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About Me

Some of the wonderful models I've worked with to co-create some great images.

<strong>Sorry no TFCD or TFP.
Selective Paid Work Only</strong>


Please inquire for rates and infos. Serious inquiries only


I am a Published Photographer who works with a talented team to create emotive portfolio shots in both Black & White and Color. We all collaborate as a team to create the image that you need to get you your next job.

My focus is to ensure that your career in modeling progresses, from the first meeting to introducing you to clients I work with. I am familiar with what clients and agencies need so you can get work. I will be there from start to finish.

I work with both Male & Female models as well dancers.  I want to create a portfolio that stir emotions and memories.

Also have experience in developing model portfolios for the European and American markets. As well as Actor headshots for both the East and West coast of the States.

<strong>Photos delivered same day as well as retouching and printing for your portfolio book. Retouching while you wait

Bookings / Schedule

January Completely Booked
February Completely Booked Except 1 Day
March Completely Booked
April Completely Booked

May 1st -Booked
May 2nd -Booked
May 2nd -Booked
May 3rd -Booked
May 4th -Booked
May 5th -Booked
May 6th -Booked
May 7th -Booked
May 8th -Booked
May 9th -Booked
May 15th -Booked
May 18th -Booked
May 19th -Booked
May 20th -Booked
May 21th -Booked
May 22nd -Booked
May 24th -Booked
May 25th -Booked
May 26th -Booked
May 27th -Booked
May 28th -Booked
May 29th -Booked
May 30th -Booked
June 1st - Booked
June 3rd - Booked
June 4th - Booked
June 5th - Booked
June 6th - Booked
June 9th - Booked
June 10th - Booked
June 11th - Booked
June 12th - Booked
June 13th - Booked
June 14th - Booked
June 15th - Booked
June 16th - Booked
June 17th - Booked
June 19th - Booked
June 20th - Unconfirmed
June 22nd - Booked
June 23th - Booked
June 24th - Booked Morning / Booked Afternoon
June 25th - Booked
June 26th - Booked
June 27th - Booked
June 29th - Booked
June 30th - Booked Morning / Booked Afternoon
July 2nd - Booked
July 3th - Booked
July 4th - Booked
July 5th - Booked
July 7th - Booked Day / Booked Evening
July 8th - Booked
July 9th - Booked
July 10th - Booked
July 13th - Booked
July 14th - Booked (Post work)
July 15th - Booked
July 16th - Booked Morning / Booked afternoon / Booked Evening
July 17th - Booked
July 18th - Booked
July 19th - Booked
July 20th - Booked
July 21th - Booked
July 22th - Booked
July 23th - Booked
July 24th - Booked
July 25th - Booked
July 26th - Booked
July 27th - Booked
July 28th - Booked
July 29th - Booked
July 31th - Booked (Overseas Shoot)
August 1st - Booked (Overseas Shoot)
August 2nd - Booked (Overseas Shoot)
August 3rd - Booked (Overseas Shoot)
August 4th - Booked (Overseas Shoot)
August 5th - Booked (Overseas Shoot)
August 6th - Booked (Overseas Shoot)
August 7th - Booked (Overseas Shoot)
August 8th-Booked
August 9th-Booked
August 10th-Booked
August 11th-Booked
August 12th-Booked
August 13th-Booked
August 14th-Booked
August 15th-Booked
August 16th-Booked
August 17th-Booked
August 19th-Booked
August 20th-Booked
August 21st-Booked
August 22nd-Booked
August 23rd-Booked
August 24th-Booked Morning /Booked Evening
August 25th-Booked
August 26th-Booked
August 27th-Booked Morning /Booked Evening
August 28th-Booked
August 29th-Booked
August 30th-Booked
August 31th-Booked
September 1st-Booked
September 2nd-Booked
September 3rd-Booked
September 4th-Booked
September 5th-Booked
September 6th-Booked
September 8th-Booked
September 9th-Booked
September 10th-Booked
September 11th-Booked
September 12th-Booked
September 13th-Booked
September 14th-Booked
September 15th-Booked
September 16th-Booked
September 17th-Booked
September 18th-Booked
September 19th-Booked
September 20th-Booked
September 21st-Booked
September 22nd-Booked
September 23rd-Booked
