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Aug 25, 2016
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Mar 22, 2009
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Hi there! I'm Gigi(though I have an alter ego named Dylan who pops up from time to time...she's a more "dominant" version than me wink I just wanted to give a short update to those who know me or those who want to know me/work w/ me. I wasn't shooting at all this summer & also wasn't on here barely at all. So for those of you who have contacted me & have not gotten a reply, it's NOT that I'm ignoring you. I've had a lot of personal stuff going on & just got way behind w/ email in general & msgs on here, etc. I'd planned to start shooting again in Sep but the last cpl of mths have cntd to be crazy personally. So now I'm just trying to get caught up & start booking shoots starting in Dec & from then on will begin shooting reguarly again. This mth I'm already booked. Anyway, I get back to everyone who msgs/fr/tags me,etc. It's just taking me a bit longer than usual b/c I'm so behind. But I WILL get back to everyone who contacts me. Thanks for your patience. I'm worth the wait wink

More info on moi:

I started modeling when I was 12. My mother worked for "Covenant House", a place for runaway kids. They were looking for a "postergirl" who didn't resemble any one ethnicity & could look sad on demand. I get mistaken for every possible nationality under the sun(I'm a mix) so she submitted some pics of me looking sad & voila. I was on 1-800 posters, cards, billboards, etc. My first few jobs were all like that, just fell into my lap.
At 16, I had my first glamour print shoot. I had a friend who modeled and brought me to a studio she worked for & hung out. One of the photogs there loved my look and referred me to a client who was looking for a girl to model a wedding dress she had designed for a magazine spread. Only problem was I was supposed to be at least 18 for the job so the photogropher lied & said I was. I got the job smile
When I was actually 18 or 19, I did my first runway show. I had a friend who was a MUA & went to hang out w/ him at a club where he was working a runway show. The designer liked my look and I guess was short a model b/c next thing I knew I was in the show lol. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the designer or even the club. I was a bit of a party girl at the time & all the models got to drink from an open bar backstage so by the time I walked the runway I was drunk but somehow pulled it off! A guy videotaping it took a liking to me & asked me to do another project w/ him. I went w/ a group of other models to events like club openings and he'd videotape us talking about it & we'd basically get paid to hang out & drink!
I did another runway show(lingerie fashion show) a few years later at club "Amarachi" in Brooklyn. Various designers.
Since this is a modeling page I won't list my various accomplishments as a singer/songwriter but my music and modeling worlds collided when I got to work w/ the incredible Nigel Barker(former judge on America's Next Top Model & current host of "The Face" w/ Naomi Campbell) on a photo shoot for the insert of my CD/promo shots. Love him.

I've also done various acting and dancing. I was the female lead in one short film called, "The Journey" (more like a music video) which you can see here if you have Vimeo:
My dear friend, Edward Charette directed, wrote, and starred as the male lead in it. Please check out more of his work at:

I also had small roles in 2 full length films.
In "The Tenement", I play Gia, a prostitute who gets murdered by a taxi cab driver. Here's a link to the picture gallery my story is featured in:
In the 2nd row of pictures, you can see 3 stills of me. First me standing w/ another girl, on the phone w/ a customer, then the murderer holding a knife to me while I'm chained to a water heater in a basement w/ saron wrap around my head, & finally a close up of my face after he murders me. It was actually a great experience. I adore the director, Glen Baisley. There is a sequel to the movie and a prequel and I have songs on the soundtrack for them both. Check out Glen's website, Light and Dark Productions, if you're a horror fan:
The lead in all 3 movies was my best friend, the late Joe Lauria may he R.I.P.
I also played a stripper at a bachelor party in the still yet to be released film, "Tortured by Regret", directed by Sean Weathers of FullCircleFilmWorks. I actually got that role from this site, I was contacted by his casting director to audition for the movie.

I have danced on stage for the band, "Afflitus"(Chris Villari, their very talented guitarist used to play guitar for me also), been a go-go dancer at various private parties in the city, and was a featured dancer for the video "I Hate All You Motherf*ck%rs" by the band "I Hate Pop"(who I was made an honorary member of when I wrote & recorded 2 songs for their first CD)-you can hear the songs("Out of This Place" & "slave" on my webpage:
You can view the video there as well or here:

I was the April cover model for "Sexy X2" magazine. To see my full length picture spread and read my VERY steamy interview please check out this link:
If you click on "magazines" & 2013, you will see my issue. Just click on the cover and click on the arrows on the left to see the rest of the magazine & to check out my photo spread & interview smile
I am keeping this up b/c I adore the photographer who runs the magazine and want to get them more publicity as well as promote myself smile

Please note, I am primarily looking for paid assignments at this time! With this difficult economy, I've decided to no longer give out rates, just tell me what you're able to pay me(anything is better than nothing!)
I will occasionally do a TF shoot if I feel it can add something new to my port. But unless you can provide me w/ a MUA, from now on I need to request that if a MUA is not provided, that you reimburse me the $50 I have to pay to go to one myself. I won't shoot w/ out having my makeup done. As one MUA pointed out to me, any photographer who asks why you would need a professional to do your makeup and why can't you just do it yourself, is not a professional photographer. Hair and makeup can literally make or break a shoot(same w/ lighting). I want to be as professional as possible and always bring my A-game. If you're paying me & not providing a MUA, I'm fine w/ taking the $50 out of my compensation to get it done myself. But I can't afford to do that anymore for TF shoots, so I'm asking for it to be covered to ensure that we both get the best pictures possible. Now moving on...

