About Me

JP Donnelly8
Fine Art, Photography,
Consulting Services, & Publishing


I do a lot of location photoshoots, as well as having a studio that is located in Palmer Massachusetts.

Jeffery Paul Donnelly, Massachusetts based Artist, Author, (Raw Emotion & Political Repression the True Tale Of A Massachusetts Bohemian ISBN-13: 978-0-615-72465-2), Poet, Photographer, rebel, and one of the last, of the modern day, bohemians,

I strongly believe in Art consisting of more than just a pretty picture. I believe in making people think and consider what the art is saying to them, because Art speaks to everyone differently


I am not an adventurer by choice but by fate.
~Vincent Van Gogh

Credit Notes

“Absolutely fantastic to work with! Great skills and very professional. Completely satisfied with his work.”
Laura Smith

“I really enjoyed our shoot. It was nice working with a respectful photographer. I can't wait to shoot again.”
Felicia W.

“It was a pleasure working with Jeff. He knew how to combine his ideas with my image. I had so much fun bouncing concepts and ideas around with him. I would recommend him to any model looking for a fun collaboration.”
Courtney Jeanne Young