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JULIA DARKLER was born February 17, 1988 in Moscow, Russia, in a Jewish-Polish family with aristocratic origins. Mother, Hellga Darkler – clothes designer/singer/economist/photographer and family’s manager was born in Polish family, very old family, Julia's Study having earldom in the middle of Poland. Father, Edward Darkler – programmer/singer/sound operator was born in Russian/Jewish/French old family, maternal line originates from the French count’s Nouvelle family. Hellga and Edward Darkler found each other playing in famous rock/metal band The Dead Souls, very extraordinary in 80s. Edward played guitar, Hellga played drums and back vocal. Since childhood Julia involved into the music and dances, her granny from father’s line was ballet dancer and she taught the little girl how to dance, how to feel the music. From the early age Julia listened classic rock and metal music, because Edward and Hellga used music of Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Guns’N’Roses, ZZ Top, Metallica, Gorky Park, AC/DC as lullaby. This influenced of Julia’s music style choice. Sometimes Hellga and Edward took the little daughter and her older brother, Oleg in their band’s tours.


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In 1995 Julia’s parents sent her to study in very elite Humanitarian Jewish school with languages, history, art, sport and jurisprudence specializations. There Julia studied English and Spanish languages, Hebrew, theatre, World history, World literature, visual arts, classical choreography, hip hop dance, and jurisprudence in high school. Parallel with Humanitarian Jewish school describe itJulia studied in Musical Jewish Academy. Julia brilliantly passed her graduation exams in piano class, choral singing and vocal class. Independently she learned to play the castanets and darbuka.

In 2005 Julia have completed Humanitarian Jewish school and Musical Jewish Academy. Edward and Hellga insisted on getting serious profession, and Julia has chosen History as productive scientific industry. She was admitted to the State University, Department of General History. The main subjects of her research become archeology, world culture, history of medieval Europe and psychology.

In 2008 Julia Darkler joins choir class of Lutheran Communities. There with her worked world-class teachers. It was there that her second soprano sounded all the facets.

In 2010 Julia completes her History education; she’s got degree in History of World Culture of Renaissance Italy. Interesting fact, her brother Oleg completed Musical Faculty of Academy of Arts, Oleg works as an alternative model and singer. He has a wonderful tenor.

In 2011 Julia Darkler has qualified for the School Of Dance, the belly dance specialty. The study was very easy to her, because she has natural stretching, she has the understanding of rhythm and she loves belly dance and darbuka music. In 2012 Julia completes the School Of Dance, and she’s got her World Diploma, degree in Belly Dance, dance teacher and yoga teacher.


файл обменник

In 2000 Julia Darkler organized her first rock band Stars Three.

Julia Darkler – vocal, keyboard
Oleg Jaguar – vocal, guitar
Alexander Tiger – vocal, drums

They are all studied in same classes and they are the same age. From the beginning Stars Three played the songs of their favorite bands: The Dead Souls, Bon Jovi, Hanson, The Beatles and Carl Perkins. Their versions were unusually with combined serious music and children’s vocal, but the public saw them very quickly. Stars Three start to play on the school concerts for different celebrations and in the other schools as invited musicians.

In 2001 guys received as a gift the old garage, which Hellga and Edward converted into the rehearsal place. Precisely Julia formed the most important rule which she adheres permanently – to perform the songs English only or the other foreign languages. The same principle adhering Julia’s parents. 

In 2002 Hellga and Edward Darkler has acquaint guys from Stars Three with his friend and producer of The Dead Souls, Maxim Fedorovsky. After listening Stars Three has conclude the contract with Maxim Fedorovsky as their producer and with Mercury Records Russia as label. All year guys works as hard as they can, because they going to school, musical academy and making sport.

In 2003 Stars Three recorded their first album, Punks. It’s a mix of punk/metal/classic rock. The songs recorded in English language and music is very hard for kids, but with literate promote of Maxim, Stars Three becomes popular in rock companies. In the same year Stars Three going to their first tour of Russian cities. They gave eleven concerts in different cities. To go to this tour guys had to pass an external examinations. After tour Stars Three performed in rock clubs, as special guests and participated in music competitions.

In 2005 Stars Three recorded the second studio album, Circuits. Unfortunately, it’s didn’t get popular because of the peculiar combination of music styles. But a couple of tracks still got to A1 Radio. Also Julia recorded some songs with her brother Oleg as duet. It’s a classical rock/ballad songs. Sometimes Oleg sung with Stars Three as back vocal.

In the end of 2005 Stars Three ceased to exist, because guys found themselves in other areas of the art.

In 2006 Julia Darkler met Vladimir Solovey, bass-guitarist of metal band Metal Child’s, he’s Julia’s classmate. His nickname Mark (as Mark Goffeney). And Mark suggests Julia to join to the Metal Child’s. He remembered Julia as vocalist of Stars Three. Julia met with members of Metal Child’s, rehearsed with them, and they are invited her into the Metal Child’s. Thus began the gothic career of Julia Darkler.

Before meeting with Julia Darkler, Metal Child’s played dark metal music, in Russian language. They even recorded their unofficial album, Underground. But she’s brought her great rule with foreign languages and they tried new style – symphonic metal with soprano vocal. Julia in loved with Nightwish band, and she took their style from the beginning as basic for Metal Child’s. And in the same year Julia introduces Metal Child’s with Maxim Fedorovsky, who takes producing of band in his hands. Metal Child’s concludes contract with Universal Records Russia. Igor and Sergey are composers of Metal Child’s music and lyrics are written by Mark and Alex. 

Julia Darkler – vocal, castanets, daMetal's Childrbuka
Mark – bass guitar, back vocal
Igor Macabre – electro guitar
Alex Nocturne – bass vocal
Drummer – drums
Sergey – keyboards
Armand Amadeo – violin (in band since 2009)

In 2007, in the summer Metal Child’s has record their first studio album, The Middle Ages, in the classic symphonic/gothic style. Each composition of this album felt medieval life with its problem, romance, tragedy and emotions. Traditional sense of fight between good and evil, love and death. Scenes of tournaments, crusades, victories and defeats. Guys get their first Russian tour, across many cities. Examinations in the University they had to pass externally. Totally they played eight concerts in a tour.

In 2008 they has recorded second studio album, Awaken Of Dark Forces. The same melodic symphonic gothic style, but with very ethnic sense about ancient Dark Gods: Cthulhu, Dagon, Tiphon, Lilith, Kalli. Inspiration to create this unusual and dark album becomes the study of Scandinavian runes. For the album sign Julia has chosen the Soldier rune. The songs about fight between Gods, fight between evil and good, about dark sacrifices. Some songs sound in the glory of dark Gods. Totally album turned very gothic and gloomy. All the songs are based on historical facts. Metal Child’s shot two videos for the songs The Deva Lilith and Devil’s Child. Both videos in unique style of short film, big-budget with an interesting sense. In support of Awaken Of Dark Forces guys has given ten concerts.

In 2008, close to an end of the year Metal Child’s has recorded third studio album, Memento Mori. Now they are working under Mercury Records Russia label. The same symphonic/metal/gothic style. This album becomes an example of band’s evolution in music and vocal. The senses of the songs are the same: love, death, faith, evil, goodness and hopes. But guys have to affect the deeper issues that are typical of any society, modern and not modern, songs that were relevant to any era. For example the song Son of Oceans says about that person will always belong to the society in which he was born. With creation of the song Sofoulengi Sofou Rott was curious. Julia has took ancient Russian ballad Slovo o Polku Igoreve (The Word About Prince Igor), Cry of Yaroslavna part, and she’s translated that on the Eldest Runes (Scandinavian version). This song was sung as acapella version. Dies Irae, Dies Illa is very extraordinary song, its funeral hymn of Foma Celansky, XII century. Et Gogito Ergo Sum is different song for Metal Child’s, recorded in EBM style. But the most surprising song of Memento Mori becomes Obdurat Blessia, in total church style, ethnic, choir and solemn. Metal Child’s has shots very catchy videos on True Devotions Black, The Lost Soul and Obdurat Blessia. Many concerts have given by Metal Child’s as support of this wonderful gothic album. 

