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I was born into photography that being said both of my parents at one time or another were both professional photographers. I was judged very hard as a kid when they would take my pictures to be developed, some of you models out there aren’t old enough to remember a time before cellphone cameras but I do. You got 24 to 27 exposures on a disposable camera, or film strip. Anyway right now I am working on a multiple layer project that involves saving sharks. Sharks are very near and dear to me. I have been called crazy by many people due to my obsession with sharks. I swim at the beach when there’s lots of shark present, I dive with great whites without a cage and recently tagged my first, I go night diving in places with very large sharks, and what else do I need to say before they commit me. Please don’t do what I do, I have many years of interactions with sharks under my belt so I am not just some idiot with a death wish although my parents would disagree.

Sharks are very misunderstood like myself, that’s why I think I get along with them so well. I think the main problem facing sharks Today is bad PR. Sharks are only shown as killers and nothing more. Sharks are smarter than we give the credit for, and they have outlived most of the species on this planet. Sharks were here before trees, before and after the dinosaurs, before any life existed on land. It would be tragic to lose a species like that in our lifetime. My goal with my  Multi-layer project is to change the way people view sharks. If sharks were really out to get us then I would not be here and nor would any shark attack survivors. Sharks have the advantage in water, they live in it full-time all the time were as we go in every now and then with the exception of Michael Phelps, mans basically a fish. I am working on a YouTube show, a clothing line which the sole purpose of, is to fund the show and the rest is to go to help save what little sharks we have left, then there’s my ads, and then my webpage. All of this stuff is under construction currently.

Anyone interested in saving sharks please send a message, or anyone who wants to talk about sharks. I love to talk about sharks so much so that I was given the name professor shark. Which I do enjoy being called. Aside from my love of sharks, I love the arts. With that being said I will never take any pictures of anyone that can be considered anything but art. I am an artist not a pornographer. While I have been known to do crazy out of the box ideas I try to make everyone I shoot with laugh. It’s a gift, plus my dad was a standup comedian so not much I can do about it. Right now I am looking for models of all types including hosting but be aware it’s going to involve doing crazy stuff, I need actors females only I have the guy portion covered at this point, I need girls who can sing and don’t mind poking fun at others, I need models who aren’t afraid to stand up for a cause. I am not just fighting to the save the sharks, I am also fighting for equal rights as well. Why well I might end up with a daughter in the nearby future and I will be darned if anyone is going to limit her potential so it’s part of my cause along with trying to end as much racism as I possibly can, in order to move forward as a species we need to break free of all this hate we have for one another.

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"Shaun is laid back, respectful, and easy to work with :). I love that he shares my passion for wildlife so that made it even more of a blast to work with him." Read less

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"Shaun was a respectful and fun photographer to work with. He knows a lot about sharks and taught me some interesting things. I would recommend other models to work with him." Read less

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"I worked with Shaun on his Shark Activism campaign. I had a good experience working with him, he defiantly is very passionate about sharks." Read less

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"Great and easy to work with! Shaun creates a professional and fun work environment at the same time." Read less

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