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I am are currently only looking to collaborate on tearsheets. For everything else feel free to ask for my rates. * Please note for TF shoot that the model are from a agency.* AT THE MOMENT I AM NOT DOING TF!

To produce outstanding images you have to have a great team. From photographer to hair/mua, everyone has to be committed and capable of the highest degree of mastery. At a shoot the photographer is the god and maker. And if god can't create.... what kind of a god is it?

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Fashion show

Angel Sanchez Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week 2012
Jean-Pierre Braganza Fall/Winter "The Show" 2012
Jeremy Laing Fall/Winter "The Show" 2012
Key Hair for Canada Philippine Fashion Week 2013


Reverie Magazine May 2011 pg 54 - 61
Salon Magazine May/June 2011, pg 56 - 57
W25 Issue 33 June 2011 pg 2 and 20-27
Reverie Magazine June 2011 Special In-Beauty Issue pg 86-95
Auxiliary Magazine June/July 2011 pg 4 - 9
Canadian Hairdresser Magazine June 2011 pg 50,51,90,and 91
W25 Issue 34 July 2011 pg 2 and 12-21
CHAOS Magazine Daily Dose July 21st, 2011
VietSun Magazine August 2011 pg 18 - 19
Photographer and Muse by ThinkContra August 2011
FABRICATED - SS2012 Pg 33 - 45
See.7 Magazine - Shell Break
Modern Salon - September 2011 eNewsletter and Online
Auxiliary Magazine October 2011
VietSun Magazine October 2011
Sessions Magazine November 2011
Salon Magazine Nov/Dec 2011 pg 56 - 57
VietSun Magazine November 2011
New Class Magazine Fall//Winter 2011
Canadian Hairdresser Magazine December pg 34
YYZ Living Magazine Fall/Winter 2011 pg 14 - 18
T & M Magazine Winter
Sessions Magazine Issue 8
In Bloom –
W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G -
Zeum Magazine March/February Issue
Hacid Magazine Issue 6
T & M Magazine Issue 9
OTM Magazine Spring/Summer Issue
Ellements Magazine - April Issue
Hacid Magazine Issue 7
VietLife USA Magazine March Issue 2012
VietLife USA Magazine April Issue 2012
Salon Magazine May/June 2012
Canadian Hairdresser Magazine June 2012
Salon Magazine July/August 2012
Salon Magazine French July/August 2012
Hacid Magazine Issue 8 2012
Sessions Magazine Vol 7. 2012
Pricheski Magazine June 2012 issue Russia
Front Cover Chloe Magazine Summer Issue 2012
Back Cover Chloe Wedding Magazine Issue 2012
Chloe Magazine Summer Issue 2012 pg 14,27 - 33,54 - 61,67 - 73,and 114 - 132
ACF Magazine Summer Issue 2012
Slovakia Q casopis Summer 2012 issue
Front Cover Chloe Magazine Fall Issue 2012
Canadian Hairdresser Oct 2012 Issue
Slovakia Q casopis Fall 2012 issue
Press Fashion Magazine Winter 2012
T & M Magazine Cover Winter 2012
Lone Wolf Magazine Winter 2012
Cover of Chloe Magazine Winter 2013
ACF Magazine 10th Issue 2013
FTV Indochina Magazine March 2013
Salon Magazine April/June 2013
1968 Magazine 2013
Canadian Hairdresser June 2013
Chloe Magazine Summer Issue 2013
DesignSense 2013
Canadian Hairdresser November
Salon Magazine November

Music Video


Chirstophe Willem
Erica Durance
Mederith Heron
Tanya Kim
Traci Melchor
Danielle McGimsie
Laneiy Lui
Jonathan Patrick Moore
Stefanie von Pfetten


