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Mar 06, 2011
Jun 22, 2005

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::update  2-26-11 ::
ok, just waking up from the dead... long over due.... not sure how this escaped me for all this time.... I promise I will be contacting those I need to, and updating this way past due profile.... {shaking off way too much dust}}}}

I was previously listed under "Jonnyx", which was an off the cuff, tip o' the hat to a dear friend from 'sticks & stones'.... now that I see we can change names, I dont want to elicite any confusion between "Jonny" and myself.... he doesnt need me on his coat-tails.... though if you would like to see his work beyond sticks & stones, check out "66kmph", an acclaimed illustrated series and many other wonderful works by Mike Cavallaro, one of the most talented people I have ever known....
I should be now listed under Mark Csaszar, my proper sir name....  also looking to be listed under "artist/painter" at this point.... Granted, I do know my way around a camera, I think myself and my work should be under "artist/painter" which wasnt an available catagory when I joined all those years ago....
[[below will be updated/edited very soon]]

i am an artist/painter first and foremost, though presently working for mcfarlane toys 9-5 painting/designing prototype figures {corpse bride, simpsons, spawn, dragons, movie maniacs}...i am a photographer/writer/sculptor second, most of that work is purely for myself, for expression, for experiment, for growth, for treading grass not tread........
i've had my work published around the world, in 7 languages, but most of my important work, has been personal and i've kept out of the public eye for the most part, by my own choice.....most of my own work is just that, for myself, or for an artistic need or viewpoint whether done in paint or photography or any medium... generally its not designed for any printed output or gains, purely for art's sake, for my mind's sake, for the moment, the mood, the expression of fury, the need to slake it from one's soul......

i am the typical angst ridden, eccentric, moody artist...i like most things dark, unusual, extreme, bizarre, creepy, macabre, dire, dangerous, and as twisted as can be imagined... the things that everyone else misses or avoids, i crave and search out, the things most shy away from, im drawn to...i try to see things differently from the rest, or at least from a different aspect, level, plane, and/or emotional state... photo interests range from the natural artistic female form{the purest of beauty in my opinion} to fetish to gothic to pin up, to some sort of emotional visionscape, and if i can blur the lines tween them all, all the better....i want the mood or emotion of the moment to punch the gut of those that view it..... i want what i have to show, to force emotion, whether wanted or not..................................

reguarding my photos.... they are not altered or screwed with.... occaisionally i might lighten or boost some contrasts, but thats it....i try to keep the photography as pure as possible.... i dont fucking blow out highlights, just to eliminate flaws and imperfections.... those flaws, those imperfections, are where true beauty lies.... covering shit up in photoshop is just a cop out....

the artwork isnt screwed with either....merely scanned into computer via photos and color corrected to match the original... i use only "real" media when creating the artwork, its all real work, not computer generated in any way....i see that as cheating when reguarding artwork.....theres NO soul when fucked with like that.....  u dont have paint and blood and anger under your fingernails when u pull shit out of the computer.....................................................


"the nakedness of a woman, is the work of god..." - w.blake

"the distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success......"

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most of my stuff is just for my own book to come somewhere down the line, aside from gallery shows...but other than that......
acclaim publishing.
valiant publishing.
valiant comics.
D.C. comics.
milestone comics.
encyclopedia of living artists.
poets of america.
encounters magazine.
wierd nj.
mcfarlane inc.
drop dead magazine

i have included artwork here, seeing as that was initally why i joined MM. looking for the right models for artwork....i ll probably add and subtract the painted work from time to time, depending on how satisfied i might feel towards the work....

UPDATE:  due to wonderfully overwhelming responses and work i have received on MM, i have to stop from accepting any more new collaberations for alil while.... its just right now, i am swamped with getting ready for a show, as well as things that are already planned, and time for my paintings...
i cant say enough how greatful i am for all the positive feedback and compliments i have received... i have made quite a few great friends here already....u know who u are*...