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Jan 24, 2023
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May 26, 2007

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Humans fear what they don't understand, therefore i want to understand everything, and be fearless!

When i was a child, aside from being a rock star veterinarian astronaut, I wanted to be an established writer. I passed my days dreaming up stories and concepts. Writing, aside from music (mainly drums), was my outlet, my way to express myself to the world. However when i got older, i fell more into poetry, because of the beauty i could express with each sentence, as well as the abstraction it allowed. Though, when it came down to what I'd go to school for, writing lost favor to physics, for i thought it would be a much more stable career, besides that, i have always been highly proficient in it, ever since a young age...

But alas, it was fucking boring, not really the subject matter, mainly the hot air balloons(or buffoons) that stood at the front of the class on the rare days that i actually chose to attend. so after one semester i was pretty much done... In the midst of this crucial fork in the road, i also came down with the worst case of writers block that i have ever had... there could have been many attributing factors, but fuck it, sometimes it's better to keep brief, and not divulge too much of yourself online... so now, (at the time this was the present) there was this gaping hole in my life in the form of the question "what do i do now?"...

Enter photography... Mainly to jump start my creative flows. now i did some photography when i was younger, but it was point and shoot. You see, back then photography to me, was all about just the art, the concepts, what the images meant to me... somehow, i ended up in school for it, after some people said i had "an eye"... This is where i was introduced to the physics behind the art, the way light reacts, and better yet, the so many different ways to manipulate it. i know most student hated this part, i relished every minute of it, especially after awhile when i was able to figure out the lesson taught to me before the professors even finished explaining what the demo was going to be about, because i finished the equations in my head in mere seconds...

But, there was a slight downside, that being, the fact that technical knowledge about what art "should be" is like cigarettes... it stumps your growth, and it's a habit i need to break... but unlike the pack of cowboy killers in my pocket, i have since been able to shed myself of the banality of "what art should be"... and i flourish in the mentality of "art is what i make it"... I'm prepping right now for a new age in my work, dreaming up not only concepts, but each individual shot, in every aspect of it, even the most minute detail... cause if i showed what i see in my head, it wouldn't just change the industry, it will change the world...

I'm a poet with a camera, who is able to make light do whatever he pleases.... saying that the sky is the limit is a huge understatement, for i'm looking to go to the end of this universe, pass the threshold, and change your entire perception of divinity, and the way things are and why... So if you really want to know, why i do what i do? Well, some people shoot for art, others shoot for money, many try to mix the two... i'm shooting for the meaning of life, and then i'll work down from there...

Oh, and for the many (yes, there will be many) who don't understand my process, why i do post work (most times even over do), but don't really cover flaws and blemishes... it isn't a lack of technical knowledge... i just can't bring myself to do it. It's those very flaws that we as a culture have been so indoctrinated in believing that they are disgusting, vile, repulsive, and ugly. That are truly what make us so beautiful... This consumer driven, false mentality of the "immaculate human", is only becoming more and more detrimental to us as a species. And only leads to the majority falling susceptible to ramped insecurity, depression, and resentment, while trying to achieve this falsie of perfection, that can never truly be obtained... and quite frankly, i like keeping my hands and conscience clean of that ocean of tears and blood...

now one thing that i have learned, that i can say with absolute certainty, holds unequivocally true... is that "art" changes with perception... that like everything, art evolves... (this is in general not a pitch for a collaboration) now you don't have to like my work, but how about we make some art that changes perception... and makes us evolve?

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