Sai-Kit Chu
X-processed FashionWerk #786287*
Kevin Luc Photography #4085
Sylwia Bobryk #1109164
Photo by Leighton #1285186
Stephen M. Loban #32434
Alejandro-Sandoval #431948
ZKphotography #594771
AlexMaxim #616266*
Diana Tula #1756842
Shannon Wolf Photo #1596561*
RegenandhisPhotography #1235009*
Anna Scetinina #1858097*
Jesse North #1794806
NeetoS #643857
Edward To #1086838
Erwyn L #96996*
rickOPIOLA #4060
DEEK #593390
Photography By Yao K #1641444
Olga Barkhatova #1330834*
Dave SC #1288503
Ryan Wibawa #445327*
Amena Assaily #481597
Jeff Hui #17361
Icepresso #2006756
Ema Suvajac #846809*
J Dosanj #822369
Lora Vertue #1308770*
Kim Akrigg #1674668*
Dexter Quinto*
Dwayne Evans*
Billie Chiasson*
Robert Gaudette*
Nico Stinghe
Owen Bruce
Hannah Sider*
Gabe Toth*
Alejandro Castillo
Arash Moallemi
Adam Levett
Ishmil Waterman*
Denyse Rizzo
Carlyle Routh*
Patricia Recourt
Marek Szkudlarek*
Koby Inc.
Javier Lovera
Dan Lim*
Andy Long Hoang
Mckenzie James*


Alison Lemon #1990243
Sally Chau-Li #696825
Rubi Satha #1739960*
Mikayla Mifsud (Ford/Chantale)*
Dasha Strilyana #564608*
Ingusia #813962
Jen Wojtaszek #534188
Lexy Collett #892446
Robin Noelle #1420832
Soroya P #1813104
Dalia Bibr #1606185*
Cait M #1447978*
Kirsten Visima #208931
Bea R #1185299
Alice Liu #1926298
Roxy SS #1826280
Panagiota #1506841
Kassandra Merritt #1467223
Aleksandra21 #1024741
Chanele Rioux McCormick (Elite model)
Michelle L Gray #(Next)
MASHpit #1785676
HayleyC #1242230
Miss Bond #1321521
Jessica Aimee #1914972*
Carmen C Corcoz #1205335*
Josephine (Elmer Olsen Models)*
Joshua Lipsey (Push Models)
Greg Moar #1093341
Alyssawngd (Elmer Olsen)
Tai A #476076
Mika Emme #737671
Francesca Anderson (Next/Anna Cho)*
-Ada- #885445 *
Ukrainian Girl #821040
Angela E Edwards #1583393
Krysten P #1751778*
BlytheC #1423434
Dana LL #1062523
Alicia Joyce Smith (Sutherland)*
Ashley Dane Clark #2161496
Kt He
Madison Skye Ingram #1246933
Pamela Mars #728
Sasha Glitter #596753
Jessica Rose #1876551
Hillary L #357939
Marie-Sabrina #1896091
Joy (Sutherland/Chantale)*
Lindsay Sullivan (Elite)
Erin Hamelin (Elite)
Jenna Barnsdale (Elite)
Liron Lashevsky (Elite)
Niki C (Elite)
James Elliott (Sutherland)
Lydia (Next)
Marta (Spot 6)
Laura Rowley (Sutherland)
Kristen Aubin (Sutherland)
Jessica Gradwell (Elite)
Shaifali K (Elite)
Paulina Dabrowski (Ford)
Marina (Elite)
jobrooke #1932438
Steph sommerville (Ford)*
Joan mccarthy (Ford)
Stephanie (Elite)
Kayanna (Elite)
Ibukun (Sutherland)
Erica Cox (B&M)
Alex Lafarciola (Ford)
Leanne Proctor (Elmer Olson)
Kathleen Clark (Elite)
Britteny (Spot6)
Miranda (Ford)
Anastasia B (Elite)
Laura Pilotte (Elite)
Kassandra love #534380
Nadine McAdam (Sutherland)*
Alexis (Chantale)
Kate Eaton #832529*
Crystal (Next)
Bryanna (Spot6)
Ashiko Westguard (Sutherland/Chantale )
Britney (Chantale)
Holly (Next)
Tea Moir (Sutherland/Chantale)*
Nicola Smith (Spot6)
Tsanna LaTouche (Sutherland)
Barbara Martins (Sutherland/Chantale)
Missy (Sutherland)*
Genevieve O #589418
Agatka #572146
Jelena Rajkovic #2413772
Yana Sh #2015575
Heaven #901586
Mark Monroe #385828
Marta Marlos Cikojevic (Ford)
Brooke (Elite)
Sasha (Elite)
Michie (Spot6)
Vanessa (Next/Chantale)
Shannon (Spot6)
Heather (Sutherland)
Ksenia M (Elite)
Antonella (Chantale)
Ashlee (Spot6)
Marina (Ford)
Korey F (Elite)
Cat (Elite)
Kate S (Elite)
Queenette (Spot6)
Shivani (Spot6)
Mackenzie (Ford)
Bayan (Sutherland/Chantale)
Candice (Elite)
SWAN LEWIS Model #617978
Richelle (Chantale)
Frances (Chantale)
Julia (Chantale)
Janel Fordon (Ford)
Natasha (Chantale)
Zoe (Chantale)
Keiry (Chantale)
Drea (Next/Chantale)
Julia Stone (Ford/Chantale)
Christine MacGibbon
Kaytlyn (Spot6)
Kamila (Next)
Phoenix (Spot6)
Kaylin (Spot6)
Joceline (Spot6)
Kyle (Spot6)
Albert (Spot6)
Aleks Vuruna (1085 artist magagement)
Skylar (Spot6)
Ashtyn (Chantale)
Olivia (Sutherland)
Justin R (Elite)
Sea R (Elite)
Ana S (Elite)
Neij (1076613)
Stephanie (Ford)
Devon (Ford)
Alex Holody (Next)
Katie (Spot6)
Stacey (Spot6)
Jenica (Ford)
Amber (Ford)
Arial (Spot6)
Adrien (Spot6)
Matt (Spot6)
Roxanna (Sutherland/Chantale)
Fluer (Elite)
Lina (Sutherland/Chantale)
Chloe (Sutherland/Chantale)
Chloe H (Sutherland/Chantale)
Erin Blaak (Sutherland/Chantale)
Quinn (Next)
Star (Spot6)
Anna (Next)
Ishie (Elmer)
Matt (Ford)
Nathalie Beaulieu (Next)
Billy T (Elite)
Sadie (Elmer)
Breanna (Annabelle Cho)
Kelsey Rowe (Elite)
Emily (Sutherland)
Kate (Plutino)
Ellen ATKINSON(Next)