I love having my picture taken which is why I model. I see it as an artistic form of expression. I'm very outgoing & try to bring as much energy as I can to a shoot. I also like to be creative & will often bring props or even grab something if I see something that catches my eye:) I like to have fun while shooting but I'm also professional. I wouldn't dream of wasting anyone's time since I don't want anyone to waste mine. So please only contact me if you're serious about working together.

I'm also a very open person. That meaning I'm open to ideas, comfortable w/ my sexuality & having that translate on camera, etc. If you have an idea for a shoot even if it seems out there or weird, don't feel shy, let me know. If I am not comfortable I'll say so but I won't judge. As stated I do fetish but I no longer do ALL fetish. PM me for details. I also do lingerie & artistic nudes but for those I am ONLY looking for paid work at this time. I have enough of those types of pics of myself & don't need them for my port. Modeling is not my only pursuit. I also act(& have gotten acting work on here as well, def. contact me if I have the right look for an acting project you're doing), am a singer/songwriter(my own material & I sometimes work as a session or background singer &/or write songs for others) & working on a memoir. For that reason it sometimes takes me awhile to get back to ppl so if you contact me & don't hear back right away it doesn't  mean I don't want to work w/ you. I answer everyone(unless the message is innappropriate ) so will get back to you eventually. I am also more than happy to travel anywhere to work as long as my expenses are paid.
Another reason it takes me awhile to get back to ppl is that I devote time to each person who contacts me. Whether it be a FR, picture comment, listing, TAG, or PM, I always go to the person's page, read their profile and comment on my favorite picture in their portfolio. And I really appreciate it when others do the same. I don't expect someone to leave me a pic comment, just b/c I've left them one but I def. appreciate those who do. I like to know what stands out to ppl in my port & why, etc. It helps me to grow as a model so ty to those who take the time to do so smile

One last thing, I know this is already a long profile but I feel this is imp. to say. It's sad actually that it needs to be said but this is not a dating site. If someone wants to work w/ me, I assume it's b/c they like my look & that's great. I have no problem w/ compliments. But please be professional. I don't want to spend a shoot dealing w/ someone who is blatantly hitting on me the whole time. If that's your reason for wanting to shoot w/ me, let me save you the time & energy & say DON'T BOTHER b/c it's not going to get you anywhere(except possibly reported to the site moderators b/c I'm really getting sick of it). Ok I just had to get that out. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

As I said in the beginning, I love to model. So if you want to work w/ a fun fearless sexy & reliable Leo who adores being in front of the camera, please don't hesitate to contact me & tell me about what you'd like to book me for!
Look fwd to hearing from you & let's cause some mayhem wink

Please check out my music, videos, writing, & more pics on my website:

p.s. I'm totally fine w/ artistic nudes & SOME fetish, NOT porn. If you're unsure about what I mean by this, I'll be happy to clarify in a PM. I am specific about my boundaries & what I will & won't do & think it's best to be clear in the beginning for both our sakes.
p.s.s. I know a lot of photogs complain about flaky models but I've experienced the same thing w/ photographers. So please only contact me if you're professional & not completely crazy(a little is ok) smile Word.

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I am happy to give references on any of the following photographers I've worked w/ who are still on this site. Obviously if I've worked w/ a photographer more than once, I'd recommend them. Most photographers I've only worked w/ once I'd also highly recommend but there's a few that I wouldn't and don't feel right calling them out on my profile(but if you do happen to inquire about them in a PM I will explain why). So please feel free to contact me for more info on any of the photographers listed below. Many I've worked with are no longer on the site or never were so I'm only listing ones who currently are. Feel free to also ask about anyone on my friends list, many I've interacted w/ quite a bit, just haven't had the chance to shoot w/ yet due to their schedule or mine. Also feel free to contact any of the following if you'd like a reference for me:

David DuPuy Photography-Mayhem #875104(doesn't appear to be using the site currently though he's still on here, we shot together twice yrs ago)

Owtlaw Photography-Mayhem #869869(also shot together twice)

BronxTies-Mayhem #82877

Nexus Photography-Mayhem #1955063

Edward Charrette-Mayhem #2515311(Have worked w/ countless times, we met on a shoot and he's now one of my best friends)

vkphotography-Mayhem #349145(shot together twice)

The Shades of Greg-Mayhem #13376

Lucy Lencinas Photo-Mayhem #2030250(was April 2013 cover model for her SEXY X2 magazine)

Digital Dream Studio-Mayhem #2722283

Take the next step -Mayhem #594921(worked w/ twice, mostly on film)

9one7 Studios-Mayhem #489805(did 1 shoot together, but "worked"(ish) on various other projects.

Virtual Studio-Mayhem #1463178