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About Me

Why hello there... I’m Ari Wallace, a published Photographer, and veteran Cinematographer as well as Creative Director based in Temple, Texas. I have almost 20 years of experience in photography, both graphic & web design, online marketing, video production, social media management, and the art of filmmaking.

With that said, I have come here in the hopes that doing so will allow me to work with highly skilled riggers, models, dancers, and other such individuals who would love for me to use my technical know-how in order to make them look professional, and stand out above competitors via the use of creative photography.

So hopefully by working together, we can help you to develop the perfect set of images for your portfolio, for your website, or ones that can even be used to help both your brand as well as social media following grow!

Short of that you can also find me traveling quite often working as a content creator for different clients around not just the great state of Texas but other parts of the US as well. Keep in mind, that I am also working to put together a Youtube Channel where I hope to share some of my knowledge in the field of photography but I would also love to use that Channel in a way that offers up a fun and creative way to help both new and seasoned models gain exposure while also helping the general public become more informed about what it means to be a model or a photographer in this day and age.

So if you are a model or photographer who would like to help me with that by being showcased in a video by all means reach out to me... stuff like that is why I'm here after all. Yet with that said please don't contact me about being your submissive or anything along those lines. For I'm honestly not here to serve anybody unless, of course, they are a paying client. Then yeah let's brainstorm and try to see if we can put something together for you. For I live my life under one philosophy...

“You are what you create in life”

With that said, I hope this message finds all of you well and that maybe just maybe we can create something beautiful together.

Take care and God bless...

I believe that creative out there deserves to be paid for what they help to create in this world. As such, I refuse to hire someone under a so-called "TIME FOR CONTENT" or "TIME FOR PRINT" AGREEMENT.

That said the most I am willing to pay an unpublished model who has less than 3 years of past modeling or acting experience where they actually found themselves being published somewhere reputable is $22.50 per hour. On top of all that I always pay my models the industry standard mileage reimbursement rate of 67 cents per mile traveled to a shoot to cover some of their travel expenses.

Well, that and I also never forget to give my models five or six images maybe more from every shoot they do with me as a way of helping them grow their work portfolio on top of promoting the work we have done together. Likewise, I also cover the cost of both hair, makeup, and yes wardrobe for all of my shoots.

This is also why I feel paying someone who is just starting out in this business a rate of $22.50 per hour plus a few photos to have them take on a few non-nude Pin-up, as well as some provocative but still non-nude lingerie modeling assignments, is more than reasonable, to be honest. After all, there are a lot of photographers out there who once again take advantage of the whole "Time For Print" or "Time for Content" concept as a way of getting models to work for free.

So just keep that in mind should you find yourself doing business with me. For I'm honestly unwilling to go any higher than that unless you have more than two years of experience or you can explain to me why it is you deserve a higher pay rate than what I'm offering.

When it comes to nudity, I'm only willing to shoot as well as ask someone else to pose for topless shots and maybe a few implied nude photos where the male or female model has kept their bottoms on at all times throughout the photoshoot. Short of that I shoot fully clothed pinup art as well as modern Boudoir photographs which would find my subjects posing seductively in lingerie.

So no I'm not asking anyone to pose anything akin to full frontal nudity that would put the whole kit and caboodle on display here. Sadly however I think I need to take a moment to point this out because some people mistake Boudoir photography for nude photography. So please be aware of this fact when doing business with me. Thank you!

My lawyers just informed me today that I can't book and or hire any models who are under the age of 21. Why? Well in Texas Boudoir photography studios are considered adult-oriented businesses. Why is that important? Well under a relatively new law here in Texas law all " adult-oriented businesses " can only work with individuals who are 21 or older. So if you are under 21 please don't ask me to set up a shoot with you because my reply will be no...

The number one question I get asked by models is can I bring my boyfriend or my girlfriend to a photoshoot. As a Pro Photographer, my answer is always the same "Yes please bring whoever you like" but there is always one caveat... I will not put up with disruptive behavior over the course of a photoshoot.

So as long as the individual can sit there be quiet and let us see to our work then there won't be a problem. If however, the person feels the need to try to tell me how to take a photograph after I've done this professionally for almost 20 years now... Or they somehow think it's "cute" to be rude and obnoxious towards me and my staff as we try to bring out the best performance possible with the talent we find ourselves working with that day... Well, we're going to have a problem.

