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You are on this site for the same reason I am. We both share a mutual desire to grow our interests in this field. I am looking to meet amazing, new people who can provide a fresh look and attitude that stand apart from the mainstream. I like to pursue the more edgy'er styles and am a big fan of black and white. I also have an interest in the pinup/hollywood style of George Hurrell.

I'm looking for TFCD opportunities. I don't charge and I expect that you don't either. All we invest in this is our time, and we both walk away with images that we can add to our portfolios.

Due to work, I will be splitting my time between DFW & Austin each week, so I'd love to meet & shoot people in both cities.

Common Questions I get asked

1. Why do you do TFCD - I do TFCD because I have a passion for photography, and it is NOT my sole income source. Because there are no financial commitments with TFCD, I am free to explore some of the more "interesting" concepts I've had in my mind. These concepts can be an utter success or an utter failure. If they are an utter failure, then I'd rather not have money on the line. If they are an utter success, then the model and myself walk away with a great experience with the only cost being our time.

2. If you don't get paid, then why do this? - Coming out of high school I was offered an art scholarship for college. Because I wanted to make money when I got out of college, I opted to turn it down and get a business degree. However, the creative urge still lies strong with me, and photography is a way to exploit it. If I did photography as my day job, then I'd have bills to pay, and therefore could not afford to do TFCD sessions. I'd have to charge for my time.

3. You aren't a full time photographer? - No I am not. I have a regular day job that provides my income. Photography is something I do on the side. But I am not alone in this respect. I've venture to guess that 95% of the photographers on this site are in the same boat as I, in that they have a day job and do photography on the side. So just as I am not a full time photographer, I'm okay with the fact that you are not a full time model :)

4. How do I know you aren't a creep/pervert - Good question. Short answer is that you don't. But again, how do I know you aren't a thug looking to make an easy hit on someone with thousands of dollars worth of gear. The truth is that we don't know anything about each other. What I can tell you is that I am professional, college educated (MBA) adult (mid 30's) with 2 wonderful children with a long term job a Fortune 500 company . I've got too much on the line to risk doing anything shady. Take that for what it's worth, and you decide if you still want to work for me.

5. Will you take family pictures of me and my kids? The short answer is no, paid or not. I joined this site because I wanted to focus and explore pictures that showcase and exploit the beauty that lies in the human form, and introduce new and foreign concepts. If my pictures wind up getting hung up over the family fireplace then I have failed.

6. What will I get from a TFCD - You will receive at a minimum 3-5 finished images that you select. In most cases you will get more (depending on the quality of the shoot and my available time). I do not provide original, untouched images. I almost always will do some level or processing, even if it is very minor (contrast adjustments, sharpening, etc) After you have selected the 3-5 images, I will then start the retouching process with Photoshop to make sure that you look absolutely beautiful and the image represents both of our abilites.

7. What should I expect from working with you? - You should expect a high degree of professionalism, and utmost respect for you and your personal well being. If I say I'm going to be at a shoot at 6:00, then I will be there. If I say that I'm going to have your pictures ready in one week, they WILL be done. When working, I do not touch the model, or invade your personal space. I want you to feel extremely comfortable in our session. If you are not comfortable, then the pictures will show, and no amount of photoshop can make a tense model look relaxed.

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