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This profile is pretty much an addition to my regular one (MM# 785105). You should look that one over as there is much information there that applies here as well. As far as I know there is no one else exclusively doing black light portraiture.This site opens up the skin art to a larger canvas and I want to safely provide to the general public glamourous pictures that run the whole gamut from merely sexy to fully nude, from completely anonymous through intimately personal.  I am particularly interested in networking with people who have actually worked with me  or are seriously interested in doing so. I want credible credits. PLEASE NO DRIVE-BY FRIEND REQUESTS, I GENERALLY DENY THEM. IT'S NICE TO HAVE FRIENDS BUT FRIENDS USUALLY AT LEAST SAY HELLO.

No one who sees his/her face glowing back at him/her fails to grin. For portraiture, that is a good place to start. Though you are 18 or over I heartily suggest that you bring along someone you are comfortable with because having someone you like laughing and pointing at you makes for some wonderful expressions. It could be a friend or relative just along for moral support, Vinnie the Enforcer I suppose,  or it could be another model hoping to get a shoot in. You might want to have a companion help you with some garment that closes in back or keep an eye out for stray hair, or wardrobe malfunctions. I might want them to hold a light or read from a list of emotions for a comp-card sort of shoot.  A full blown shoot for one person takes about 4 hours (paint for an hour, shoot for an hour, bathe, repeat), for two, about six hours because there is a time savings. I like to think that I get a particularly wide range of emotions visible in the pictures I take and that is good for your portfolio. I like to see that a shoot is fun and productive. My policy is everybody leaves here grinning.

"I had a blast! You can quote me on that." Roxi Starr (MM 818842)

My website is coming along nicely through TFDVD WHICH I AM DOING EXCLUSIVELY due to poverty though a paid job would be a treat. It is really great TFDVD which includes a lot of photography in folders which are; RAW so that you can do as you will with them, CROPPED at an 8 x 10 ratio and RESIZED to fit a computer screen. It also contains webpages for you to publish or view on your computer like the ones in the slide show and special effects areas of my galleries.  It also contains digital jigsaws to play on your computer or give to family and friends.

My website is getting to the point that I am going to lean heavily in favor of getting the holes filled with my TFDVD arrangements. Below are the things that I think I still need and a section to help you decide what you might want.  If you can make a match between what I need and what you want, contact me ASAP.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Doug Keeslar


MY REGULAR WEBSITE NEEDS: Refer to my regular site (MM# 785105)

MY ADULT WEBSITE NEEDS: (Over 17 The whole range from nude down to merely implied).

Life's Milestones: Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary, Pregnancy and Birth, Divorce.

School For Scandal (Adult version of be true to your school): A cap and gown with its zipper in front is the ideal way for a girl to show off or conceal body painting from the camera to let her stay within her comfort zone. The idea of this particular gallery is for the girl who has an approaching High School of College reunion who wants to make a statement. "Remember that mousy little thing in the back of the class? Well I've blossomed!!!) Flowers, school logos, lightning. anything else you can think of.

Holiday's: Valentines, Easter, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day (I want to restage some painted clothing pictures I have done that I don't have releases for. They are a little more time intensive)

Small Group pictures: Up to three friends or relatives, particularly interested in Mother/Daughter(over 17) pictures and couples (waist up only) to be painted in comparable or contrasting motifs.

Tattoo enhancement: Where there is an interesting preexisting tattoo that I can use as a coloring book because that greatly increases the amount of detail I can get inside a narrow window of opportunity to paint and shoot.

Commercial logos: If you know of a company that you believe would be agreeable to having part of you painted with a company logo and might spring for a good rendition and pay "US", I am game for speculation especially if I can get permission to use such a picture as a sample. Further I have purchased some latex body cosmetic, that I have never used, that is suitable for painting up a logo T-Shirt or outfit and I need a guinea pig.

Implied nudity in general: Anything in this line would be welcome.

Actual nudity: A good figure is the ideal canvas and is always welcome.


If you don't already know what you want, here are questions I usually ask before a shoot if a models is unsure.

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite flower?

What is your favorite bird, bug or, beast (real or mythological)?

Do you have a nickname that you don't mind telling me about that is graphic like Rose or Bunny or anything else that is basicly drawable?

Do you have a totem or spirit guide or animal?

What school did you go to and did/do you play any sports or care about either?

Do you have a favorite cartoon character or painting? (I once put a simplified but recognizeable Last Supper on a girl's chest. Yes, I really am that crazy.  A girl that I told about this said it would be a lot simpler to put a nice title below the bosom saying THE FIRST SUPPER. I want to do that too.)

Do you have any symbols that are meaningful to you, a cross, a star of David, an eagle, a yin and yang, an ankh, anything. (I once painted a USDA CHOICE symbol on a girl's fanny and I would like to restage it)

Do You have any hobbies (that are likely to bring images to mind)?

If you could be anybody or anything, what would it be?

Do you have any tattoos that you are proud of, or if you were too sensible to have tattoos and it would not have to be surgically removed, what would you pick? If you do have something specific in mind, get me a picture of it either on paper or as a web address where I can find it.

What is important to you and is it likely something I can draw?

I have painted clothing on girls (Supergirl, Jester, country girl with Daisy Dukes and shirt tie off under the bosom, Leprechaun and a Christmas Carol.  I would like to restage these as I don't have web releases for them. I would also like to do a Sports Illustrated style bikini shoot.

Is there a logo of some product or service that you are just nuts about? I used to paint kid's faces and you can tell how long ago it was when I say that for the same price a kid could have anything he wanted and large numbers of them wanted the Fila "F" which is three brushstrokes.

Do you have some article of clothing that you like that is black, white the way a man's white shirt is white or a neon, day-glo or fluorescent color?


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