In 2009 guys has release their fourth album, Umbra Domini. Study in the Church choir strongly influenced on the work of Metal Child’s, on their style. First on the participant of the band. Julia has invited Armand Amadeo into the Metal Child’s as violinist. Armand Amadeo and Julia Darkler study together in Church Choir. Music in Umbra Domini become more church, deeper, change the style – sound like church choirs interspersed with symphonic metal. Armand Amadeo brings zest with his violin. The sense of the songs is changed too: more vampires, about life after death, when person transformed into vampire. As a vampire sees the world, how he feels. From the other side. The hit from Umbra Domini becomes Romanian Town, amazing song with part of solo violin and gothic Julia’s vocal. Umbra De Vita song is true church song, unusual sound, the song about life. Guys shot two video: Her Reflection and First War Fight. In Her Reflection guys shows that each person has good and evil, 50/50. And humanly possible to control the balance between good and evil. First War Fight the video about truly fights between evil and good, there are Julia shows great wushu fight style. And Lonely Place video guys has shot just in the winter of 2014, because Mercury Records Russia refuse to sponsored video project, and guys search new sponsors under new label. They were able to push their idea into reality just in 2014, under Blood Wine Records label. Metal Child’s gave fifteen concerts as support of Umbra Domini. 

In 2010 Metal Child’s has record their most extraordinary, fifth studio album, Campana De Oscuridad. It’s also Mercury Records Russia product. But here we see absolutely different style, different music and different language. No more total English, no more ancient Latin, no more Scandinavian. It’s Spanish only. Yes, Julia Darkler’s idea to use Spanish language, which she studied in the school. They took Spanish medieval ballads, legends and serenades and shifted that in their songs. In Campana De Oscuridad we can see some English songs but with Spanish language, half in half. Album start with Introduction, very melodic, but NO MORE metal or even symphonic metal. Just ballads in true medieval style, acoustic instruments. They work very hard to achieve a similar sound. In this album guys used sound effects as rain, thunder, water, crow’s cries, vampire sounds and fire. La Rito becomes the best song for dancing tribal fusion belly dance, very ethnic song. Mhuire Bheith is choral song, medieval ballad. Metal Child’s has shot awesome video on Despertar Del Vampire, about vampire’s cult. There are Julia shows her great dance. In support of Campana De Oscuridad Metal Child’s had a big tour, seventeen concerts in different Russia’s cities.

In 2013 Metal Child’s returned with sixth studio album, Sgorr A Bhreac. They conclude contract with Blood Wine Records, and under Maxim Fedorovsky producing. It’s a total medieval British style. It was Armand Amadeo’s idea to create album in British ballad style. As a basis for the songs guys took ancient British legends, most of Scottish. The whole album is united with one sense – the journey of the legendary hero, his life, his fights, his victories and his love. Every song it’s a separate legends, but listener should listen all album, because it’s full sense. Same principle Metal Child’s used in Campana De Oscuridad, the full sense you will understand only after listening of whole album. In Sgorr A Bhreac is very melodic music, guys took it from the real British ballads. Julia Darkler’s vocal sounds very volume and kind of tragically. As the album – the whole mythological manuscript, no sense to talk about separate songs, better to listen that. Blood Wine Records has sponsored the shooting of two amazing videos for Sgorr A Bhreac: Draiocht I Ngach Ait, awesome video in same unique short film style, about fight between dark forces and main hero. And Ar Hill, also in short film style, on the subject of legend about Thomas Lermonth. Both videos are very epic, dramatic, with total historian sense and with deep emotions. In support of Sgorr A Bhreac Metal Child’s took the great tour, they gave twelve concerts and was invited to the Rock Festival in Moscow.

In 2014 Metal Child’s released their seventh and last album, Oiche I Gconai A Dheanamh under same Blood Wine Records. And again the love to the Scotland and to its legends inspired guys to create album quite special in music style. Only this time the mean theme of songs are not legends, have sung in Sgorr A Bhreac, but life of people from ancient and medieval Scotland. About unrest and sorrows, problems and joys of those life values to the people of that time. Here are guys used some sound effects like old sound. Many compositions in choral sound. Very interesting Gra Fior De Mo song. It’s about old Scottish legend, peaceful place where are all people can be happy. But where is this place? Nobody knows. Guys used English language mixed with old Scottish, Caledonian language. In Seol Ar Shiul Metal Child’s sung the choir and their voices sound very harmonious. Oiche An Bhfuil Fada the most melodic and harmonious song with clear vocal, choir and Scottish rhythm. The whole album impregnated with Scottish melodies, legends, and true souls of Caledonia. Metal Child’s has shot extraordinary short film video on Nuair A Thugann An Oiche Dorcha An La, which mixed with Chun Nios Mo Na Mar Is Feidir Liom A Bheith in sense. Incredible video about aristocrat’s life, three aristocratic families, twisted destinies, and full sense – no harm and don’t be evil. For the support of  Oiche I Gconai A Dheanamh Metal Child’s gave concerts and working on social projects.

In 2014, October 31 Julia Darkler played Queen Of The Damned in the Vampire’s Ball Halloween Gothic Show. With Metal Child’s they sang “Draiocht I Ngach Ait” with special theatrical show.

In 2015, October 31, Metal Child’s has return on the stage, with participation in Halloween Gothic Show/Vampire Ball, where Julia Darkler was leading of Halloween Show, as Queen Of The Vampires. Metal Child’s sang “Romanian Town”, “Umbra De Vita”, “Despertar Del Vampire”, “Mhuire Bheith”, “Gra Fior De Mo”, “Seol Ar Shiul”, “Feicfidh Me A Dhiol Mo Charraig”, “Bhfuil Tu Ag Glaoch Orm”, “Damhsa Taltos”, “Draiocht I Ngach Ait”. It was totally Metal Child’s concert with effects, decorations and theatrical show.

In 2016, October 31 Metal Child’s celebrated 10-year anniversary with Julia Darkler as main vocal, on "Samhain 10 Years Celebration Show". Not coincidentally the date of the celebration of Halloween and Vampire's Ball. Officially Metal Child's with Julia Darkler as main vocal formed October 31, 2006. The anniversary show was attended by many famous gothic bands, large-scale concert, which included Metal Child's most famous songs. Live show was more than 2 hours. Julia Darkler with friends demonstrated performance based on Michael Lermontov "A Hero of Our Time. Princess Mary" (Julia Darkler as Grushnitski), was a real Vampire's Ball, with the reconstruction of historical costumes of different eras, The Ball reminded Ball Of Satan based on Bulgakov. The real historical dances, feast, and of course, the initiation of vampires. Julia became Queen of the Vampires, Santi the King. Stunning show in every sense, its size, quality, decorations, effects and live sound.


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In 2007 Julia Darkler tries herself as solo artist parallel with band work. She’s working on Forward To Rock’N’Roll album with Maxim Fedorovsky as producer, now her solo producer, under Mercury Records Russia. Absolutely hit of the season becomes Rockin' On The Heaven's Floor in pop/rock style. Forward To Rock’N’Roll includes the songs recorded by Julia Darkler with her brother, Oleg Raserland. They love to work on the songs together, Julia’s second soprano and clear tenor of Oleg Raserland sounds very kind. Some songs it’s remakes of the famous songs of AC/DC, Metallica and Joan Jett, Bon Jovi. Her version of It’s My Life took first places in charts.

In 2008 Julia Darkler working on second solo album, Time Never End. The album in Christmas style was recorded with Advent Choir of Lutheran Church. Unfortunately not gained popularity. And Mercury Records Russia not gave its license to release that album. But as Christmas relaxing mood this album is just great.

In 2009-2010 Julia Darkler has record some solo songs, couple duets (with Summer Kitty band, Time To Say Goodbye (solo and duet versions), We’ll Meet Again in jazz/cabaret style. She took part in the America Is Looking For Talents competition and she’s got fourth place there with We’ll Meet Again song.

In 2013 Julia Darkler accept the offer of Maxim Fedorovsky and half of year they work very hard on amazing album in perfect for Julia’s voice style, and this is it! Their new baby – French Quarter album! In absolutely jazz style. Julia concludes contract with Good Sound Record and all her solo work held under Good Sound Record label. Julia Darkler has recorded two albums same time – French Quarter and French Quarter. Bourbon Street. First album – jazz and swing, and second – jazz/blues style. Some songs were written especial for Julia, some songs – remakes of old classical jazz songs. We’ll Meet Again becomes the title song, and Who Gonna Make You Hero – finish song of the French Quarter. Julia has sung these songs in her unique style, kind of sexual, kind of perky and of course very jazz. And all that jazz! French Quarter. Bourbon Street is more blues, more romance, more sexual, it’s about deep feelings with lots of tragically parts. Sensuality sounds in every note. Julia gave some concert in support of albums and French Quarter and French Quarter. Bourbon Street is getting very popular with jazz fans. Also same year Julia Darkler working on gothic tribal fusion project with Lupii Din Carpati band. They has recorded two tribal songs –  Da-te Pentru A Bate Un Tambur and Initiere. Also with Metal Child’s Julia has record interesting song as soundtrack for Russian horror movie. 

