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Available in Sarasota FL  Feb and March.

I also have a more mature page on MM member 743738

Worked with many muses in the past and I am always looking for a another one to try different ideas and lighting styles. Please contact me if you are interested.

Please read!!!!  Yes I shoot Topless, Nude and Artistic Nude work up to Playboy style images. No it is not necessary to do that type of work with me.  I only shoot what the model wants and am happy doing clothed work!!!

"I appreciate models who are serious about their work, who make and keep appointments, offer suggestions, and arrive on time. I have wonderful respect for them, because they respect my time and effort. I will do my best to help them with their modeling careers"

  Note to all models…… If you are serious about working with me or another photographer you owe it to yourself to check references with a number of models that the photographer has worked with. I stress a number of models who have worked with that photographer. If your reference check comes back with bad reviews then decline working with that photographer. Do not buy into all of the drama on Face Book or this site where some jealous photographer has started false rumors and spread them either by themselves or to new models that they encourage to pass on that information about a photographer that they have not worked with. Ask any model that is talking about a photographer if she has worked with that photographer or is it second hand information. If it is information given to you by a photographer that is suppose to come from a model ask the photographer for the models name and contact information so you can get in touch with that person and get the information first hand. There are a lot of inflated egos out there. Please notice when I post images of a model who has a profile on Model Mayhem I always add the link under the image to their MM page unless a model requests not to be linked. I do that for two reasons. First it promotes the model in hopes of finding work with someone else. Second it gives interested models a link to models that I have worked with so they can check out how I work. If the photographer does not provide links to the model two possible reasons are that they do not want their references checked or they are jealous of other photographers and do not want that model to be contacted for fear of losing them as a model. This is a modeling site and the goal should be to find work for both the model and photographer…. There is also a section below on how I work. If you are looking for a fun shoot, in to getting good images that you are in control of and want to be safe by bringing an escort then feel free to contact me. I have worked with models and photographers from all over the USA along with Moderators from this site. You can never be too safe always take an escort to your shoot!!!!!

    How I work:

A model can bring an escort with her to any of my photo sessions. This is  especially true in this day of the internet as you are dealing with someone you have never met at the other end of the keyboard. I believe a model should do with every photo session you do no matter who you are working with or what references you received. Also I only do the style of images and outfits that the model wants and works in. We go over the content and image style prior to setting up the date to shoot so there are no surprises I want the model to be comfortable with what she does and how she looks. The model will see every image taken at the session and I only use a models image with her permission. I shoot everything from Fashion to Glamour Nudes but it is always the model who picks out the style and comfort level.

    I enjoy working with other photographers and passing on what I have learned about lighting and any other photographic skills that I was lucky enough to be helped with. Have been at this for about 40 years and have taught photography all over the Northeast.

Here are some unsolicited references but feel free to contact any other model that I have worked with. The models I have worked with (if they are on the modeling site), along with the MUA are always listed as a credit on my images:

  Katie Oh MM 2028353...  Ray!! Absolutely LOVED working with you was so much fun and we got a million amazing images. You're awesome and such a talented photographer! Can't wait for our next shoot smile xoxo 

  Margot Lane MM 477035... Ladies and Gents, You are looking and reading the best photographer in the business. I have met and worked with over 60 since 2001, but Ray is the best!! professional, honest, and sincere.

  Lady Francis MM 1547639.. Ray Sopczuk MM#555: Ray is always teaching me new techniques and makes every shoot a learning experience. I've been through a lot of modeling growths with him & highly recommend his photography services.

  SRTSRT  Mayhem #216550....€¦Ray I had an amazing time working with you! You are by far one of the most professional and talented photographers I've met and I feel very lucky to have shot with you! Thank you for everything.

  Meliane Lynn Mayhem #114491......€¦.Ray just glanced at your info and saw someone's spreading rumors ??? What an just sucks that bad people ruin it for the good. You are like the most professional photographer I've ever worked with and I couldn't even imagine what someone could possibly construe....Anyways! Have a good week ;P

  VyL8 Aubrrey  Mayhem #628025.....¦.I have worked with Ray many times and I can attest that not only is a great photographer but he is also very respectful and a great person with whom to work.

  Anne Shaar  Mayhem #525326....€¦.I have worked with Ray, and he is a very talented, respectful individual. He's a great photographer and an extremely nice person. I would recommend him to any model. Please ask for references.

  Nora KS  Mayhem #682620.... hey ray its been a while...miss u! see someone is spreading rumors...well trust me anyone is lucky to work with you! i have had a few bad encounters and you were not one of them!!! keep up those amazing photos!

