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Dans la Célébration du Quarantième Anniversaire de Notre ęr Atterrissage de Lune, et Dans le Deuil Pour le Retard Risible de Notre Mission de Jupiter. . .Histoire de graphique de photo de mode ©

Articles Humides, Rêves Humides

Années '60 de Oscillation Commençant l'Hôtesse d'Air

L'Hôtesse de Lune Commence l'Odyssée de l'Espace 2001

"We choose to go to the moon. . .we choose to go to the moon. . .we choose to go to the moon in this decade, and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard!"--John F. Kennedy, May 1961

Judy Jetson sur la Mission de Jupiter:
"J'avais noté une tache foncée tourner dans la vue dans Jupiter la région polaire du sud de set commençait à devenir curieuse, Judy a continué.  Une fois d'abord vu près du membre que (et en conditions pauvres) c'était seulement une tache vaguement foncée, j'a pensé probablement pour être juste un orage polaire foncé normal. Cependant pendant qu'il tournait plus loin dans la vue, et les conditions également améliorées, je me suis soudainement rendu compte qu'elle n'était pas simplement foncée, il étais noir dans des tous les canaux, signifiant que c'était vraiment une tache noire. Est-ce que ceci a pu être la singularité noire fabuleuse de monolithe?"

"Tous ces mondes sont à vous excepté l'Europa. Ne faites aucune tentative au débarquement ici."  (In English:  "All these worlds are yours except Europa.  Make no attempt at landing here!")  Courtoisie d'image ©Lars Zielke, Le Danemark,

Transformation de Méditation pour le 2ème Niveau Fille de Guilde
En avant vers l'infini. . .

3ème Niveau Fonctionnant Fille de Guilde de Amourdroid
"Où allez-vous?"  "Je suis déjà là."
"Le ver est l'épice, l'épice est le ver!"

11ème Niveau Signature Modèle de Cyber de Borg

"La résistance est futile! Nous vous assimilerons!"

Mère Jane Jetson : "Venez la petite fille à la maison!  Ouvrez les portes de compartiment de cosse, HAL. . ."

Autorité Droid Gorta: "Vous vous conformerez!"

"Suis je dans la merde profonde maintenant!"

"Je juste jouerai innocent cutesy et obtiendrai loin avec lui encore!"

Et certains aident de Jillian5, la Bonne Sorcière du Nord. . .

"Hurray ! Ma petite fille est venue à la maison à moi!"

"Un clin d'oeil et un sourire, et moi ordonnent encore!"

Broadcast News Anchorman George Jetson Barnes(a Megasoid client):  "In tribute to my good friend the late great Walter Cronkite, 'and that's the way it is! . . . '"

Brouillard du Désir, Torsion de Rendez-vous

Megasoid Studios has over 20 years experience in fashion and cosmetics photography.  Precise control of makeup and lighting is far more essential to our look than anything in Photoshop. . .but we are also Master Photoshop digital artists as well.    Nevertheless, we take the image as far as it will go in-camera before we resort to digital retouching.    And then we do whatever it takes in Photoshop!

I grew up in the fashion business.  My mother was a dressmaker/seamstress to the rich and beautiful, and I assisted her in pinning and fitting models and society ladies starting at age 5.  By age 12, I was wrapping and pinning fabric on mannequins to create designs, and she would figure out how to cut and sew the garments.    Then I'd work in reverse and figure out how to make paper patterns.    I craved reading haute couture magazines as much as I craved Playboy.  I was deeply imprinted in my critical period of development by fashion and beautiful models.

What other studio has a private 60's/80's/TODAY'S AND TOMORROW'S babe fashion "Boutique Champignon Rouge" on-site with 400+ hot outfits available for use by female models, with labels from Balenciega, Christian Dior, CoCo Chanel, Andre' Courreges, Givenchy, Mary Quant, North Beach Leather, Paco Rabanne, Emilio Pucci, Schiaparelli, Gianni Versace and more.  I selected and purchased each one personally over many years.    (It's NOT dusty 1890's Victorian or NOT trite 1920's flapper or NOT dowdy 1940's-50's fashion). . .

Expertise in ballet and modern dance choreography and stage direction also plays a major role in achieving our look.  I have worked with master choreographers, mime artists and stage directors in the studio and on location to get the most out of our models.  I attend about 20 ballets/modern dance shows per year and 40-50 fashion shows per year to stay up on trends.

On each single look, we typically spend 1 to 2 hours doing makeup, hair and costuming before we begin Polaroiding to adjust everything perfectly before committing to final exposures. Because of this, we rarely do more than 2 or 3 substantially different looks over 10+ hours. We work with medium format Swedish Hasselblad cameras and German Zeiss lenses coupled with a 39 Megapixel 16Bit x 3 RGB Channel Hasselblad Digital Back, because they are still way ahead of little 35mm popgun sized digital cameras on razor sharp quality, color saturation, and enlargeability to wall size prints. More expensive, but worth it, just like you and us!    I hear models complain that some pipsqueak digital camera users often supply only digital files for web and can only print 5"x7" without the image starting to break apart fuzzily.  Very sad.  We normally supply 11"x14" high definition supergloss color prints, but can supply any other sizes you wish, up to 40"x60", and down to 8.5"x11".  SIZE DOES MATTER!  Want Euro Magazine Quality?  We exceed that by several orders of magnitude!  Want tearsheets?  We can provide those also!

[b]If you're looking for the casual snapshot look, go elsewhere.  In fact, why hire anyone, you can do it yourself with a cell phone cam, and it'll look about as good!    I don't watch reality TV shows, and I don't do reality street grunge snapshots!    But if you're looking for the ultimate in Haute Couture Photography, and need a built-in source for fine clothes, you'll find it at Megasoid Studios and Boutique Champignon Rouge!

Überlegene Fähigkeiten züchtet überlegenen Ehrgeiz !!!

Carnaby Street Beat London 1966 • The Yardbirds !!!

My Living Barbie Doll Jillian5. . .In Plaid !!! • Mattel® Custom DNA to Doorstep Designs

"Mt. Caramel" Clueless Catholic Schoolgirls Rule. . .in Plaid !!!

What's More Supple?  My NorthBeachLeather or My BodyPleasure?  Only My Signature Photographer Knows!  From Latin. . .Supple, Root of Supplicatrix!

Vulcan, Star Date 3372.7, AMOK TIME: The Rite of The Pone Faar !!!

Greenwich Village 1967, Wild Party of 12 with Andy Warhol, Dr. Timothy Leary, Catherine Deneuve, David Bailey, Penelope Tree, Richard Avedon, Marianne Faithful, Mick Jagger, & 1 Undisclosed Future Fashion Photographer with 3 Future Signature Models !!!

Fillmore Auditorium San Francisco June 1967. . ."Light My Fire !" with. . .The Doors !!!

Megasoid Studios Producteur Exécutif & Déesse de Tulipe Sabina @ Dallas Arboretum • Amoureux Pour Toujours

Biologische Gefahren Verboten in Meinem Studio !!!
Keine dummen Baseballmützen rückwärts gedreht !!!

Above 2 Headshots
Top Headshot by Megasoid Studios
Bottom Headshot by Unknown GWC
1 Month Between Photos With No Bodyweight Change
No Digital or Photoshop Manipulation Either Photo
See the Megasoid Difference for Yourself !!!

Boutique Champignon Rouge Features The Hottest Designer Labels in Vintage Babewear !!!

Yes, even gung-ho hyper-performance perfectionists like Megasoid Studios know how to relax and enjoy themselves!

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