In 2014 Julia released her third solo jazz album, French Quarter. Decatur Street. Here are she works with Alex Nocturne and Igor Macabre from Metal Child’s and also duet work with Armand Amadeo. And again under Good Sound Record label. This album it’s a mix of jazz/blues/swing/soul and French Café music styles. And again the title song in cabaret style – Dangerous Dinner and final song in same style – Shiver Underground. Amazing duet with Alex Nocturne – Let Me Live That Fantasy. His tenor voice is just perfect for such style. Pathetic duet with Armand Amadeo – I Did It. Armand becomes very great singer. No Joy Without Your Love absolutely great song for wedding couple dance. Despertame is extraordinary song in jazz/ballad style, Spanish language. Sounds like Andalusia ballad. And again some songs are written for Julia, some songs are remakes of old jazz/swing/blues style. But full sense of all three French Quarter albums– to show amazing and unique New Orleans city, with all its streets in French Quarter, Motherland of Armstrong, beginner in jazz music style, and Ella Fitzgerald – the mother of jazz. Julia Darkler has shot solo video on the song Exotic Night. Very sexual, with sensual dance. For the support of French Quarter. Decatur Street Julia gave some concerts. In the end of 2014 Julia Darkler with help of Good Sound Record has shoot the video for Choo Choo song from the French Quarter album. Sponsors gave money to shooting process. Video in style of 1940s with amazing swing dances, with Julia has worked a very good band, and her Mata Hari Prinandi dancers. A real train, swing bar, hot dance and true retro style. December 21 Julia Darkler has presented her video for absolutely new song Bye-Bye, Baby from the future album. Right now it’s a single song but close to the middle of 2015 Julia have plans to release new jazz album. Bye-Bye, Baby is very extraordinary video, full of erotic scenes, murders and hot dances, also 1940s style, inspired with Bettie Page style. There are Julia played two character same time, which looks incredible, hot black murder lady and hot blonde victim. Video full of hot moments.

Julia's Solo Career In 2014 parallel to French Quarter Julia working on social project Peace To The World. The sense of the project – helping sick children and low-income families. It’s the social project, all the money raised by the project sent to the National Russian Funds of Help. The project it’s not only to attract attention with help of the concerts, but also to work directly with children, totally free. For children are held master classes in art culture (drawing), all styles of dances, theatrical art and music lessons. Main idea belongs to Julia Darkler, and Maxim Fedorovsky took Peace To The World Project in his hands. All guys from Metal Child’s decided to help. And all together they are recorded magical album for kids, In Magic We Trust, which includes the most popular songs from children cartoons. Amazing duet of Julia Darkler and Armand Amadeo with Family With You song, shows again that Amadeo is perfect solo singer. Magical Diamond Sky kid’s favorite song. Unique sound for two voices, using interesting effects.  Home Love Family – all Julia’s emotion about families, that to have lovely family is very important. In the Peace To The World project Julia gave many concerts. On the solo concerts for her play musicians from the National Conservatory. They play jazz concerts and Peace To The World concerts.

In 2014, August 29 Julia Darkler has record her solo album Peace To The World under Good Sound Record label in Peace To The World project. The album – absolutely remakes of Michael Jackson songs, united by the one sense – peace, love and caring. Make It A Better Place took the first place in Russian chart, Julia’s tender deep voice captured listeners. As always Maxim knows how to get the better sound. We Are The One To Make A Brighter Day – is very strong song, recorded with help of Advent Choir, Lutheran Church. They did a great job, and Choir joined to the Peace To The World project. My Lonely Days Are Gone funny song about love, how love can change life. Recorded in reggae style and become a hit. With Peace To The World album Julia and all who join her wants to say that we need to care about each other, to care about our Mother Earth, to be together. One thing the most important – Love. For Peace To The World will be the big tour and Julia already gave many concerts for support album and for support all project. December 16 Julia Darkler has released absolutely new song, single right now, I Wouldn't Help It Even If I Could with Michael Jackson. Amazing sound, two beautiful voices together. It’s very harmony song about love. 

In 2015, January 14 Julia Darkler has released her second duo with Michael Jackson “Make This Change From Yourself”, under the Good Sound Record label. Right now it’s a single song too, but this song will be including into the new album. “To work on this song wasn’t easy, because here are we have a very difficult music, drums, but hard rhythm, which helps me. And of course, very strong voice of Michael Jackson, his unique style of singing, but I know we did a very great job! Thanks to all who believe in me, and impossible is possible!” – Julia Darkler. The song about good in people, every person can change the world, to do it better, just start from you.

In 2015, February 17 Julia Darkler has released her fourth solo jazz album, French Quarter. Chartres Street. Here are she works with Alex Nocturne and Armand Amadeo from Metal Child’s, Advent Choir and Oleg Raserland under Good Sound Record label. French Quarter. Chartres Street it’s a mix of classic jazz, blues, soul, swing and French Café music style. Main idea as the first and the last song is taken Angel's Kiss In Spring, only with different duets and different styles. For the first song it’s a duo with Armand Amadeo in classical soul style, and for the last version it’s a duo with Alex Nocturne with jazz style. Both songs are unique, emotional, and show that jazz can be very different. Bye Bye Baby song was released as single in 2014, and in the end of 2014 Julia Darkler released extraordinary video about her ex-relationship. Until My Dying Day it’s a song about new fresh and very deep love, emotional game with Armand Amadeo. Julia and Amadeo put their very strong voices together and now this song can take every soul. Two Lonely People amazing jazz/blues song becomes a real hit, recorded with Advent Choir, strong voices, 1940s style, very emotional song. Back In Town was recorded for Idol show, 2013, where are Julia came as special guest, it’s a live version, classical jazz. Could Be My Daddy funniest song about girl who need a rich ‘daddy’, was recorded with Advent Choir, stylish song, has taken on the Jazz Radio as Hot New Song. A Boy With Charm also work with Advent Choir, this time swing jazz song in Andrew’s Sisters style. I Say I Love You became a real surprise for Julia Darkler’s fans, because it’s a duo with her brother, Oleg Raserland. It’s a classical blues song, about love, about sweet feelings, about lovely stupidness. For the first time Julia had idea to record this song with her dad, Edward Darkler, because he is a singer, but he refused to sing the jazz, because he loves metal and rock music. And then Julia called her brother, Oleg Raserland and asks him to record that song together. Of course, he agreed to help. Also very emotional and lovely duo. Cafe Du Monde Medley the most interesting musical project of French Quarter. Chartres Street. Here are we see some parts of the most popular jazz songs since 1930s until 1950s. Stylish, beautiful, melodic with strong vocal. Totally all French Quarter. Chartres Street album dedicated to the memory of gorgeous jazz singer Amy Winehouse, who tragically passed away at age 27. 

In 2015, June 1 was premiere of “Just Wait Til I Get Through” video from "Peace To The World" album. "Peace To The World" album recorded in August 2014, but only in 2015 Julia Darkler found the sponsor to record the video, as she and Santi wished. They had idea since song record and video becomes a real. Video is quite different from all previous ones, because Julia Darkler and her guys were moving in a new direction - dance house r'n'b. The authorship of the story line and choreography belongs to Santi, and as all of his works, this dance is unique and unrepeatable. The video shoot attended by guys of the third r'n'b class of the CDC "De Santi", and the goal was to show that the music, the immortal music, unites generations. Video tells about even the most well-mannered people, smart people, getting a bad company may change beyond recognition. In other words, as the saying goes "live with wolves, howl like a wolf." Julia and Santi wanted to demonstrate that this topic is relevant for all generations. They wanted to pay attention of parents - don't forget your children, very often they need you, who will help them understand life, if you don't. Very strong video, amazing choreography, costumes exactly copy of Michael Jackson costumes version. Video belongs to Good Sound Record and Sunrise Film. 
In 2015, June 14 Julia Darkler has released her third duo with Michael Jackson “We Are The One To Make A Brighter Day”, under the Good Sound Record label. It’s a single song, but this song will be including into the new album. “Honestly I can say it was the most difficult work of all previously made by me. It is a difficult musical transition, very multi-layered music, deep emotions. It was necessary not only to uncover the meaning; especially in the duet text conception is very unusual, but also to convey the emotion of the song” – Julia Darkler. The song about that we are born in the name of Love, for Love, and our right at birth - to receive Love. In the composition so many incredible special effects that create a special atmosphere, emphasize the meaning of the song.

