rachel Liew (Singapore)
Beverley Angkangon (Malaysia)
Couple: David & Jess (Malaysia)
Jun (Singapore)
Joanne (Singapore)
Couple: Tommy Wee & Evelyn (Singapore)
Thomas Ng (Singapore)
Couple: Ryan & Yuanzhi (Singapore)
Mitsuya Nakata (Japan)
He Ling (Vietnam)
Kayla Wong (Singapore)
Nathalie Blue (Malaysia)
Jessyca Ang (Indonesia)
Tan Jiamin (Singapore)
Couple: Brian & Claudia (USA)
Leila Louise (England)
Bianca Pietersz (Venezuela | USA)
Chew Si Pei (Singapore)
April Toh (Singapore)
Couple: Terry & Lynwen (Singapore)
Nowell Tan (Singapore)
Joey Yan (Singapore)
Emily Chan (Singapore)
Lovelle Tan (Singapore)
Alessandra Wong (Singapore)
Couple: Peter & Peiwei (Singapore)
Anastasia Butrim (Cyprus)
Esther Choey (Singapore)
Couple: Michael & Valerie (England)
Tan Kexin (Singapore)
Selvy Sequence (Indonesia)
Couple: Derrick Chin & Ariel Tan (Singapore)
Couple: Mike Ong & Monica Weng (Singapore)
Amber Meifeng (Singapore)
Vanessa Lum (Singapore)
Vanessa Toh (Singapore)
Company: Dance Channel (Singapore)
Ang Xiuling (Singapore)
Michelle Low (Singapore)
Nikoru Nicole (Malaysia)
Mia Manan (Singapore)
Angela Ni (China | Singapore)
Oh Yong Peck (Singapore)
Joyce See (Singapore)
Dchane (Singapore)
Dylan (Singapore)
Amelia Chang (Singapore)
Charisse Ee (Singapore)
Dawnice Gagamamayan (Singapore)
Phuang Shujuan(Singapore)
Irene Ong Meiling (Singapore)
Maisie Chew (Singapore)
Famel Tay (Singapore)
Kelly Chin (Singapore)
Jade Anastasia Lee (Singapore)
Hooi Yingyi Victorielle (Singapore)
Jasmine Ang (Singapore)
KT Pham Thi Kieu Trang (Vietnam)
Dionne Loh Xiuzhen (Singapore)
Constance Huang Wanling (Singapore)
Vanessa Poh Yen Ling (Singapore)

Do refer to my portfolio ( A large number of my models don't have accounts here.

Hair & Make-up artists:

Tricia Lee (HMUA)
Evelynn Tham (HMUA)
Edel Goh (MUA)
Andrea Lai (HMUA)
Tan Sihui (Hair stylist)
Lavender Artistry by Mandy Yeo (HMUA) #2470014
Lovelle Tan (MUA)
Yuko Imoto (HMUA)
Koreen Hong (HMUA)
Kelly Lim (HMUA)
Vivian Chong (HMUA)
Jessica Chia (HMUA)
Sher Li (HMUA)
Ivy Tan (HMUA)
Joey Yu (HMUA)
Nicole (HMUA)
Alicia Lim (HMUA)
Neetha Neha (HMUA)
Jaspinder Kaur Gill (HMUA)

Do refer to for some of our projects.