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And then God created Eve

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best screen names on MM

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Best written profile on MM

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BLOMM Winners

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Calves That Will Force ZZTop Back Into The Studio

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does the model come with the car?

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Enough curves to make Laguna Seca look like a drag strip

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...gave good face

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Give me 30 minutes with my 50mm lens

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God made you then patted himself on the back

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Guys who stole my body and put their heads on it

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I had to start a Pin-Up list

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I love your hair - can I have it?

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Impossibly perfect tummies

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I need to do something about this

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I want to shoot like you

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Jawlines Sculpted By God

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Locations that blow me away, so I need to pretend to be an assistant so I can take it for myself

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Models for whom I would ride a barrel over the Niagara Falls to shoot again

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Models I need to bribe

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models I would let step on my head to cross a puddle

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Models to watch

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Models who should be kicked off the site for causing massive distractions and/or lust

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Models who should charge money for being so Awesome

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Models with insanely great legs but wont put up a decent picture so I can give them the BLOMM award

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Photographers who deserve tickets

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photographers who shook the creativity tree and took all the leaves

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Proof there is a God

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purple blonde

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Really, I am diggin the shoes

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Shots I just like a lot

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Shots that Sean Maxwell really likes

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St Pete

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The Book Of Legs Chapter 1 Verse 1

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The International Leg Registry

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The International Leg Registry - 2

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The International Leg Registry - 3

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The International Leg Registry - 4

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The list that just has shots that need to be on a list

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the THT

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Thou Rocketh

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Very temperature, much model

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You Freaking OWN this

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About Me

Everyone who has posted my shots on a list - Thank You very much.  When I see an image I helped create on a list (especially shared with photographers I admire) I am blown away.

About me
My goal is to deliver 'provocative and unexpected' photography (thanks Chana).  I also deliver some fun with my work - I cannot do a shoot without having fun. I am professional, responsible and easy to work with.

with Drealito James

"September" AND "Curves" AND "City Skyline" AND "Mystery" with the awesomeness that is  AMANDA!

with COREY (model) and Kaylee (MUA)

My Philosophy
I shoot most of the time because I enjoy it.  I also enjoy getting paid for it, but I am easily dissuaded from being paid if I see the following:
1) Expression - not just one look or a dead stare
2) Diversity - you are on board with many concepts
3) Broken boxes - you have no idea what it means to be in a box
4) Flexibility - you know how to pose.  I kinda don't want to give free lessons any more

My Schedule
I am bored.  Send me a message, I'll probably shoot you.

Where I will go
Chattanooga, TN - day trip
Charlotte, NC - day trip
Greenville, SC - day trip
Birmingham, AL - day trip
Augusta, GA - day trip
Macon, GA - day trip
Lexington, SC - day trip

TF shots for 2016
Sex-say but sophisticated
Manly man

I am the President and CEO of The International Leg Registry.  It is my mission to discover and republish the finest female legs available on this site.  As this is a heavy burden I must bear, I always appreciate efforts made by models to get on the list.  The most desirable list is "The Book Of Legs Chapter 1 Verse 1".  To make this list, one must have legs with exceptional structure in the calf and thigh areas, both legs must be mostly visible (unless there is 'mirror shaping'), and the CEO starts speaking in tongues while going through your portfolio that has a myriad of leg pictures.  Bribes work also.

Credit Notes

The Vinings Club
The Tate House
Marietta Country Club
The Atlanta Botanical Gardens
Primrose Cottage
Racer Wholesale
General Tire
Road Atlanta
Miller Bikini Team
Atlanta Region SCCA
The Knot - GA Edition
Transfiguration CC
Cedar Plantation
Make-A-Wish, the Atlanta Hawks
Uncork-A-Cure - series of ads seen in The Sunday Paper
T Swagga - promotional images
Payne-Corely House
Vecoma at Yellow River

