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About Me

Thank you for taking the time to visit my portfolio.

*For the best representation of my work, please visit my website and IG pages. I have decided to focus mainly on showing my work on other platforms.*

rSEANd is moniker of my full name, Robert Sean Dibble. I share a first name with my father, but am not a junior and have always been called Sean. I photograph people, not just models because I find some element of beauty in everyone. Photography has always been a self-expressive art form for me, and I mainly used it as a tool to show others how I viewed them, as opposed to the self-depreciating ways in which they often viewed themselves. My images have been featured in Bruno Gmunder publications, Beautiful Mag, Paragon Men, Ooh La La Mag, Favorite Hunks, US Weekly Blog, Maryland Zoogram and numerous online blog and websites.

I first picked up a camera in 1981 and began experimenting with my sister, who was my original muse. I consider myself a continual work in progress, so despite shooting off and on for over 30 years, I will always label myself a skilled amateur. I primarily photograph males, but not exclusively. I have a huge passion for animals and nature, as well, so my full portfolio includes those types of photos.  My favorite images are head shots, but my tastes are varied and include portrait, lifestyle, athletic, underwear, bodyscapes and nudes, implied, artistic or erotic.  I consider the human form to be living art and enjoy capturing it in its natural glory, but I stress that it is NOT a requirement to shoot nudes to work with me. I make this distinction because my portfolio does contain nudity and the question has been asked.

ATTENTION: If you are a model who decides to do nude images, please think about how you will feel about them in the future. I will not remove images due to "nude remorse".  What I will do, as a courtesy, is change the name, at the models request, so nudes are not searchable on the Internet.

I admire the work of many artists here on Mayhem, such as Mark Henderson, Ethan James, WagnerLA, ZEDNERAM, Rick Day, Justin Monroe, Joseph Smileuske, Luis Rafael, Carlos Arias, Dylan Rosser, Kevin D. Hoover, Julian Vankim, Mark Grantham, Scott Marrs, MURRAY!, Ron Reyes, Anton Russ, Jorge Freire, Jay Plogman, Don Pollard, Hasson Harris, SOOAK, FLYFOTO, John Gress, Henning von Berg, John Hough, Maya Guez, Tommie Adams, Thomas Synnamon, Andrew Bowman, Tom Silk, StudioNero, David Vance, Justin Thai, Greg Weiner, Haringman+, Charles Archer, Tony Gibble, Dave Lewis, Michael Hallenbeck, AJR (I could go on and on, with new ones being added to my mental list constantly) and I gain inspiration from each of them for their individual styles.

I also believe in always being supportive of my fellow artists, even if the support is not mutual because it takes more than talent to put your hard work on display and open oneself up to criticism. No matter how vast it may appear, it is still a small community and each of us can gain something, no matter how big or small, from each other.

All models are required to sign a release form.

All my photographs are copyrighted to rSEANd Photography and any modifications/alterations, including special editing to the pictures, is at my discretion. Prior approval from me is required before posting of any image you choose to edit yourself, to insure that it does not conflict with my style and vision.

I have been lucky enough to have support from some amazingly talented photographers whose work I admire and study, as well as some wonderful models. Thanks to everyone for your comments.

"Your work is truly stunning... the models are superb, the composition is masterful, and lighting is exceptional. I like your presentation of each finished art piece. It's not just "eye candy", but has more going on in each shot than most people give credit for. Your style is evident throughout the body of work, and is recognizable even without a logo! I applaud work like yours and photographers who are dedicated to the craft of creating images & visual magic."
- Glenn (MalePortfolios) MM #17948

"I've been amazed by your work for a couple of months now and I hope to continue to enjoy the show."
- Julian Vankim MM# 1476280

"You have an amazing port... Your nudes are done with the utmost class and artistic creativity."
-Cisco MM# 459931

"It is a privilege to have worked with a photographer with so much talent! I appreciate how comfortable you made me feel during the entire shoot. Let do it again in the near future and make sure you stay in touch."
- A Lewis MM# 206439

"What a wonderful port. And I hope there's more and better yet to come for you!"
- Jay Plogman Photography  MM#808917

"I am very taken with your head shots and what you 'bring' to the faces of these gentlemen. I hope they appreciate your talent.""
-Robert John Guttke MM#1071453

"Thank you my dear friend for yet again making my day! It is rare to find an extremely talented person who is also a wonderful and humble friend... you are both! You work's range from captivating depictions of the human form to the sincere emotions in a persons eyes never fails to inspire! Yet you so very often stop by to leave encouraging and supportive words of praise... That is refreshing! I thank you for your friendship and can't wait for the day to work together!"
-Tony Gibble  MM#179877

"I always enjoy my visits to your portfolio. You continue to impress and inspire with your work."
-Bob Worthy MM#28901

"Any model contemplating on whether or not you should shoot with Sean, let me give you some advice, DO IT. You won't be disappointed smile"
- Brock Chapman (No longer on MM)

"great portfolio you have here! I was genuinely impressed with every image!
You are a remarkable artist...proud to be acknowledged and recognized by you!"

- Joey  FLYFOTO  MM#1212896

"Your port and talent is PHENOMENAL!"
-DonHarrisPhotographics  MM#691674

"You have a great eye for capturing your models, the presence and emotion to tell a story. That is a gift."
- CAV P Photographer  MM#636010

"Your pictures make a human body a work of art. Keep up the awesome work."
-Junior Castro  MM#1148503

"You have an amazing range of work in your portfolio. Fantastic work. Congratulations."
-Nathan Lewis UK  MM#593095

"Your work is creative, edgy and VERY artisitic. "
-Michael Hallenbeck  MM#237142

"Hi Sean,
I know this Tag is going to just get lost in all the other fantastic praise everyone has to say about your profile and portfolio.
However as a model working with you today, I just have to say you are a real trooper! Our session today was a true workout, climbing over rocks, over and under trees and whatever it took to get the right angle and the perfect shot.
You are such an easy going guy and fantastic to work with. Your directions when needed were very clear and really made a world of difference on the whole look of the shot.
I truly can't wait to be back in front of your camera."

-NMMNova  MM#636439

"Your impressive port images show me that you are a "skilled photographer", but definitely NOT AMATEUR. My best!"
-TFMFotos  MM#591608

"You are a photo machine - great range of images - fantastic backdrops and very pleasant and sensual staging.  You are a terrific photographer !!! Congrats and thanks for the lists - continued success !!! "
-Studio Anton Russ  MM#428323

"Your work is beautiful and inspiring! Thank u for the kind words on my own work. It means so much coming from a fellow photographer who obviously has a passion and an eye for the craft!"

*All nude models depicted on this site are of legal age, as required by 18 U.S.C. § 2257

Credit Notes

Some of the places where my work is featured

Feature at Favorite Hunks

rSEANd featured in Beautiful Mag

Multiple models featured

rSEANd and model Pablo Hernandez on the cover of Beautiful Mag

rSEANd and model Jorge Villatoro featured in Beautiful Mag

rSEANd and model Jessie Lee featured in Beautiful Mag

rSEANd and model Luis Perrusquia featured in Beautiful Mag

rSEANd and model Eric Patterson featured in Beautiful Mag

rSEANd and model Luis Perrusquia featured in Beautiful Mag

Featured in Beautiful Mag week 21-22
It's a thin line..

PARAGON MEN Spotlight of the month

Photo of artist Coby Koehl in US Weekly blog

Feature of my work with Luis Perrusquia on Favorite Hunks.

Pink Rendezvous

rSEANd Media (Replacement channel for rSEANd Tube):