In 2015, June 23 Julia Darkler has released her fourth and last duo with Michael Jackson “Make It A Better Place”, under the Good Sound Record label. It’s a single song, but this song also will be including into the new album. Very beautiful, melodic and ethereal composition. The song tells the story that only we can save the world, to create one truly beautiful. It's only necessary to feel love and open heart for kindness and compassion, to allow the Light flare up within us. Save and heal this world for the future, for our children. “Make It A Better Place” fully expresses the sense of Peace To The World social project. The song is very emotional. In this song a lot of sound effects, transmitting the sensuality of the composition, and to create the effect of another world, fairy and magic, Julia Darkler used the echo of the waterfall. As sound voices flowing through of an inexhaustible stream waterfall. “I like to convey the magic feeling of something incredible and wonderful, that all we can do - to change our world for the better” – Julia Darkler.
In 2015, July 4 Julia Darkler released her second r’n’b solo album, “Peace To The World Deluxe”, under the Good Sound Record label in Peace To The World project. This album is unique, with four duos with Michael Jackson and with four absolutely amazing r’n’b songs about love, united by the one sense – peace, love and caring. Make This Change From Yourself feat. Michael Jackson and You're The One I Love took the first and second place in Russian chart. Julia’s tender deep voice and amazing emotional of the songs touched harts of listeners. As always Maxim knows how to get the better sound and effects. I Wouldn't Help It Even If I Could – first and amazing duo of Michael Jackson and Julia Darkler. This song tells the story of love, the incredible encounter between two people who have been the destiny of each other. Make This Change From Yourself – second and very emotional duo of Michael Jackson and Julia Darkler. Song about that it’s if we want to improve the world, to make it pure, we should start first of all with ourselves. Change yourself for the better, we will be able to create. Make It A Better Place – third and magical duo of Michael Jackson and Julia Darkler. Song tells us that only depend on us, our future, our children's future, only we can heal this world, to improve it. The song full of sound effects, voices comes in waterfall echo. Very magical sound. We Are The One To Make A Brighter Day – fourth, last and very sensual duo of Michael Jackson and Julia Darkler. The composition about that is in our hands this world; that we can do the next day, bright and pure, peaceful and complete of the rest. This song with rain and thunder sound effects, very sensual, comfortable and relaxing composition. You're The One I Love – very dance and positive song about love, a true declaration of love to those who are inspired in the life and gratitude to lovely person. In this song to Julia helps girls from the state vocal college. You're My Everything – a little bit sad and sensual song with Chris Wolf, famous rapper. The song is about love, gratitude for the meeting. I Have Nobody For My Own – very sad, emotional and unique song, rewrote by guys from the music college. Acoustic and deep. The song about parting, the pain and the loss of a loved one, appeal go back and start all over again. You're The One I Love Second Version – last and the most interesting song. Same sense as first version, but with more deep jazz Afro-American voice. Interesting fact: I Wouldn't Help It Even If I Could, Make This Change From Yourself, Make It A Better Place and We Are The One To Make A Brighter Day 50/50 owned companies Good Sound Record, Motown and Sony Entertainment. Very sensual album about love and care.   

In 2015, 10th of September – 4th of October Peace To The World Tour 2015, includes 11 cities in Russia:
Nizhny Novgorod
St. Petersburg

Tour included twenty songs from three albums of Julia Darkler, incoming into the Peace To The World Project:
1.This Crying Earth
2.I Wouldn't Help It Even If I Could feat. Michael Jackson
3.You're The One I Love
4.Why Does He Do Me That Way
5.Make It A Better Place feat. Michael Jackson
6.It's Black It's White (feat. Igor Macabre)
7.You're My Everything
8.I'm So Proud To Say I Love You
9.Make This Change From Yourself feat. Michael Jackson
10.You've Got A Friend In Me
11.Home Love Family
12.I Want The Magic Of Love Again
13.I Have Nobody For My Own
14.Wish I Could Be Part Of That World
15.You Better Run
16.That Nasty Boogie Bugs Me
17.Magical Diamond Sky
18.My Lonely Days Are Gone
19.Just Wait Til I Get Through
20.We Are The One To Make A Brighter Day feat. Michael Jackson

In this tour for the first time Julia Darkler joined the vocal performance and dance choreography on the stage, which is extremely difficult, as the vocals clear and strong and dynamic dancing. Together with her in concert tour was attended by Santi, Chris Wolf, 4th  r’n’b class and musicians from Conservatory. Live show got dynamic, emotional and colorful, thanks to special effects and decorations. R’n’b dances, gorgeous vocal clearance and deep sense of Peace To The World Project distinguish this tour.

In 2015, December 27, Julia Darkler participated in the Kremlin Christmas Tree - special New Year's event, organized for the children. The program "Peace To The World Kremlin Christmas Tree" has included 7 tracks:
1. Make It A Better Place
2. Make This Change From Yourself
3. We Are The One To Make It A Brighter Day
4. That Nasty Boogie Bugs Me
5. It's Black It's White
6. Magical Diamond Sky
7. Wish I Could Be Part Of That World

Julia has performed with a live orchestra, creating an incredible live touch show, where each viewer becomes a participant. Full impersonation in each song it made this concert unique. The show had included in the main program of the Kremlin Christmas Tree, which were held at 6 pm, a few times it was charity event as part of the social program Peace To The World Project. Julia sang daily, the Kremlin Christmas Tree completed January 9 2016, where Julia was entrusted to give gifts to the children in person. "It's a great honor for me and an incredible responsibility - to congratulate children personally. I can't describe this feeling! Thank you for your trust! "© Julia Darkler.

In 2016 January Julia sang in "Nest Of Grouse" restaurant with jazz program "French Quarter". The program included the best songs from all four albums:
1.Must Be Love
2.Life Is…
3.This Is Crazy
4.And All That Jazz
5.Make You Sweat
6.We Gonna Party
7.Choo Choo
8.The Swing
9.Give You My Heart
10.He’s Got His Own
11.Exotic Night
12.Night Romance
13.I Would Give My Heart Gladly
14.Shot You Down
15.Things Makes Me Happy
16.No Joy Without Your Love
18.Take This Time
19.I’m No Longer Alone
20.Love Is More Than A Game For Two
21.I’ve Locked My Heart
22.Two Lonely People
23.Back In Town
24.Just You (II version)

There were two concerts, the show turned out fun, atmospheric and very positive. Together with the organizers Julia recreated the style and atmosphere of the first half of the 20th century, the era of jazz. Changing images, chic suits, live music, jazz dance, blues and swing - all this made the French Quarter Show memorable.

In 2016, 25th of March – 23d of April French Quarter Tour 2016, includes 14 cities in Russia:
Nizhny Novgorod
St. Petersburg

Tour included twenty seven songs from four albums of French Quarter by Julia Darkler:
1.The Swing
2.Life Is
3.This Is Crazy
4.And All That Jazz
5.Make You Sweat
6.Must Be Love
7.Choo Choo
8.We Gonna Party
9.Never Stop
10.Give You My Heart
11.Got The Money
12.I've Locked My Heart
13.Love Is More Than A Game For Two
14.Take This Time Version 2
15.Two Lonely People
16.Back In Town
17.Could Be My Daddy
18.A Boy With Charm
19.Just You Version 2
20.He's Got His Own
21.Spin Around In The Dance
22.Two Can Dream A Dream Together
23.Exotic Night
24.Night Of Romance
25.Things Makes Me Happy
26.Shot You Down
27.No Joy Without Your Love

In this tour Julia perfectly revealed the atmosphere of jazz era from the bold 1920s to the cheerful 1950s. Live vocals, dance show, including a foxtrot, Charleston, swing, jazz and classic rock and roll. Together with Julia in the concert tour was attended by: Santi, musicians from the Conservatory, dancers from Mata Hari Prinandi and the first chorus of the «Advent» Lutheran Community. The show turned incendiary, cheerful, bright and very atmospheric. Great live vocals, dancing in all styles of jazz, French Quarter and New Orleans decorations and wonderful songs - all this unforgettable French Quarter Tour 2016.