September 24th-Booked
September 25th-Booked
September 26th-Booked
September 27th-Booked
September 28th-Booked
September 29th-Booked
September 30th-Booked
October 1st-Booked Morning / Booked Evening
October 2nd-Booked
October 3rd-Booked
October 4th-Booked
October 5th-Booked
October 6th-Booked
October 7th-Booked
October 8th-Booked
October 9th-Booked
October 10th-Booked
October 11th-Booked
October 12th-Booked
October 13th-Booked
October 14th-Booked (Industry Job)
October 15th-Booked (Industry Job)
October 16th-Booked
October 17th-Booked
October 18th-Booked
October 19th-Booked
October 20th-Booked
October 21st-Booked
October 22nd-Booked
October 23rd-Booked
October 24th-Booked
October 25th-Booked
October 26th-Booked
October 27th-Booked
October 29th-Booked
October 30th-Booked
October 31st-Booked
November 1st-Booked
November 2nd-Booked
November 5th-Booked
November 8th-Booked
November 9th-Booked
November 10th-Booked
November 11th-Booked
November 12th-Booked
November 13th-Booked
November 15th-Booked
November 16th-Booked
November 17th-Booked
November 18th-Booked
November 19th-Booked
November 20th-Booked
November 22nd-Booked
November 23rd-Lighting Calibrations
November 24th-Booked
November 25th-Booked
November 26th-Booked
November 27th-Booked
November 28th-Data Backup and archiving
November 29th-Booked
November 30th-Booked
December 1st-Booked
December 2nd-Booked
December 3rd-Booked
December 4th-Booked
December 5th-Booked
December 6th-Booked Studio
December 7th-Booked Studio
December 8th-Booked
December 9th-Booked Evening
December 10th-Booked
December 11th-Booked
December 12th-Booked
December 13th-Booked
December 14th-Closed for lighting Calibration and data backup
December 15th-Booked Morning / Booked Evening
December 16th-Booked Morning / Booked Evening
December 17th-Booked
December 18th-Unconfirmed
December 19th-Unconfirmed
December 20th-Booked
December 21st-Booked
December 22nd-Booked
December 23rd-Booked
December 24th-Booked
December 25th-Closed for Baby Jesus Day
December 26th-Booked
December 27th-Booked
December 28th-Booked
December 30th-Booked
December 31st-Booked
January 2nd-Booked Afternoon / Booked Evening
January 3rd-Booked
January 4th-Mmm Upgrades
January 5th- Booked
January 6th- Booked
January 7th-Unconfirmed
January 9th- Booked Studio
January 10th- Booked
January 11th- Booked
January 12th- Booked Studio
January 13th- Booked
January 14th- Booked
January 15th- Booked
January 16th- Booked
January 17th- Booked
January 18th- Booked
January 19th- Booked
January 20th- Booked Afternoon / Booked Evening
January 21st- Booked
January 22nd- Booked
January 23rd- Booked
January 24th- Booked
January 25th- Booked
January 26th-Booked
January 27th-Booked
January 28th-Booked
January 29th-Booked Afternoon
January 30th-Booked Evening
January 31st-Booked
February 1st-Booked
February 2nd-Booked
February 3rd-Booked
February 4th-Booked Day /Booked Evening
February 5th-Booked Day /Booked Evening
February 6th-Booked Morning /Booked Day
February 7th-Booked
February 8th-Booked Day /Booked Evening
February 9th-Booked
February 10th-Booked Morning
February 11th-Booked Day /Booked Evening
February 12th-Booked
February 13th-Booked
February 14th-Booked
February 15th-Booked
February 16th-Booked Evening
February 17th-Booked
February 18th-Booked
February 19th-Booked Morning / Booked Afternoon / Booked Evening
February 20st-Booked
February 21st-Booked
February 22nd-Booked Day / Booked Evening
February 23rd-BBooked Day / Booked Evening
February 24th-Studio Rented Out / Booked Meetings
February 25th-Booked Day / Booked Evening
February 26th-Booked
February 27th-Booked Afternoon
March 1st Booked Afternoon
March 2nd Lighting calibrations and Data Backup
March 3rd-Booked
March 4th-Booked Day / Booked Evening
March 5th-Booked Day / Booked Evening
March 6th-Booked
March 7th-Booked Day / Booked Evening
March 8th-Booked Day / Booked Evening
March 10th-Booked Morning/ Booked Afternoon / Booked Evening
March 11th-Booked Evening
