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Inquires can contact me for half and full day rates.
Featured-On air, as; make-up artist-
ABC news channel 7
Good day L.A. FOX channel 11
K-CAL channel 9

This is Philip'e and this is my Make-up page. Welcome!

I've been doing make up for over ten years and have won many competitions in make up. I also have done make up for many fashion shows as well. I also do body painting by hand, no air brushing.

5 time champion 6 time first place champion in hair and make up competitions...(hair shows)

"I'm not perfect, I have a lot of failures in my port. What I think, did not came out good,
I still post on my port. Its who I am, good or bad.
I'm just plain Philipe. I don't ever call my self an artist,
I feel its title that it should be giving to you.
Not to be taken and used as a shield or spear
or as justification as who I am. Who am I?
I'm just plain Philipe, nothing special.
Welcome to my port. I welcome you with open arms....."

****************I DONT DO TFP******************

I've been taking pictures for about 3 years
I've shot models from elite, Ford, L.A. models and other agencies.

I do all the hair and make-up on all my shoots, lighting too.
I've done make-up for JOICO & ISO international, Dolce & Gabbana, GUCCI, Tom Ford (events and fashion shows) MSNBC, FOX news channel.
I've been doing hair for 15 years and was a former JOICO technical adviser.
I've placed 1st place in hair cutting, hair styling and make-up in hair show competitions. (I have an 8 foot trophy that says 1st place world champion to prove it)

I shoot FASHION, I always give direction to all my models. My job is to make you look your best. I'm very picky with lighting, make-up, camera angle...... everything. If your serious about getting into modeling or if your a working model that needs to add more photos to your portfolio. Contact me. I can help. One thing, I tell all models, is that, be careful of photographers that are not professional or have a vision and wants to take pictures that are too artistic or too avant garde. No matter how personal or meaningful it may be, It will be useless in your portfolio, when you present it to agencies. TRUST ME ON THIS. Some agencies can be brutal, the chill in their words can, leave you freezing.
If you have any questions........... Drop me a line..I have references. Contact me for rates, hair and make-up always included.

Test start off at $1000.00
Fashion, editorial $1,800.00 - 3,500.00 and up.
Portfolio (preparation) packages avalible for models that need prints & portfolio for submission to agencies.

I welcome you all with open arms
~ P H I L I P E ~                                              SERIOUS MODELS ONLY and PAID SHOOTS ONLY
            [email protected]


Ask to see and talk to there (list) of clients (models) and ask there clients, "show me the money, how much money have you made? and what legitimate (modeling) work have you gotten? " and ask "what can you do for me that I CAN NOT DO FOR MY SELF!"
If they talk down to you or try to make you feel stupid. tell them to hit the road!
* Be careful of wanna-be managers and aggressive agents that want to manage you, Or even worst, unexperienced friend trying to help, that does not know how to manage, conduct business, read contracts or has no idea how much a model should get paid.  They can cause more harm then good. There are a lot of photographers that are very controlling and feel you need (there) approval before you shoot with anyone.   
*Remember its QUALITY NOT QUANTITY. It does not matter how many picture you have, its how, with just a few strong pictures, still make a good impression
* Beware of aggressive agencies.
*REMEMBER! professional models get paid! No model has ever gotten rich by doing TFP. It helps (TFP) but, only with the RIGHT photographer.
*If you want to make modeling a career. Treat it like its your own business (learn to manage your self and be professional) and think about getting paid work. If your on your own or just starting, its a must!
*Even if your with an agency, you still have to hustle and don't depend on your agency to do all the work for you.
*Beware of agents who wants to dub you as an escort! Its sad, it happens sometimes. Please don't fall victim!
* do your research on agencies, agents, managers, EVERYONE! on the web. Ask a lot of questions!
* Don't let anyone disrespect you!
*Also be careful of lazy agencies, that don't call you about work or auditions. Its important for you to find out whats up and maybe change to an agency that will get you work!
*Be careful of photographers that will shoot you for free (TFP) and sell the pictures for profit. Draw up a release (and read, his model release) saying your ONLY TFP for portfolio use or for submission to magazines. Any money being made by both parties involed. The model should get some compensation.
Look at it this way. If the model took the photographers pictures and made profit, off the pictures, that the photographer took. He would scream, compensation. If your with an agency. They wont let you sign any release to relinquish your rights to your images. Especially, for TFP.  So, why do it voluntarily? Agencies are very weary of who you shoot with and wont allow you to shoot with just anyone. So be careful, if your on your own. Many models shoot and shoot (doing TFP) they think and act like there a professional model. Not knowing there image maybe used for profit, advertising etc...with out the models permission. Even worst, being exploited. 
*If your shooting stuff on location or studio and photographer is running really late and has not showed up yet and your there, waiting. Make, the right judgment call. The right call, may be to leave. Unless of course, your getting paid. But, if its TFP, leave. Some photographers with big egos show up when they feel like it. Don't put up with it.
You can e-mail me directly at -
[email protected]

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I've shot Models from, that include; but not limited to -
L.A. models
Next models (Paris)
VIVA management (Francaise)
City models
Wilhelmina West
Brand models and talent
FAM international
Uber Warning
Bleu model management
Brand models & talent
The Janice Dickinson agency
Americas next top model

Featured-On air, as; make-up artist-
ABC news channel 7
Good day L.A. FOX channel 11
K-CAL channel