In 2016, May 9, Julia Darkler took part in a live concert on Red Square in Moscow, dedicated to the Victory Day. Together with the military Orchestra and the show ballet "Todes" Julia sang her song "Military Foxtrot", recorded in 2015 on the occasion of 70 years of the Victory. Spring song, dancing and it expresses love for life and the desire for peace. Decorate a beautiful song with swing dance, Julia turned atmospheric performance in wonderful show.

In 2016, May 30th Julia Darkler signed a new producer's contract. Her collaboration with Maxim Fedorovsky completed on the expiration of a ten-year prolongation, and it was decided to close the deal. "It has nothing to do with the attitude to me, Maxim has always been, is and will be my close friend, mentor and Guru in the world of show business” - © Julia Darkler. On June 1st  2016 a new producer and the official representative of Julia became her spouse, Santi. "I have been thinking over the Santi's proposal, it was very unexpected for me, especially since about a year ago, when there was our first joint vocal performance on stage during the presentation of "Peace To The World Deluxe", my spouse and I discussed this situation and we came to the conclusion that we don't work together in this way, and suddenly Santi makes me such an proposal. Maxim told me about the end of the joint work a month before completion of the contract, and almost immediately Santi told me of his desire to be my producer and my personal representative. We are working together for a long time, moreover, we have joint projects, and in May Santi was in the official judging of the "One In One" dance contest at the International Dance Olympics, and I know that it's easy to work with him and he's a very long time in the world of show business. We signed a contract valid for two years with possible prolongation. And we already have an idea of a new musical project” - © Julia Darkler.

In 2016, June 1st Julia and Santi signed a contract with Sony/ATV Music Publishing as a single record label. The contract was signed for one year with possible prolongation, undertakes issue no less than eight releases for the year. While copyright in the recorded content belong to Julia and Santi 50/50. Label receives a percentage of each recorded release, including singles, presets and sound check.

In 2017, January 28 was premiere of “Disco Round” video from “Cosmic Dust” album. The release of the video took place slightly earlier than release of the album, as it was planned. Create a teaser, to tease, and later release the album. Video tells the story about a girl frustrated in love, which broke up with her boyfriend, and then she went to the club to unwind. There she meets a beautiful choreographer who teaches her modern dance, and she realizes that she in love. But the night is over and she like Cinderella should to come back. “Disco Round” filmed in Israel in November 2016. The producer is Santi, Julia Darkler worked on the scenario with Pnina and Chris, Julia and Santi main directors, starring Julia Darkler and David Snauff.  The shooting took place in several stages: in Tel Aviv close to the Sheraton Hotel, Maxim nightclub in Tel Aviv, in a nightclub in Jerusalem, on the bridge of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Hills. Video filmed under auspices of Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Quick and accurate change of pictures and looks, styles and dances, beautiful background, incendiary composition in the style of disco. The premiere was held at the Bud Arena Rock Club.

In 2017, February 17 was release of a solo Julia’s album "Cosmic Dust". Album in disco style. “The idea of the Cosmic Dust expressed by desire to draw people’s attention to the style of disco, every song has a deep meaning, makes you think, raises some problems, so to speak. And we want people to not forget the simple truth about the love, support each other, and sometimes we all need to relax. And the title of the Cosmic Dust came naturally, each track - gold, real gold, and the original idea of the title - Golden Dust. But later we decided that Cosmic Dust exactly expresses cosmic beauty of these songs. Each composition is settles on the listeners and stays with them as a piece of cosmic dust in the Universe” – © Julia Darkler. “The idea of creating the album belongs to Julia. She has long wanted to try herself in something new and interesting. And then I "accidentally" gave her the idea of the style of disco. Long time I myself have wanted to see how will sound old songs in new version, all the favorite songs of the late 70's early 80's. Julia chose almost all the songs herself. I just agree or disagree with her choice. The concept of the album is the desire to give new life to old songs, giving them a new meaning and a new vision. It was decided at once to sing some of the songs differently, in another way, so to speak. Especially «I'll Stay Alive», «Keep Your Head Up», «Over Me», «With Your Heartbeat». I was interested to see what happens when Julia sings «I'll Stay Alive» in recitative style, and «Over Me» and «With Your Heartbeat» she decided to try reggae style. «Keep Your Head Up» - the idea of the style belongs to Chris. His voice is perfect for smooth jazz.” – © Santi. Every song in “Cosmic Dust” has a very great, deep and touching sense. “Gonna Dance” – the song about perfect party with wonderful dancing music, means that the life is a dance. And disco will never die.  The track “You Are Mine” is very strong, with strong feelings of woman-proprietress, she’ll never let her man. “Language Is Leaving Me” - a song about a deep feeling of how hard to put into words the love and how sometimes we going crazy with that. “Dancing For My Life”, the composition tells the story of how the woman gain confidence and make the dream a reality, won the dance contest. “I'll Stay Alive” sad song about how the guy threw the girl, he treat her not serious, but she overcame the pain and was able to forget him and to survive the separation. “Experience Has Made Me Rich” tells the story of a very enterprising woman, which uses men for her own enrichment. “Keep Your Head Up” in cooperation with the incredible Chris Bokhleil, song, recorded in the style of Smooth Jazz, tells about the types of people who would want to be the boss, and some subordinate, so to say the role of the individual in society. “Over Me” - a song with a very clear sense, to unite all those who are not like all, who have decided to separate themselves from society, away from social norms. The call to be together and be united. “Don't Break My Heart” a song about a girl that asks her man don't break her heart, because she loves him. “Look Me In The Eye” – the song is about a girl in love, who doesn't believe that her man no longer loves her, and asks him to confirm this. “Disco Round” – the song tells the story about a girl frustrated in love, which broke up with her boyfriend, and then she went to the club to unwind. “Only Seventeen” favorite track of all people, about the dancing queen, young, beautiful and cheerful. Just be happy and dance. “Better Than All The Rest” composition about the wild love of woman to the man, that for her he is better than anyone, she is ready to go through with him all that Fate prepared for her. The composition in the style of reggae “With Your Heartbeat” about the beautiful first wedding night, romantic and sweet. “We'll Sing That Song” is one of the most famous songs of the world, easy, melodic song about how a simple melody picked up everything from rich to street revelers. “Je T'aimerais Tout Autant” the song about relationship between two people, a woman in love has ceased to trust her partner after she realized that he was Don Juan. “Don't Forget Me”, amazing duet with Santi. The song is about how it's important to remember, not to forget about each other, don't forget that we need each other, to support, to care and keep the faith - that's all we need. Very graceful vocal, melodic and sensual song. “Enjoy Yourself”, track tells us if a person is tired, you need to go to the dance floor and relax, and just good music will help to feel strong and have faith in yourself. And last song, “Disco Dancefloor”, here excerpts mix of songs by Michael Jackson during the late 70's, early 80's. In total disco style. The album is full of dance energy, it's perfect energy boost, the pleasure of high-quality music and exquisite vocals.

In 2017, 24th of March – 23d of April Cosmic Dust Tour 2017, includes 15 cities of Russia:
Nizhny Novgorod
St. Petersburg

Tour included twenty one songs from Cosmic Dust album recorded by Julia Darkler in 2017:
1. It’s Black It’s White (Disco Promo)
2. Gonna Dance
3. You Are Mine
4. Language Is Leaving Me
5. Dancing For My Life
6.  I'll Stay Alive
7. Experience Has Made Me Rich
8. Keep Your Head Up feat. Chris Bokhleil
9. Over Me
10. Don't Break My Heart
11. Look Me In The Eye
12. Disco Round
13. Only Seventeen
14. Better Than All The Rest
15. With Your Heartbeat
16. We'll Sing That Song
17. Je T'aimerais Tout Autant
18. Don't Forget Me feat. Santi
19. Enjoy Yourself
20. I Wouldn’t Help It Even If I Could feat. Santi
21. Disco Dancefloor
Total time: 1h.20m

In this tour Julia and her team showed all the luxury and versatility of the disco era - the late '70s, the beginning of the 80's. The show has a huge success, mainly due to the excellent live music, the Music Academy's band accompanied to Julia, and back vocals were performed one of the best pop vocal groups, from Music Conservatory. Each composition touched heart with a spectacular theatrical performance, beautiful dance elements, which performed by Julia and her dancers from her dance classes, as well as an unforgettable participation of Santi, who is also the producer of Julia and the chief director of the show, and Chris Bokhleil, who performed not only vocals but also stunning choreography. Frequent change of magnificent, bright and beautiful costumes, most in the style of Michael Jackson, as well as laser effects, fireworks, surprises. Amazing decorations, carrying the viewer in the era of disco. Grandiose and powerful show.