  Ashley Marie MM 439745.... I think that you (Ray) are the best photographer that I have worked with. You understand what the model wants and don't go for anything else. You are very professional and trusting, one of the only photographers I would recommend!
  Steffie Ann MM# 445470.........Ray you are truly one of the most talented photographers I've ever had the pleasure to work with. I'm sorry to hear about the blatantly false rumors someone is spreading about you!

  Whitney Lee MM # 6884775 .... I have worked with Ray Sopczuk on different occasions and I have to say it is not only a privilege, but also an honor to work with such a Professional Photographer. When I first started working with Ray I found out quickly that it wasn't just a shoot, but an educational experience as well. Ray is very experienced in the industry and has no problems passing that experience on. He will never work outside a models comfort levels and his work shines through in his pictures. For those that have worked with him you already know, but for those who haven't yet you will be in for an experience you'll never forget and become addicted to shooing with Ray over and over again.

  Jessamyne MM #152077 ......I enjoyed working with Ray. He is a creative, organized, professional photographer who made sure I was always comfortable and happy through out the shoot. I highly recommened working with him.

  NK aka Sally MM # 326884.... Hey! Spreading rumors! Ha, they are just jealous! You are the best of the best!

  Kelli MM # 10449.... Sorry to hear you are having issues with a photographer. Jealousy really is the highest form of flattery!!!
I've worked with you more then once and hope to work with you again.

  Kristina N Murray MM# 454385..... Ooh, just saw that someone is spreading rumors! Oh no! Well, I for one want to say, and hope that people read this, that you Ray, are an amazing and respectful photographer. I loved working with you the two times that I did, and I hope that someday again we can meet up and collaborate! Much love!

  Mandy Grace MM# 660811 ..... Ray!
I had such a nice time with you today! You are such an AMAZING photographer and so great to work with. Thank you again for squeezing me in while I'm in town! I really appreciate it.
Can't wait to see our photos!

  Sweet Romance MM# 75734..... Ray, you are so amazing to work with. I always enjoy our work together, and your kindness exceeds most. Thank you for everything

Suzy Q MM 484449.... Yikes. People spreading bad things about you? You're wonderful! Screw them =P Models..don't listen. He's great ^_^

Christie Mayhem #676    Ray, Just wanted to say that we had an awesome shoot last night! You are so talented and fun to work with, im so glad your just around the corner smile .....
and I just read the top of your profile, I will be a reference to any photographer or model wanting to work with you, theres nothing bad to say about you. I have worked with you Ray, since I was 14 years old, in fact you were the first photographer I ever worked with.
Ray is an amazing photographer, and if this is true, and people are spreading nasty rumors about such a great photographer, thats sad.
You'll always be one of my favorites smile

Renee5387 ... MM#1084236...Ray, you are beyond amazing to work with!! It was soooo worth the trip, and I cant thank you enough!! Especially for hangin out for a while to see if Niagra Mohawk was gonna make the shoot happen ... lol...
Thanks for everything!

Hank Mahar Photographer Mayhem #274930    This is an unsolicited testimonial about Ray Sopczuk. Ray is a consummate gentleman, a consummate professional, an outstanding and accomplished photographer. I have never known him to be otherwise. Any attempt to discredit or malign Ray can only stem from a deep-seated envy and jealousy and such emanates from a person possessing a destructive personality. Ray's reputation as an individual and respected and respectful professional photographer should never be questioned. He epitomizes the best as a person and in his work ethic. Innuendo and careless remarks that besmirch an individual's reputation are unacceptable, unprofessional, and call out for an apology. The best recourse with a perpetrator of this ilk is simply to ignore him/her and continue on being the good person that you are and doing the good work that you do.
Dr. Hank Maher, Photographer
Studio 44-1 Images

My unsolicited reference for Mr. Ray Sopczuk-

JZino #598345 (body painter)
Ray is, hands down, one of the best- both in photography and professionalism. Arrive at his studio with your "A" game. You'll want to make the most out of any opportunity to work with this extremely talented and experienced photographer.
Patient, down-to-earth, humorous, and hospitable. What more could I ask for while I am painting equally talented and considerate models for hours on end?
His work space is functional yet inviting, lending itself well to the company of models, escorts, and makeup artist who visit. Among chairs, numerous props, a dressing room, and lighting equipment, this man still has room to shoot! Its like Mary Poppins' bag! Well... just like my mother's dinner table, there's always room in Ray's studio.
If you have any questions or you'd just like to hear more from a female makeup artist's perspective, feel free to contact me directly or ask Mr. Sopczuk for my number.