March 12th-Booked
March 13th-Booked
March 14th-Booked Day / Booked Evening
March 16th-Booked Day / Booked Evening
March 17th-Booked
March 18th-Booked Morning / Booked Day
March 19th-Booked
March 20th-Booked
March 21st-Booked
March 22nd-Booked
March 23rd-Booked Morning / Booked Day
March 24th-Booked Morning / Booked Day
March 25th-Booked
March 26th-Booked Morning / Booked Day
March 27th-Booked Morning / Booked Day
March 28th-Booked Afternoon
March 29th-Booked
March 30th-Booked Day / Booked Evening
March 31st-Booked Day / Booked Evening
April 1st-Booked
April 2nd-Booked
April 3rd-Booked
April 4th-Booked
April 5th-Booked
April 6th-Booked Morning / Booked Day
April 7th-Studio Booked
April 8th-Booked
April 9th-Lighting calibrations and Data Backup
April 10th-Booked
April 11th-Booked Morning / Booked Evening
April 12th-Booked
April 13th-Booked
April 14th-Booked
April 15th-Booked
April 16th-Booked
April 17th-Booked
April 18th-Data Backup / Light Calibrations
April 19th-Booked
April 20th-Booked
April 21st-Booked
April 22nd-Booked Morning / Booked Evening
April 23rd-Closed Location Scouting / Booked Evening
April 24th-Booked
April 25th-Booked
April 26th-Booked
April 27th-Booked
April 28th-Booked
April 29th-Booked
April 30th-Booked
May 2nd-Booked
May 3rd-Booked
May 4th-Booked
May 5th-Booked
May 6th-Booked
May 7th-Booked
May 8th-Booked
May 9th-Booked
May 10th-Booked
May 11th-Booked
May 12th-Booked
May 13th-Booked Evening
May 14th-Booked
May 15th-Unconfirmed
May 16th-Booked
May 17th-Booked
May 18th-Booked
May 19th-Booked
May 20th-Unconfirmed
May 21st-Booked
May 22nd-Unconfirmed
May 23rd-Booked Day / Booked Evening
May 24th-Booked Day / Booked Evening
May 25th-Booked Evening
May 26th-Booked Evening
May 28th-Booked Day / Booked Evening
May 29th-Booked Day / Booked Evening
May 30th-Booked Day / Booked Evening
May 31st-Booked
June 1st-Booked Morning / Booked Evening
June 2nd-Booked Morning / Booked Afternoon / Booked Evening
June 3rd-Booked Morning / Booked Afternoon
June 4th-Booked
June 5th-Booked
June 6th-Booked-Volunteer Photo work for NPO
June 7th-Booked
June 8th-Booked
June 9th-Booked Morning / Booked Afternoon
June 10th-Booked Day / Booked Evening
June 11th-Booked
June 12th-Booked
June 12th-Booked Evening
June 14th-Booked Day / Booked Evening
June 15th-Booked Evening
June 16th-Booked
June 17th-Booked
June 18th-Booked Morning / Booked Midday / Booked Afternoon / Booked Evening
June 19th-Booked Booked  Midday / Booked Afternoon / Booked Evening / Booked Midnight
June 20th-Booked Booked Afternoon / Booked Evening
June 21st-Booked
June 22nd-Booked
June 23rd-Booked Day / Booked Evening
June 24th-Booked
June 25th-Booked
June 26th-Booked Day / Booked Midnight
June 27th-Booked
June 28th-Booked
June 29th-Booked
June 30th-Booked
July 1st-Booked
July 2nd-Booked
July 3rd-Booked
July 4th-Booked
July 5th-Booked
July 6th-Booked
July 7th-Booked
July 8th-Booked
July 9th-Booked
July 10th-Booked
July 11th-Booked
July 12th-Booked
July 13th-Booked
July 14th-Booked
July 15th-Booked Early Morning / Booked Day / Booked Evening
July 16th-Booked
July 17th-Booked
July 18th-Booked Uncofirmed
July 19th-Booked
July 20th-Booked
July 22nd-Booked
July 23rd-Booked
July 24th-Booked
July 25th-Booked-Volunteer Photo work for NPO
July 26th-Booked Unconfirmed
July 27th-Booked Commercial Music Shoot
July 28th-Booked
July 29th-Booked
July 30th-Booked
July 31st-Booked
Aug 1st-Booked
Aug 2nd-Booked
Aug 3rd-Booked
Aug 4th-Booked
Aug 5th-Booked
Aug 7th-Booked
Aug 8th-Booked
Aug 9th-Booked
Aug 10th-Booked
Aug 12th-Booked
Aug 14th-Booked
Aug 15th-Booked
Aug 16th-Booked
Aug 17th-Booked
Aug 19th-Booked
Aug 21st-Booked
Aug 23rd-Booked
Aug 24th-Booked
Aug 29th-Booked
Aug 30th-Booked
Aug 31st-Booked
Sept 2nd-Booked
Sept 3rd-Booked
Sept 5th-Booked
Sept 11th-Booked
Sept 12nd-Booked
Sept 13th-Booked
Sept 20th-Booked
Sept 27th-Booked
Sept 28th-Booked
October-New York / Las Vegas
Too much work coming in now to update here. Sorry please mail me for scheduling.