файл обменник

In 2008, in the end of the summer, Julia Darkler joined the Dark Model Goths photo modeling agency and perfect photo studio. As she loves different photo styles, she works as alternative model. The most popular photo shoots is gothic style, dark romantic, kawaii, retro, burlesque, vampire style, fetish, pin up and glamour. Julia has working for Women’s Health magazine, Rolling Stone magazine, Marie Claire magazine, Maxim magazine and many others.

Julia's Solo Career In 2009 Julia began working advertising agent of some companies. Her rule of life – to promote only those products, which she enjoys herself. Most of all she loves to work with companies to produce perfume. 

In 2011 Julia Darkler has become face of the company for the production of vitamin complexes for women.

In 2014 Julia joined the El Dorro Studio, great modeling agency, which specializes in unusual styles and directions such as fantasy, kawaii, burlesque. With help of El Dorro Studio come a lot of fantasy books with beautiful covers.

In 2015, January, Julia Darkler joined the PETA organization, which deals with the animal protection. Julia became the official PETA model, which implies participation in various actions for the protection of animals.


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In 2008, in the end of the Autumn Julia Darkler was invited to the Lutheran Church’s Theater – Advent Theater. The first theatrical performance where are Julia has took part – Christmas fairy-tale The Wonderful Christmas, as villainess Lilith. She easily joined the theater group and stayed to work with Advent Theater. The next performance was Witch and Princess, where Julia played the Witch. Interesting interpretation of the Sleeping Beauty. Third and very serious work for Julia has become in Romeo and Juliette performance, as Juliette. But performance had massive success and Advent Theater even went on tour. Fourth theatrical work it was Notre Dame De Paris as Esmeralda. There Julia shows her great gypsy dance. The fifth and the most brilliant theatrical performance was Chicago, where Julia played Roxie Heart. It was her first jazz singing experience and swing dance practice. For Advent Theater, church theater it was nonsense, breakthrough, but performance has great success. Julia Darkler’s partner was Armand Amadeo all the time, their duet work has captures the viewer with their harmony. But the most successful and awesome theatrical performance for Julia has become Beauty And The Beast, she played Beauty Belle and Armand Amadeo as Beast. They are singing together, danced and it was not just easy work, it was emotional work. Advent Theater took some tours with Beauty And The Beast. And their main song was included on CD Compilation as the best performance soundtrack.

In 2009, August Julia Darkler and Armand Amadeo is silver winners of J-Rock Festival “Malice Mizer” Cosplay, Julia Darkler played Mana Sama, Armand Amadeo as Gakt. 

In 2012, June, Julia Darkler with Metal Child’s is winners of J-Rock Festival “Lost Souls” Cosplay. Julia Darkler played Ghost, and guys recorded special video “Sacred Yew”.

In 2013, September, Julia Darkler with Metal Child’s is winners of J-Rock Festival “Malice Mizer” Cosplay. Julia played Mana Sama, and guys created their costumes for this cosplay.

In 2015, October, Julia Darkler and Metal Child’s is winners of cosplay in J-Rock Festival 2015. Julia Darkler played Neko from Mayoi Neko Overrun. Her version was the best. For the second day Metal Child’s played “Sacred Yew” and becomes absolutely winners of cosplay. 


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In 2011 Julia Darkler starred in an episode of The Trace show – as gothic girl, victim of her lover. It was an unusual experience, completely different as opposed to working in the theater. The shooting occurred during the cold season, and reshoot a lot of doubles in a row on the top became unbearable for Julia. But the actors in the show were very amicable, attentive and easy to talk to. After The Trace, same year Julia played a role of con artist in The Streets Of Broken Lamps TV show.

In 2013 Julia works in The Prosecutor’s Check TV show, she played bride, and episode part in The Trace show with her brother Oleg Raserland and cousin Alexander. Same year, Julia took part in the filming of TV show Yoga For You, as a participant in the program, published twelve issues with her participation. It’s a classical yoga for health. To celebrate the Victory Day, May 9 Julia was invited to participate in the filming of the concert for veterans. Each participant performed the song of the war years; Julia Darkler went to the song The Hope by Anna Herman.

In 2013 in the middle of the year, Julia took part in Idol TV show as the special guest. She sang the song of Frank Sinatra in her amazing swing manner. Her rockabilly red dress viewers will remember for a long time. And later her good friend invited Julia to the Ancient Aliens TV show. It was the series about wartime, Ancient Aliens. Concentration Camps – Death As Deliverance. Julia Darkler played Irma Grese, ‘Angel Of Death’ of Auschwitz. Very difficult character, but it was interesting experience for Julia.

In 2013 close to an end of the year Julia Darkler starred in the dance show Evening Burlesque with dance event The French Kiss with co-worker of Mata Hari Prinandi dance troupe. Beautiful spectacular dance was included in special DVD. Same time Julia took part in the TV version of the theatrical performance Pay It Forward. She played rich young woman who came into the night club to get fun. Close to Christmas Pay It Forward was released on DVD. In Pay It Forward Julia is not only sang but she shows very interesting burlesque dances.

In 2014 Julia played beauty victim in The Prosecutor’s Check TV show, which was very difficult, because her character should lie in the snow for a long time. But they done it, and episode turned very interesting. And again Julia worked with her cousin Alexander. After The Prosecutor’s Check Julia Darkler was invited to The Trace show for shoot in two episodes, in first she played teacher and in the second – hot journalist. The role very episodic but her role was memorable.

In 2014, the Autumn Julia Darkler invited to The Trace show again, for role of stepdaughter, who will killed by her own mother. Also episodic but very emotional character.

In 2015, the spring, Julia Darkler was invited to The Trace show. She's got the role of a young woman-wife, in a state of divorce from her husband, a successful businessman, and she enjoys her life in the clubs with beautiful men. Episodic and specific role. The episode premiere took place April 16, 2015.

In 2015, close to May, Julia Darkler was invited as participant of Victory Day TV Concert. The project belongs to the Culture channel, and is dedicated to seventieth Anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War. This is the TV version of the concert, where participants perform popular songs of the war years. Julia Darkler got very popular early thirties foxtrot, and has collected a huge popularity in wartime. To Julia helps the Memory of Victims of the Second World War the choir, the fifth part. Very beautiful love song about a naive young girl, about her desire to spend time with a loved one. Performed in Russian language. Concert release took place on Culture channel May 9. 

In 2016, in February, Julia was invited to the filming of the TV show "Special Investigation Analysis" (SIA). The role is very interesting and quite difficult emotionally. Julia played a young fiance of a rich businessman, who has a child from his first marriage. In the episode a lot of funny moments associated with the child, also the episode turned out spectacular because of confusing storyline. Julia has got a little more than 20 minutes in the episode, it's half of the episode, and the role is already serious. The episode premiered on March 14, 2016.

In 2017, April-May, Julia Darkler was invited to The Trace show. She was offered the role of a young intern-pathologist, who got into the list of the best students, and only one of the best will taken in the FES. Very interesting role, although there were many difficulties. "The first difficulty was the work with the so-called "dolls", filming took place in an interpreted health facility, but the layouts dead were as real, and I needed to talk about the facts of death of lying in front of us. While rehearsing I'd get used to it, but at first I even nauseated. The second difficult part - an intimate scene. No, no eroticism wasn't there, only a short moment of meeting student with her teacher, just to get used to the role at this moment was difficult for me personally. Thanks to my spouse, he is constantly called me and supported. In general, the rehearsal, filming and resound have been fun and easy. It reminded of my own studies in the History Faculty. And nice to see my favorite actors again: Jenya Kulakov, Olga Koposova, Oleg Walkman, Nina Gogaeva and George Tesla Gerasimov. I love working with a team of OTC" - © Julia Darkler. Episode premiered on May 11, 2017. 


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In 2011 Julia Darkler started her study in the School Of Dance, where are she met the champions of Russia – Larissa and Artemy. They are working there as teachers and they saw deep talent in Julia. Her natural stretching, her ballet style, her love to the rhythm – all that led her into Mata Hari Prinandi belly dance group. Mata Hari Prinandi exists because of Society For Krishna Consciousness and specializes in all styles of Belly Dance, the winners of international awards, champions of Russia and twice World champions. Larissa, Artemy and Julia Darkler have created their unique dance – a business group card – The Cowboy Dance. With Julia Mata Hari Prinandi has participation in Belly Dance Festival, where they had a first places in two nominations. In the end of 2011 Mata Hari Prinandi the silver champions of Russia. Their Deep In The Water dance becomes very popular.