makeup by misslin #1952919*
Make Up by Delia #1590167*
Shauntele Wyse
Meghan P MUA and Hair #2023803
Angie DiBattista #1984462*
Emily Leyana Fung #1564003
Annette Wong*
Diana Mejia #1392378
Kenji sato #1352200
Sinner Saint Artistry #2178056
Meaghan Bell-Gregory #1909051
emily anne d #2240949*
Ben Pham #147729
Leah Stephens #1851812*
Marcia Garnes (Ford)
Wendy Rorong (Plutino)*
BeautyMarked #7746068*
Veronica Arreaza
Shawna Lee (Judy Inc)
Faye Castro
Shawnna Downing*
Jada T
Onna Chan (Push)*
Lisa Jackson
Cassie Shuttleworth
Irene Latour
Barbara Webber
Julia Stone
Whitney Sellors
Victoria Fedosoff*
Blair Petty (JudyInc)
Erin Heather
Adriano (Plutino)
Luisa Duran*
Sheri Stroh
Dylan K Hanson

Wardrobe/Clothing Designer

ZOS Designs #1508732
Jennifer Keen #1861518*
Decadent Designs #152966
Amarsana #1721599*(JudyINC)
Winnie Li
Tiffany Briseno-Fera
Styled Silhouettes #1617206*
illy hardt #1136186
Pretty Deadly Stylz #708099
Jennifer Burland #1920416*
Human Nature Clothing #1795880
Patricia P Kowalski #2145534
Freshly Educated Men #2239130
Nicola Smith (Push)*
Chantel Bedward*
Sonya Torsan*
Jen Tse
All Hail Vulnavia*
Joelle Litt (JudyINC)
Desire Kaniki
Chloe Wise
Gemma Capone (JudyINC)
Alicia Simpson (Plutino)
Shea (Plutino)
Jessica Albano (Ford)
Kate (Plutino)

* multiple times