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Due to overwhelming circumstances, I need to cancel all of my current photo shoots. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I look to begin shooting again sometime after the new year. If anyone is interested in collaborating at that time, feel free to message me.
Thanks to all for your understanding! Much love!


Hello and thank you for taking the time to have a look at my profile!

My name is Blu and I am a graduate of New Mexico State University with a Bachelor's degree in Theatre. During my time at NMSU I trained as an actor, so I am very aware of my body and I take direction very well. I also took a great deal of dance classes while in school, very nearly earning a minor in Dance, which also helps me in posing, etc. I have a very outgoing personality and I am anything but shy. I am also a photographer and, as such, I feel that am easier to work with than someone who doesn't know what it's like to be behind the camera. As a photographer, I have a lot of fun taking photos, both professionally and artistically. Currently, I am interested in TF jobs as well as paid jobs (But, then again, who isn't interested in paid jobs, really?) I mainly want to expand my portfolio and gain experience in the field. Thanks again for taking the time to read my bio! Happy browsing!

The Shortlist:

*BA in Theatre Arts w/emphasis in acting
*Experienced Photographer
*Very body-aware, takes direction well
*Not shy, very outgoing and friendly
*Watches diet very closely
*Loves Zumba, Roller Skating, Yoga, and Pilates (Keeps a girl in shape!)
*Looking for TF and Paid work


*My hair is now rather long, and not short like a couple of my current photos. I can gel it, straighten it, or curl it to get many different kinds of looks. I also recently dyed it a nice auburn.

*My eye color is marked 'other' because they change colors. They have been blue, hazel, green, gray, and even a light brown/yellow.