Dance In 2012, the spring, Julia Darkler becomes the champion of Russia in solo belly dance championship. In October Mata Hari Prinandi the silver champions of Russia in group dances.

In 2013, Festival Of Belly Dance, January, Mata Hari Prinandi has got second place with Mummy Dance. Julia Darkler getting first place as solo dancer. August 2013 Mata Hari Prinandi – champions of Europe of Belly Dance with unique Laos Dance.

In 2014, January Mata Hari Prinandi winners of Belly dance Festival. May, 25 Championship Of Russia: Mata Hari Prinandi first place as the best group dance and Julia Darkler the first place as solo belly dancer. The dance style of Mata Hari Prinandi is unique by special moves, mix of dance moves and part of Arabic belly dance, Egyptian belly dance and Turkish belly dance. As Advent Theater, Mata Hari Prinandi is very often help to Julia Darkler and to Metal Child’s with shows and video.

In 2014 Julia Darkler tries herself in r’n’b new style dances. She learned hip hop in high school, but r’n’b new style very different dance style. She working on new choreography with very famous choreographer of r’n’b and hip hop dances – Santi. He’s taught Julia to dance as Michael Jackson, his unique Moonwalk, Zigzag, turns and many other things. Together they have made some dances like Human Nature, Rock My World, Billie Jean. The choreography of Michael Jackson is very difficult, but it’s the most interesting to learn something difficult. May 27 Julia Darkler becomes the winner of One In One competition, it’s a dance competition, where she danced I Wanna Be Loved By You dance in Monroe style and Human Nature by Michael Jackson, with using that unique and very famous silver jacket. Also Julia tries herself in Latino dances like samba, rumba and cha cha cha. She loves ball dances, which she learned with Igor from Metal Child’s.

In 2015, January Mata Hari Prinandi bronze winners of traditional Oriental Festival. Julia Darkler has get People’s Choice Award as best darbuka dancer, improvisation.

In 2015, May 16, Mata Hari Prinandi is winners of Dance Olympic Games 2015. Belly Dance Group: Classic, Mata Hari Prinandi - Champions of Russia, first place; Tabla, Mata Hari Prinandi - 8th place; Improvisation, Mata Hari Prinandi - 22d place; Folklore, Mata Hari Prinandi - 5th place, Audience Award. It was very difficult time, because all dancers are professionals, but truly friendship between Mata Hari Prinandi is a key to the victory. May 17, Julia Darkler is winner of Dance Olympic Games 2015. Belly Dance Solo: Tabla, Julia Darkler - Champion of Russia, first place; Folklore, Julia Darkler - 53d place; Classic, Julia Darkler - 4th place; Improvisation, Julia Darkler - Champion of Russia, first place. Julia Darkler shows herself as best tabla belly dancer, her hips moves is unique. Her rhythm feeling always helps her. In classic belly dance part was a little problem - biased refereeing for suit. In improvisation part Julia Darkler are the best. Her movements are confident and harmonious. She said, she’s love to feel the music, to feel the rhythm in improvisation part.

In 2015, May 23, Julia Darkler is winner of “One In One” dance competition with "Billie Jean" and "Cleopatra" dances. Here is Julia Darkler absolutely the best dancer. "Billie Jean" is special choreography project of Santi. He is personal choreographer for Julia to “One In One” dance competition. "Billie Jean" is not just a dance copy of Michael Jackson dance, it’s own Santi and Julia Darkler dance, with emotional parts, with their feeling of this song. The costume to "Billie Jean" it’s absolutely copy of Michael Jackson costume to 25th Motown Anniversary. "Cleopatra" dance it’s a belly dance, but with tabla surprise in the end. Co-project of Santi and Larissa especial for Julia Darkler. Passion dance in Cleo style, amazing costume and look of Cleopatra. That was a total victory, because two absolutely different dances touched hearts of all audience. And as winners, Julia Darkler and Santi has demonstrated new duo dance, Slave To The Rhythm, very sensual, sexual and passionate dance in r’n’b new style. Choreography and idea by Santi.

In 2015 December 31, Julia Darkler danced in "Maximilians" restaurant with solo program "Aladdin's Lamp", which included dancing:
1. "Jasmine"
2. "Kiss Kiss"
3. "Zeina"
4. "Dolls"
5. "Kheops"
6. "Monroe Show"
7. "Sahara Saidi"
8. "Gia"
9. "Alb Fadi"
10. "Leik El Wawa"
11. "Turkish Belly Dance Tribal Fusion"
The "Aladdin's Lamp" show for nearly an hour in duration, every dance - separate 1001 Nights story, stunning dance tale told by language body. The show is unique in its choreography essence, style of performance and oriental atmosphere.

In 2016 January 16, Julia Darkler and Mata Hari Prinandi become parties of the annual belly dance festival the "Oriental New Year". In the festival was held contest the "Oriental New Year 2016". Mata Hari Prinandi became the winners in three categories:
-Best group Folk : 1st place (Gold)
-Best group Tabla: 1st place (Gold)
-Best group Improvisation: 3rd place (Bronze)
Julia Darkler won in two categories:
-Best solo Folk: 1st place (Gold)
-Best solo Tabla: 1st place (Gold)
The festival was held in Crocus City Hall, an international festival which is attended by international stars of oriental dance.

In 2016 January Julia danced in "Chinar" restaurant with a solo program "Aladdin's Lamp". Dance show is dynamic, enchanting and very atmospheric.

In 2016, May 22 Mata Hari Prinandi and Julia Darkler is winners of the International Dance Olympics 2016 Oriental Belly Dance:
Adults Group Champion's title of Europe:
-Oriental Classic Mata Hari Prinandi 1st place (Gold)
-Oriental Tabla Mata Hari Prinandi 3rd place (Bronze)
-Oriental Folklore Mata Hari Prinandi 1st place (Gold)
-Oriental Improvisation Mata Hari Prinandi 2nd place (Silver)

Adults Duet Champion's title of Russia:
-Oriental Classic Julia Darkler and Tatyana Karimova 2nd place (Silver)
-Oriental Tabla Julia Darkler and Tatyana Karimova 2nd place (Silver)

Adults Solo Champion's title of Russia:
-Oriental Classic Julia Darkler 2d place (Silver)
-Oriental Tabla Julia Darkler 1st place (Gold)
-Oriental Folklore Julia Darkler 22 place
-Oriental Improvisation Julia Darkler 4th place
The International Dance Olympics 2016 Oriental Belly Dance Week held since 16 until 22d of May. It was a very difficult and exciting week. And Mata Hari Prinandi, and Julia Darkler showed their best side, they discovered their ability to come together in difficult times, to interact and help each other. Julia and Tatiana showed the highest class in the category of duo, learned to understand each other with the half look, and working in perfect sync. And, as has repeatedly been, Julia's tabla was the best, her ability to feel the rhythm and move with the music impressed the jury.

In 2016, May 27 Julia Darkler is winner of "One In One" dance competition with "2 Bad" and "Ojos Asi" dances. Here Julia, of course, is the best. "2 Bad" the special choreographic project of Santi and Julia, which involved guys from 4th r'n'b class of Julia Darkler and kids from 2d r'n'b class of Santi. But on the competition Julia danced solo version. Work on the choreography took place exactly one month, worked on each movement to an absolute definition. The costume was made all together, trying to create a similarity with the image of Michael Jackson, but add her own part: tight pants, shoes in the style of Michael, T-shirt and a shirt with a frill in the style of the 19th century, the wig with dark brown wavy hair and light makeup. "Ojos Asi" - stylistic and choreographic work of Julia from the beginning to the end. She's not intended to completely copy of Shakira, for dance show is different from the original on 100%, the dance consists of several elements: some part of the composition Julia danced with the phonogram, and some with live tabla music. And when tabla part begins, comes the first surprise - Julia takes off her T-shirt, and remains in the oriental bra and dress up the scarf and oriental belt on her hips. Alb Saadi plays the live tabla. The second surprise was the fact that when the live tabla ends and it come back on phonogram, Julia go down to the audience, and the part of the dance she dancing there. The dance becomes an incendiary, sexy and vibrant. And as the winner, after the awards ceremony, Julia danced her debut dance "The Way You Make Me Feel" to loud applause from the audience, choreography by Santi.