-Studio is Avaialble for Rent
(3 x 150w Strobes plus 3 x 100w Slave Strobes/ 7 large Different Color Backdrops/ Cloth Backdrops/ Smoke Machine/ windmachines, Numerous Light Modifiers) Assistance for setup is included


-Waredrobe available. (Numerous pieces of female clothing available, as well as props, such as wigs , hats, scarfs etc )
-Performers such as dancers and musicians are welcome as well. I have shot many dancers and I am comfortable in shooting movement

Models Portfolio Development

Currently developing several model books and Zed cards for models
and performers to help them get the attention of future clients.

Photo Retouching Service

-If you need any photo retouched or enhanced for your portfolio then look no further. With 17 years of photoshop experience I can assist.


With proper notice (1-2 weeks) I will provide an MUA on all paid assignments. MUA rates will vary depending on who is there on the day.

P.E.A.C.E: Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation


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"He is easy-going,funny and gave me a lot of useful instructions and tips. He has a lot of expirience and was looking out to shoot some styles, which would expend my portfolio. It was a pleasure to work with him. Thank you ~~" Read less

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"Danz is the best photographer and artist I ever worked in my life. Such a creative and beautiful soul, I admire him and his work. And -IMO- he is the best one in Tokyo to help models to make their professional portfolios right as the agencies need them to be done." Read less

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Credit Notes

Published Book
Lost Moments / by Daniel Perez
500 pages, 8.50" x 11.00",1000 Photos

Tokyo Journal Magazine
Being Abroad Magazine
InterМoda Magazine
Several CD Covers

Over 100 models Too many to list here.

Official MM
Member of the official Model Mayhem the "LIST" for approved photographers who help models with their portfolios

P.O.D. Award
Winner of the image of the day for 2008/05/24
Winner of the image of the day for 2008/12/05