*Red is not my natural hair color. I am naturally a brunette.

~~~ Below is the continuation of my an older casting call because it would not all fit in the casting call description. Note: I posted this call long ago but life got in the way and I've yet to shoot anything from this. Keep your eyes peeled for casting calls for the individual shoots sometime this fall (after it COOLS DOWN a bit!).

Thanks for taking the time to view my casting call!

In addition to modeling (or rather, primarily), I am an actress. I recently had success in finding a MUA/Hair Stylist for my headshot photo shoot last week. Now, it is time to do something fun.

Comp cards for actors are different from modeling comp cards. Instead of photos that show that you can sell a product (fashion, lingerie, cars, bikes, etc.), Character Shots give casting directors an idea of the different looks you can achieve. Obviously the headshot is the most important thing to have, but actor comp cards are becoming increasingly popular. And I want one.

I want to organize several fun shoots where the camera is both capturing "scenes" (like a still from a movie) and character headshots. This is why this casting call also calls for models, so that the "scenes", while featuring the actor (Me), look more authentic. I'm not sure if this has ever been done, but I want to do it anyway.

This is completely informal. The only pay anyone will get is a CD of the photos and maybe I'll buy everyone on set a cup of coffee or some pizza. This is a great opportunity for photographers interested in set photography and also for MUA/Hair stylists interested in working on set. As for the models, this is great for networking and, depending on the photographer(s), and opportunity to get some character headshots for yourself.

Each concept will be shot separately and each will have different needs. Some will not need much (if any) lighting equipment while others will need very specific lighting. Not to mention, each will need a different number of models and so far I think I only have one crowd scene in mind.

I am going to list all the character ideas I have, but I am open to other ideas from anyone interested. Also, if you have a compensation request (that isn't monetary), I am happy to listen to requests. I am also a photographer and a capable image retoucher if anyone is interested in trading. However, I'll only trade for exceptional work and dedication since I am striving to make this project fun and non-constricting. Also, since MUAs use their own products, I can understand an MUA requesting a bit more than TF. Everyone else is putting in time, which costs considerably less than those expensive makeup products. In any case, if you are still with me, here are the shoots I want to do:

Period shoot - 1930s
Character: 1930s Starlet
Needs: Photographer, "beauty" lights, 30s set (Will probably need to look in an antique store for a 30s chair), MUA, Hair Stylist, Perhaps 1 or 2 models to play a director and a fellow actor "on set"
Other info: I would prefer that all parties involved with this shoot be willing to do at least some basic research on the 1930s, especially the MUA and hair stylist. I am trained in 1930s acting style, so I can offer a bit of instruction, but it's always good to study photos and whatnot from the period. Do not offer to help with this shoot lightly. It will be involved but it should produce some spectacular images!

At the Office/Big Company
Character: CEO or similar business professional
Needs: Photographer, Office-like Set (or something believable), MUA, Hair Stylist, 1 model to play business professional
Other Info: Makeup and Hair will likely be pretty basic. I can probably even start my own makeup and hair and just have someone there to touch me up a bit.

The Piano Lounge
Character: Lounge Singer/Lady in Red-type
Needs: Photographer, Piano Lounge Set, "Beauty" lights, MUA, Hair Stylist, 1 model to play piano player (Male preferred).
Other Info: This one should be a blast!

Dance Studio
Character: Competitive Ballroom Dancer
Needs: Photographer, Dance Studio, MUA, Hair stylist, 1 male model to play dance partner (bonus points if you have dance experience!)
Other Info: I danced competitively for a year and loved it. Good for those of you who are interested in working on dance photos.

Crime Scene
Character: Detective/Special Agent
Needs: Photographer (not opposed to more than one for this shoot), Random set (I am thinking a parking lot with a chain link fence visible), MUA(s), Hair stylist(s), Models to play other cops/agents and a dead body, law enforcement props, forensic props (Laytex gloves, some dude taking crime scene photos, etc.)
Other Info: This is the biggie and I am actually super-excited about it cause I think it could be a lot of fun. It'll be outside, so probably no need for special lighting other than maybe some reflectors. The basic premise is that a detective/agent character is investigating a crime scene with a swath of people all around, talking to each other, keeping the crowd back, investigating other areas, etc. This is mainly because I am currently watching the last episode of the X-Files on Netflix and because of the current popularity in Cop and Forensic shows on TV.

If you have a great idea, please feel free to share and I will add it here! If you want to work on any of the above shoots, just message me with the job you want and we will go from there. As soon as we have all the roles filled we will perhaps meet to discuss set ideas and props then set a date for the shoot that we can all agree on. If you have friends willing to assist on set (hold reflectors, watch for stuff we don't want in the shot, etc.), that's a major plus.

If you are still interested, I just want to list a few of my expectations for each job so you know what you are getting into.

I am terrible at lighting. Lighting is my main weakness in my photography. So, I understand if it is also yours. However, if that is the case, I am going to ask that you only apply for the "easy" shoots where the lighting won't be difficult. The Crime Scene and the Office photo shoots (assuming the Office has a nice, big window) would be best. As for the other shoots, it would be a BIG help if the photographer has either a beauty strobe (I think that's what it's called...First time I saw one was last week) or a slave flash with a soft box. I want a very mysterious look for the Period, Piano, and Dance shoots.
I know my way around PhotoShop so I am not asking photographers to retouch the photos. All I am asking for is a CD of all the images. If you would like me to add your watermark for online display, I have no problems doing so. I also ask that you provide a CD of images to other models involved (if you take photos of them, of course) and the MUA(s) and Hair Stylist(s). Or at least allow me to burn CDs for them.
Also, even though these aren't really headshot shoots, you get bonus points for having some good headshots in your port or on your website.

MUAs/Hair Stylists
To be perfectly honest, I can probably through the majority of these shoots with little to no help from a MUA and hair stylist. BUT, we always look our best with their help. To minimize your workload, I am thinking that I will do my own basic hair and makeup for the Office, Crime Scene, and maybe the Ballroom shoots and have a MUA/Hair stylist check and beef up my work as needed. However for the Period and Piano shoots, it would make me so happy to have someone do my hair and makeup since those are rather specific looks. Both would make great additions to any port.
Although I am not guaranteeing any sort of payment, there will be other models at the shoot that may be willing to throw a few bucks your way if you will touch up their make up. Something to think about.
Also, it would be lovely if you could stay on set the entire time to do touch ups as needed.

There's no nice way to say this. You will basically be a prop in these photos (the main ones, anyway). Your face will likely not be seen or it will be in the background. HOWEVER! Once we wrap the main shoot where we get my character shots, we will either expand the shots so everyone gets some photos or if the photographer is not willing, I will gladly pick up my own camera and shoot some photos of you guys. After all, you worked so hard to look great in your costume and came all the way to set to be my prop. It's the least I could do :) In short, you WILL get photos of yourself in your costume out of this project. If you want your make up and hair done, please feel free to work something out with the on set MUA/Hair Stylist or bring your own.

All in all, I want to have fun with this process. I am not terribly worried about perfection because these are not "actual" headshots and so there's a lot more breathing room than there would be with a headshot shoot. So don't be scared! I'd like these images to help you out with your port as well.

I hope I didn't lose anyone but those that are still reading are the kinds of people I'm looking for. So if you're interested in some fun, character-driven images for your port, please either comment here or send a message (or both! Commenting here shows others that there are people interested!). Thanks ahead of time, guys!

Much love!

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