In 2016, June 3-5th Julia Darkler conducted master classes in oriental choreography in Kazan. Each workshop was held for three hours, during which a detailed analysis of the dance bunch, Julia's set, special attention was paid to shimmy and emotions in classical Arabic dance, features folk dance on the example of Shaabi and author's staged choreography. Upon completion of the master class participants received certificates, prizes and gifts.
In 2016, December 31 Julia Darkler danced in “Al Ashi” Restaurant in Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel, with solo program “The Night Tales Of The Desert”. Amazing interactive performance tells the story of the East from Ancient Egypt to the Exodus of the Jews in Israel, the Holy Land. Performance based on the Biblical legends, Tales of 1001 Nights, historical facts. Total time of performance: 52 minutes, included the composition:

1.”Las Chicas De Alejandria”

2.”Sahara Saidi”

3.”Leilat Hob”

4.”Veil Dance”

5.”A Loma”


7.”The Trip”

8.”Jasmine Dance”

9.”Boom Shinga Lin”


11.”Kiss, Kiss”

12.”Livanian Dance”

13.”Mykel Angel”

14.”Live Orchestra”

An amazing story, telling on the body language, conveys the atmosphere of the era of antiquity, showing the culture, way of life and values of the ancient East.

In 2017, January 14-15 Julia Darkler and Mata Hari Prinandi become parties of the annual belly dance festival “Flames Of The Desert”. As part of the festival Julia Darkler spent two very unusual master classes. January 14, after the official opening of the festival and red carpet, was first master class - tabla, with Julia’s special things, with the work on emotions in dance, and learning choreography. January 15 was her second and very unusual master class in the category Street Shaabi. Screaming manner of performance, the eclecticism of basic movements in a smooth and harmonious mix with r'n'b and street dancing. January 14 after master class at seven in the evening the audience was expecting an interactive performance-surprise Flames Of The Desert. The performance tells the story of the role of women in the eastern society. Julia as Libyan Princess that loves a simple guy, woodcarver, and her father, the sultan to marry her off to a wealthy prince of Saudi Arabia. In this performance we have all - and sincere unrequited love, and envy, and hatred, and the friendship that helps to lovers to be together. It's very difficult to express the meaning of the performance by body language, but all together it’s possible. In the performance take parts many famous schools of belly dance. The action took place not only on stage but also outside of it. “My favorite moment when Princess rebelled to father's will, on the viewers rapidly slides over the light and Street Shaabi music starts to play, I danced this dance of protest with juniors from the Flowers Of The East studio, girls are sociable, cheerful, and we've got a real performance with new r'n'b style and belly dance” – Julia Darkler.

January 15 after master class started dance competition “Flames Of The Desert”. Competition results:

Flames Of The Desert Festival 2017

Adults Solo:

Tabla - Julia Darkler 2nd place (Silver)

Classic - Julia Darkler 1st place (Gold)

Improvisation - Julia Darkler 4th place (Audience Award)

Adults Group:

Tabla - Mata Hari Prinandi 3rd place (Bronze)

Classic - Mata Hari Prinandi 1st place (Gold)

Folk - Mata Hari Prinandi 1st place (Gold)

The festival was held in the Mayakovski Theater. In this annual festival are involved the world stars of belly dance.


файл обменник

Name: Julia Darkler
DOB: February 17, 1988
Zodiac: Aquarius
Faith: Christian
Orientation: Straight
Height: 5’4
Weight: 114 Ibs
Measurements: 35/23/35
Hair Color: Natural blond
Hair Length: Very long
Eyes Color: Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin Color: White
Favorite Food: Halava (Indian pudding), sushi, moussaka, dark chocolate 
Favorite Alco Drink: Green Chartreuse, Absinthe, White Horse whisky
Favorite Drink: Milk Oolong tea, compotes, strong coffee, cacao milk, natural milk
Favorite Brand: Christian Laboutin, Christian Dior, D&G, Chanel, YSL, Paco Rabanne, Vivienne Westwood, Philipp Plein, Zara
Favorite Artist: Salvador Dali, El Greco, Sandro Botticelli, Diego Velazquez, Jheronimus Bosch, Michelangelo Caravaggio, Ivan Ayvazovsky, Orest Kiprensky, Nickolas Rerich, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh
Favorite Philosopher: Alfonso Valdes, Pedro De Lerma
Favorite Composer: Amadeus Mozart, Peter Tchaikovsky, Michael Jackson 
Favorite Perfume: Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet, Lure, Chanel №5, Ricchi Ricchi by Nina Ricchi

Favorite music:

Rock/Metal: The Dead Souls, Bon Jovi, Guns’n’Roses, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Kiss,
Manowar, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, Mr.Big, Joan Jett.
Gothic: Symphonic/Metal – Nightwish, Theater of Tragedy, Sister of Mercy, Diary Of Dreams, Lacrimosa, The 69 Eyes, Negative. Classic: Placebo, HIM, The Cure, Death In June. Industrial – Marilyn Manson, Dope Stars Inc, Tiermes, Test Dept. Dark Wave – Blutengel, Clan Of Xymox, Tactical Sekt, Grendel, Xotox, Mordor, Phallus Dei, Ardor. Dark Electro – Corvus Corax, Endvra. Visual Key – Cinema Bizarre, Malice Mizer, Gackt, Mana Sama.
Retro: Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Perry Como, Nina Simone, Glenn Miller, Fred Astaire, Billy Cotton, Ambrose, Harry Torrani, Jackie Taylors, Benny Carter, Julie London, Ella Fitzgerald, The Andrew Sisters. 
Country: Dean Reed, Carl Perkins, Wanda Jackson, Bill Haley, Chris Delux, Brenda Lee, Jerry Lee Lewis, Texas Tornados
R’n’B: Michael Jackson, Nicole Scherzinger, Frankie, Beyonce, Akon, Jay-Z, Usher, 50 Cent, Fergie, Alicia Keys, Daddy Yankee, Karmah, Kat De Luna, Mariah Carey, Shaggy. 

Favorite Director: Andrej Tarkovsky, Jesus Rodrigo, Laura Belosso
Favorite movies:
Thrillers – Cry Wolf, The Little City, Half Light, The Cell, Los Ojos De Julia, El Orfanato, El Internado, El Horrible Ser Nunca Visto, Inertia
Horror/Mystic – Vampires: Los Muertos, Dagon, The Call Of Cthulhu, Boo, Tamara, Toolbox Murders, Nirvana, The Crow, Sleepy Hollow, The Corpse Bride, Queen Of The Damned, Carrie 1|2, Whisper, The Others, Exorcism Emily Rose
Fantasy: Witcher, Xena – Warrior Princess, Hercules The Legendary Journeys, The Lord Of The Rings, Repo The Genetic Opera, Sheena – Jungles Princess
Retro: Some Like It Hot, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Gilda, Pacific Ocean, Oklahoma, Chicago, Maulin Rouge (1945), Sun Valley Serenade, Burlesque, Three Faces Of Eve, Charlie Chaplin’s movies, Gone With The Wind

TV Shows – Runaway Project, Cake Boss, Top Model with Tyra Banks, Model School of Janis Dickinson, What Not To Wear, Dress for the Bride
Favorite Books:
Mystic – Anne Rice, Poppy Z.Brite, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Jeanne Kalogridis, John Case,  Andrew Klavan, Gordon McGill, Ira Levin, H.P.Lovecraft, Edgar Poe, Tanya Garver etc
Fantasy – Andrzej Sapkowski, Sarah Douglas, Barbara Erskine etc
Fantastic – Andrey Plehanov, Strugatskie Brothers etc
Adventures – Jules Verne, Mayne Reid, Mark Twain etc
Books about war – Erich Maria Remarque, Boris Vasiliev, Yury Simonov etc
Others – Russian classic literature, poetry, classic of romance – Judith MacNot, Johanna Lindsay, Margaret Mitchell, Colleen McCullough, Bertice Small etc The best novels of Dina Rubina.
Classic English detectives – Elizabeth George, Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle etc
Hobby: Clothes design, photographing
About me: “I treat wounds”, - said the Time. “I was chained to the ground”, - Prejudice responded. “I inspires”, - Happiness objected. “And I lift up to heaven, and then toss on the ground”, - Love smiled slyly.

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