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About Me

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**I need models for my book series, Angels in Ashes! Check out the details below.**
I also have my own abandoned mill. Check it out at

Darkness, girls, and metal.

Generally General Information:

*I am a huge goof ball, so please proceed with a sense of humor!*

"I don't shoot nude models. I shoot clothing-deficient people."

I am only accepting limited TF* due to overwhelming work demands. My rates are very low, so feel free to inquire. I WILL do TF (and TFGrilled Cheese of course) for my upcoming project, Angels in Ashes. Check out the details at

One of my locations is quite possibly haunted. Like a lot.

I am currently putting together an alternative modeling book series called Angels in Ashes. It features gothic beauty, clothing designs, make-up artists, bands and anything along the line of industrial. As of now, it's a free project, so all work is trade. Keep in mind, this project features TASTEFUL NUDITY! If you want your talents featured, contact me through here or Facebook!

Things you should probably know:
    (for the love of god, please have a sense of humor when you read this)

     I'm a very unconventional photographer (I look like a gothic pineapple). I prefer remote areas (no one can hear you scream there), desolate abandoned buildings (no one can hear you scream there either), morgues, warehouses; that sort. I also prefer making comments that cause you to question my mental stability. Mwahahaha...
     ANYWAY, I take pride in the lengths I'll go to get amazing shots that no one else will go after. I do any and every kind of photography (unless it has a penis or body hair...long story), but most people that contact me are seeking my "trademarked" post-apocaplyptic industrial style (it's so original, it's only been done by...well, everyone). Also, I have a near sexual attraction to my Mustang GT and anything to do with zombies.

     I am more than willing to travel for photo shoots as long as weather is good (my Mustang is a 3,200 pound coffin in winter). If I'm travelling to you, I do need gas money, though. My car sucks on gas (the SPACE SHUTTLE gets better gas mileage), but hey, how many photographers can make a 250 mile drive in under 2 hours? I watched Gone in 60 Seconds a LOT.

     I'm very open minded with concepts. Usually a model will have a few ideas and I'll have my own which we mix together in a frothy mixture of photography goodness*. I'm up for shooting anything and I'm totally not a jerk about changing things up or just completely winging it.

     *45% madness by volume. Sale to minors strictly prohibited.

     "I have a strange habit of imitating the poses I want done."

I can't even begin to imagine how funny that looks to the models. Apparently, when I am planning something out, I hum the Indiana Jones theme song. I'm fluent in 1337-speak and I've been told I am "dorky in a cute way". I tend to cackle fiendishly or excidely jump around when I achieve a great shot. Apparently, this is adorable.

     "I'm very shy in front of pretty girls."

     I must warn anyone that hires me: I like to make people laugh. A good sense of humor is required in order to work with me. Think of me as part photographer, part Invader Zim, part GIR (and I've been told I resemble JTHM...spooky, no?). When I get a great shot, I enjoy throwing my hands in the air and shouting "I am a GEEEENIUS!!!" I also have a tendancy to argue with my equipment and other inanimate objects.

     "Sometimes I like to wait until the model is in that perfect pose and shout something utterly ridiculous."

     Lastly, I would like to add that I am insanely busy and as much as I'd like to reply to every comment and message, I simply don't have enough minutes in the day. Do know that it REALLY makes my day seeing your appreciation of my work. Every little bit counts...even if you clicked on me by accident...

Random Questions that May Occupy your Brain:

Who hires you?
            If people need ME to work for THEM, then they hire me and pay my rates. I will not expect or ask you to give me any money if I'm asking you to work for me on my projects. This should go without saying, but for some reason, a lot of noobs on this site think that if they hire me, I'll also be paying them. It causes awkward situations when I send them my bill.
            Anyway, if you want to model for my projects, it's free and I'm often hungry after shoots and end up buying lunch or dinner. Enjoy!

What are your rates?:
     My rates differ depending on the project. I'm reasonable. No arms or legs involved. I'm willing to do trade work IF it can be used in conjunction with my other projects.

My boyfriend is a photographer/escort/serial murderer, can he come with me to the shoot?:
     If we're shooting in an abandoned building, we're technically trespassing and sneaking into them requires a lot of care. The more people we bring, the more attention we draw and the greater chance of being caught. If you really want to bring someone, I don't really mind, but just give me a heads up first.
        For any other shoots, people are always welcome as long as they're not violently jealous boyfriends that try to rob my gear. tongue

     That last line makes you wonder...

Do I have to show my boobs and tid-bits?:
     It depends on the project. If we're just shooting fashion stuff, I have this strange fascination with corsets, fishnets, dread falls, dresses. That sort.  Angels in Ashes, however is geared toward artistic, tasteful nudity. I understand not everyone wants to strip down in front of a camera, so I'm fine with lingerie or implied nudity for hte project as well. With that said, I have never asked a model to take anything off and never will (except when a model chased me around with a strapon. That was frightening!). I'm all about shooting what you want to shoot; what you're comfortable shooting. I'm happy just clicking the shutter button. smile

How many photos will I get from a shoot?:
     Every shoot produces 10-40 high quallity, fully edited shots. Keep in mind that editing that many photos DOES take time (usually 2-3 weeks), but I never let a photo leave my computer unless it's amazing. Except that time I took pictures of me and my friends sledding down a hill on a rocking chair. But come on I mean, it was a ROCKING CHAIR!

404: Photographer Not Found:
     I'm a chef in a very high-end restaurant, a wedding photographer, and I draw a comic book series. I can't always reply to every message right away, even if I read them as soon as I get them. Yes, I'm that busy. I apologize in advance, BUT I do make sure I get back to everyone in a reasonable amount of time. Message me on Facebook and you'll get an instant response!

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