Some amazing people you should work with or get to know (alpha order)
Ali Rijo, diversity is her middle name, and she is proof that a diminutive model can have a big impact on the industry
Aisha, Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow - figure out a way to work with this woman, you will be blown away
Amanda, One of this sites hidden treasures
Angela Hicks, Breathtaking, I mean I seriously forgot to breathe several times while shooting!
The Silver Rose (Athena), She is like shooting a Greek goddess or something - mad skilzz
Baby Norman OMG - I have experienced "The Magic" of Ms Norman - wondermus!!
Brynna Ruth I could not have dreamed of getting the EXACT shot I wanted - I have learned to be cautious.  Hunny, you nailed it.  I want you back.  Now.  Stop.  Come back.
Brittney, How can someone so quiet and harmless looking be such an awesome model... the hype is true!
Ana, She is like an on/off switch.  Just point a camera in her direction and suddenly THE SUPERMODEL appears
Carlee, Seasoned pro, a ton of fun and killer eyes... and smile... and at least one person has seen her billboard!
MsChassidy,  dry wit meets a body that wont stop... wow!
Chrissy Richards, Instant model, just add music!
Deanna, A professional, a friend.
Divya, The Queen of Body Language, Mistress of Awesome Posing, and Owner of her own theme song, she is indeed, way to chill to be a model
Dove,  I want to keep her and pet her and call her George... or Fluffy.  She rocks hard - really.
Drealto James (Lamar)  This guy has muscles that push each other out of the way - and he does not mind being pelted by a Nerf gun.  Thanks, you seriously are a great guy.
Emily, My leg weakness has been exposed yet again, and can you say "knockout model"?
Fallon, Uh, wow, she could power downtown Atlanta for a week
Ileyna An elegant statement of class and grace - and an awesome person too!
Jamie Link Fantastic smile, awesome hair, you people are missing out!
Janine Hotlick Intensity, poise and striving for perfection... love shooting Janine!
Jalyssa Desire point and shoot, I guarantee she will give you incredible pose after incredible pose
Jen Bringing SEXAY to a lens near you!!
Jessica Huntington, up for the challenge, lovely lady
Jessica Chevalier, Jessica just 'gets it' - no matter what crazy idea I throw at her, she produces
Kameren Jade, great person, great model, give her a chance to shine!
Katrina, calling all leg men, I have found your goddess.  Worship her NOW!!
Keith, A certified professional trainer, I need his services...
Katie, Hotness. Blonde. Legs.  Well trained legs.  Yousa.
Khiana, one woman fashion show
Krista Riley, Out to get the best possible image from every click of the shutter, even when it gets rushed - thanks for working with me!!
Kristi Ryczek,I now know what it is like to work with a Barbie Doll - where did you get those EYES?!?!
Layna, Stop.  No really.  Just stop.  She is way too serious.
Lisa Lee, Superstar, I am not kidding either
Lisa Lisa, I love any model who goes with me all the way on a crazy idea
LyndsayW, Model with broken foot and broken wrist shows up at my shoot and calls it 'physical therapy' - I call it ROCKIN DA HOUSE!!
Magenta, a canvas ready for your artistic interpretation.
Marcie, I drove a million miles to shoot this fireball, and I am GLAD I DID!!
Melissa Paige G, I am going to steal her jawline and keep it for myself.  And can someone take the batteries out of her crystal colored eyes?
Melody I predict a comeback...
Michelle, will try anything once and do it well
Mya, I must applaud anyone who does a shoot while sick, watches me nearly get a ticket, puts up with me as I get lost trying to find my shoot location, witnesses me driving with one shoe because I stepped in dog crap, lets a homeless man sing to her, and still gives me AWESOME pictures.  Mya, you are truly great.
Lady Natasha, Super nice, humble... and FREAKING INCREDIBLE LEGS... oh, uh, sorry
Prynce Pryor, I have to admit I had a creativity block for a minute, but he was patient and stayed with me until we hit it - and it was a knockout!
Sarah,WOW, what a model - I can tell she is really an actress because she can fall into ANY character or situation you throw at her.  Stunning images every time we shoot!
Sorina, Stunning eyes, great sense of humor, totally professional... except for the doughnut thing...
Sydney Jo Please move to Atlanta.  NOW.  You are FREAKING HAWT!!
Tracy D, don't even try to pin down a look on her, she will change into something else and you will love it all

Adamo Artistry
MiMi J Artistry
Mumbi Kirori
Elizabeth Tolley
Hair and Make-up Vixen

Photographers (I just really like what they do):
Mike Basso
Chan Studio
John Studio
C James Hamilton
Headhunter Studio
Isaac Madera
Marion Frank Media
J L Miller Photography
Kelvin Bushan
Oswaldo Saiki
Paul Speed
Tony Valdez
Sterling Photos
Neal Urban and The PYRO
Alexandre Saveliev
Pixel Image
TKG Studios
Mark Velasquez
Chris Luckhardt
Lucinda Wedge