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Find me on Instagram: DejamoneDezynz

Dejamone is finally available! Stop by my store front and see yourself in some NU HAUTENESS!


Starting in late February or mid March. Dejamone will finally have tailor made garments available for purchase. Also, the new Dejamone website is underway!

For the record I just want to say please don't assume I am attempting to engage in socializing with the females on this site other then fashion, because to be honest, my life style is keeping me way too busy, not to mention I have my own family to worry about so with that being said, those who assume, your making an ass out of your self when you do so

There are a few other things I would like to mention they are as followed:

The loaning of sample garments.

I have no problem working with stylist, photographers, and models because that's the purpose of being on this website. However, I would like to let everyone know that this isn't a hobby that I do, it's classified as steps toward business. Those who feel the same about their skills and trade feel what I am saying. I can't tell you how many times I've been accosted regarding loaning of garments, and producing a specific style for a shoot or an event, but the end result always end up with the one who approached getting mad(Who care if you get mad! REALLY!)

It often goes something like this, "Hey my name is such and such, and I have an idea for a shoot, and was wondering if you would be willing to loan me a couple of your garments". Now in theory, this is an okay statement and sounds sincere, but they want more for less! Countless times I have been approached by individuals who are not even on my friends list, which I believe is a red flag in itself. Usually when I see a model or photographer who I feel has a nice port, I friend them, then I send a message or tag. This shows them that I am extending my hand to them.

Just recently some dumbass photographer accosted me about creating a custom garment for their specific event. When I replied in a cordial manner, and gave him a full breakdown about the process for creating a custom garment, his reply was short and rude. I guess he figured since I was a designer he could be rude, but if he only knew what he could have gotten himself into(Most likely beat the F@#K up, no doubt!). Not all male designers are effeminate, please believe!

If you want custom service, you should expect to hear professional responses. If you want some rookie contact them. I have a full decade under my belt when it comes to this fashion stuff and I will not be undermined by those who are less business minded. I am beginning to see that most people are not on here to network, they are here to get something quick. In my opinion this isn't how you go about networking! Well anyway enough venting about stupid ass people. For those of you how know the game, let's network, let's link up on other social media outlets. Let's make a one time event a true business relationship!

I could be caught up in my own humanity, but at least I know I am being sincere, and if being sincere reduces the people who I come in contact with, so be it! I rather have a small networking group than a large unresponsive group. All of my garments take about 40 to 60hrs to complete and I would like to believe that, that accounts for something when I am accosted for my product or service. I would never approach a model, stylist, or photographer in a manner that says "I need your service, and I care nothing about your trade!"

Let keep it real around this joint! I'll be upfront with you, you be upfront with me, that's all I am asking. If you can't handle that, or think I am being to brash, then obviously you are not on the same level as I am! With that being said, move around scrub! All true networkers, get at me!

Here's a lil something about me. I consider myself True Fashion Culprit. It was a title given to me do to my attitude toward fashion. Dejamone is the brand, whereas Dejamone Dezynz, LLC is the company. Each one is more than capable of holding it's own. I am the True Fashion Culprit also known as Trea'One Eastwood. I have a been perfecting my signature signature look for nearly 10 years now. I like to call it "Urban Couture with High Fashion Allure!"

My unique style of fashion is based on futuristic thinking and is aimed at women who truly appreciate fashion. The main focus is changing up what you see in fashion today. My definition of fashion is not based on traditional style. I like to create exclusive and eye catching designs that really try to capture the emotionally side of the wearer.

All of my designs are carefully selected from a batch of technical drawings that I continue to add to weekly, I add liveliness and fun to my product, because according to traditional thinking at a certain age, you are suppose to become dull and boring. Well I am here to tell those that like dull and boring, my clothes will not be suitable for you, but if you enjoy life and like to catch eyes, my clothes will suit you well.

Questions have come about whether fashion is moving forward or is it at a stand still, I believe as a fashion, graphic designer and web designer, your work should be symbolic of yourself. Fashion is art, there are different ways of looking at a picture, and I want to share my art with you, and break the status quo that's in fashion today.

Browse my page, Checkout my portfolio. I am are looking forward to working with photographers, make-up artist, models, hair stylist, and more. I believe success come in small steps, and that networking is a powerful tool, and I am willing to network as much as possible.

I would like to point out again that each and everyone of my garments are hand made by me, and there isn't a manufacturer involved in this process, I am the designer, the producer, the pattern maker, the cutter, sewer, and all that. So basically my garments are tailor made for specific body types. The goal of these prototypes is to bring attention to the silhouette. The colors will change, and so will the fabric choices. My style is more then what your eyes can conceive at the moment, but if you delve deeper, you will see that I have put a lot of time and effort into producing my art.

I am glad to be a part of Model Mayhem, and I hope you enjoy, and appreciate the art I bring to the table. I will try to keep my pictures updated as much as I can, but sometimes production, and events keep me from getting on MM. I am always available through my social media networks though. Feel free to browse, leave comments, and introduce yourself, thanks in advance.

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Will Treal'One Eastwood Chandler
The True Fashion Culprit

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