Cheryll Lynn  MM # 2257609 .... simply the best... amazing photographer.
always had so much fun working with you! very kind as well. :0)

Starting in September 2009 I will only be doing a very limited TFCD schedule...... But it never hurts to ask.

  Again you should always check references of models or MUA's that have worked with each photographer that has contacted you or you are thinking about working with, to get basic reliable information, as there are always jealous individuals out there that start rumors for their own gain. Make sure the photographer gives you credit for the images... It's always a two way street when a model and photographer work together.

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"I worked with Ray years back when I was fairly new to modeling. He was super respectful, showed me a lot of the insight of professional photography, had amazing outfits and def was one of the reasons I learned to enjoy traveling and shooting all over the USA. highly recommended. Hope we get a chance to shoot together one day again!" Read less

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"Ray was so lovely to work with. He is very experienced and great with lighting. He is passionate about what he does and it shows. I would definitely recommend him." Read less

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"I LOVED working with Ray! He is a lighting genius, and a lot of fun to get creative with! We had an amazing shoot and I am looking forward to our next one. And, the images were absolutely amazing!" Read less

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"Ray is simply an amazing photographer. He has shot play boy models. His lighting is perfect for glamour photos. He knows how to light the female figure and face. He has a photographic eye for what women want which is to look beautiful and sexy. I can't wait to work with him again and hope to work with him more often!" Read less

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"10/10 Recommend: I highly recommend working with Ray Sopczuk. Ray is clearly a professional who creates an exceptional atmosphere and environment in his studio, with each session personalized to the model. Ray is thorough when preparing for the shoot and makes his model comfortable from beginning to end. Also, Ray's work speaks itself! He produces only high quality content through his years of experience and I sincerely look forward to another session with Ray!" Read less

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"True to his word and his reputation, Ray and I had a fantastic shoot. His easy-going style and attention to detail really helped me bring my A-game. I learned a LOT from him, Hoping for many more shoots." Read less

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"I have loved working with Ray! He is so skilled with his lighting and works very hard to get the shot!" Read less

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"Absolutely incredible and impressive photographer. His artistry and level of excellence is incomparable. His charisma and personality is also incredible. He is a MUST for every models portfolio! I would highly recommend him to any model!" Read less

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"Ray is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a total professional and a Gentleman. He is so fun :-)" Read less

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"I loved working with Ray. He has fun while shooting and that is important! The results speak for themselves - his portfolio is amazing. I can't wait to see my pictures! Thank you" Read less

... Read more

"Ray is an amazing photographer with brilliant ideas and is up for any new ideas. He is so down to earth and easy to get along with and guides you through the shoot if he wants a specific look from you or not. His studio is filled with everything, and anything you could possibly imagine to shoot with. I could easily shoot with him once a week!!" Read less

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"Ray is extremely talented & knowledgeable about photography, poses & even how to dress a mode to get that perfect shot. I had a lot of fun shooting with him. His personality really helped me to relax during the shoot & I find that we both have similar interests with what type of shoot we want to do. I'm looking forward to our next shoot! Would recommend him to any model!! His work is stunning and will add to your portfolio no matter how far you are in your modeling career." Read less

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"Ray is a master of lighting. His shots ALWAYS come out unbeleivable, he always has excellent ideas to add to the basic idea of the shoot, and definitely one of the best photographers in WNY. Hands down. Looking forward to working with him again! " Read less

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"I can't say enough great things about Ray! He is very professional and an absolute joy to work with. He is easy to bounce ideas off of, which helps us create the most perfect shots. He is always ready to start on time, and our shoots run very efficiently. He was also a terrific host whenever I needed somewhere to stay while on tour. I will definitely be looking forward to working with him again in the future!" Read less

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"Ray's reputation precedes him, he is truly an amazing photographer to work with, very respectful of the models and he produces stunning images." Read less

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"Such an amazing photographer & truely the master of lighting! Absolutely loved working with you & can't wait to have the opportunity to again! I highly recommend any model to get this photographer in your portfolio!" Read less

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"This photographer is one of the best! Met him Working at hooters and launched my modeling career from there! Not only this he helped me as a naive model to pick and choose jobs . He even helped me get myself out of a disaster in nyc over the phone! Great man! Great photographer! I will always care for Ray! I will always appreciate him beyond just a photographer he is a good person and a caring individual thank you for everything !" Read less

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Have had tear sheets from various magazines and publications including FHM, Maxim, Stuff, Playboy Cyber club and eGirls News.
Was selected as featured member on both    member 21271 and  member 102759