By that I mean I have no problem whatsoever telling a model to pack his or her stuff up and then get themselves along with their entire entourage off my set. For you see, at this point in my life, I have honestly worked way too hard to let anyone disrespect me at this point in my career. So yes... I think it goes without saying that I honestly do view being rude to either me or a member of my staff or acting in a way that can be very disruptive when you are at one of my shoots as highly disrespectful to me and all the beautiful men and women that I work with. This is also why I have no problem showing somebody who behaves like that the door.

So please keep that in mind, won't you... Otherwise, you may be asked to leave and never return.

Feel free to DM me here or you can also email me at [email protected] if you would like to collaborate with me.

Ari Wallace

The Really Big List of Model Mayhem I Have Shot With:

T Dreams (Model Mayhem #765422)
Ms Madyson (Model Mayhem #784406)
Nyx Doll (Mayhem # 356736)
Mara Chino (Model Mayhem #2937487)
Amythist Marie (Model Mayhem #620113)
Melody Nyte (Model Mayhem #258202)
Ms Andrea (Mayhem # 634347)
Kalypso Screams (Mayhem # 302796)
Lilith Animus (Model Mayhem #1385534)
Allaura (Model Mayhem #846071)
Kyoko Kawasaki (Model Mayhem #2008954)
Peaches Duvall (Model Mayhem #2014144)
Mona del Rio (Model Mayhem #737569)
Kimiko Kimora (Model Mayhem #2123943)
Bella Glows (Model Mayhem #1943594)
Alea Marie (Model Mayhem #1513962)
Samantha Slopes (Model Mayhem #1432240)
Holly Nguyen (Model Mayhem #2398169)
Alexa Marvel (Model Mayhem #1207649)
Daphne Daniels (Model Mayhem #796230)
Jaslene Hong (Model Mayhem #1921622)
Bitten Suicide (Mayhem # 742654)
Mistress Bella Notte (Mayhem # 2552539)
Rox W (Model Mayhem #492167)
Pinky Hardcore (Mayhem # 875066)
Miss Ivy Vu (Model Mayhem #1832053)
Switch Jessica (Model Mayhem #455052)
Ranie Mae (Mayhem # 1475452)
Miss Jessica June (Mayhem # 1638062)
Lilith Kei (Model Mayhem #1684067)
Vicki Nicole (Mayhem # 1460618)
Christin Rose (Model Mayhem #1834372)
Andrea Christan (Model Mayhem #1540302)
Jassi Bee (Model Mayhem #2474050)
Kelsey Fedewa (Model Mayhem #2029695)
Skye G (Model Mayhem #2669825)
Carola Caris (Model Mayhem #2251477)
Angelique Mayhem (Model Mayhem #2951374)
Tara Cat (Model Mayhem #3244860)
Zooey Ziegler (Model Mayhem #4283935)

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"I shot with Ari over the course of three days back in 2014 when we were both calling Phoenix Arizona home at the time. Really fun and knowledgeable photographer to shoot with. In fact, he helped me a lot when it came to me understanding why it was that certain poses worked with my body type and certain ones didn't. So if you're new to modeling and want a highly skilled and professional photographer to guide you through the shoot so you get the best results possible. Please get in touch with Ari ASAP" Read less

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Credit Notes

Model I Have Worked With:

    * T Dreams (Model Mayhem #765422)
    * Ms Madyson (Model Mayhem #784406)
    * Nyx Doll (Mayhem # 356736)
    * Mara Chino (Model Mayhem #2937487)
    * Melody Nyte (Model Mayhem #258202)
    * Kalypso Screams (Mayhem # 302796)
    * Lilith Animus (Model Mayhem #1385534)
    * Allaura (Model Mayhem #846071)
    * Kyoko Kawasaki (Model Mayhem #2008954)
    * Peaches Duvall (Model Mayhem #2014144)
    * Kimiko Kimora (Model Mayhem #2123943)
    * Bella Glows (Model Mayhem #1943594)
    * Jaslene Hong (Model Mayhem #1921622)
    * Mistress Bella Notte (Mayhem # 2552539)
    * Rox W (Model Mayhem #492167)
    * Miss Jessica June (Mayhem # 1638062)
    * Lilith Kei (Model Mayhem #1684067)
    * Vicki Nicole (Mayhem # 1460618)
    * Andrea Christan (Model Mayhem #1540302)
    * Jassi Bee (Model Mayhem #2474050)
    * Kelsey Fedewa (Model Mayhem #2029695)
    * Skye G (Model Mayhem #2669825)
    * Carola Caris (Model Mayhem #2251477)
    * Angelique Mayhem (Model Mayhem #2951374)
    * Tara Cat (Model Mayhem #3244860)